8 apps every new dad needs on his phone

8 apps every new dad needs on his phone

Making your parenting life easier and more fun

As soon as I knew I was becoming a dad for the first time in my life, I headed to the AppStore to find out which apps are there to help modern day parents (and especially dads) make their lives a bit easier and more fun. I just love it when apps help you getting things done in a quick and easy manner.

Now, 1 month into my role as my newborn daughter?s second favorite care provider (you just can?t beat mum guys), I?m confident that these 8 apps are must-haves for every dad to be.

Image for postDaddy Up | Quick Tips For New Dads | Baby Manager & Feed Tracker

1. Daddy Up

Whether you?re a new dad or adding another cub to the family, Daddy Up is the man?s field guide to pregnancy. With wise words from seasoned dads who have been down this trail before, it?s a handy tool for upcoming dads with more fun, and fewer dainty details about girly bits.

Why: Awesome artwork; it?s funny, informative and the explanations and terms used are simple and understandable. Works on both Android and iOS.

(For the readers of the Netherlands: check out ?Tuurlijk Schatje?, similar kind of app but written in Dutch.)

2. Quick Tips For New Dads

The ultimate survival guide for new dads, made by dads. A quick, practical advice to help you become a great dad and earn some serious brownie points along the way.

Why: A must have to learn and improve your baby skills. Each tip comes with photos, so you can see exactly what to do instead of just reading about it.

3. Baby Manager & Feed Tracker

Baby Manager will give you peace of mind by keeping track of your little one and gives you timely reminders for the sleep-deprived parent you are.

Why: Of all the apps that let you track your baby?s growth, nursing, sleep, and other activities, this one is by far the best designed and maintained with regular updates.

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4. BabySparks

1,300+ baby development activities and milestones for children 0?24 months. BabySparks gives you a customized program to support your baby?s specific development needs.

Why: Of course your baby will grow and develop steadily by just making sure she gets enough food and sleep. But sometimes you?d like to speed things up a bit. This app will help you do that.

5. Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories is a storytelling app for parents ? you don?t only read the stories ? you tell them in your own words. Randomly generated storylines for every kind of genre provide you with millions of possible stories.

Why: Babies really like it when you sing or talk to them. So reading a story is a great way to spend some time together. This beautifully crafted app fuels up your fantasy with building blocks to create your own adventures.

6. Tinybeans

Privately share pregnancy & baby pics with your family off of social media. Your family receives daily email updates ? no smartphone needed.

Why: Instant hit with the family. Even my grandmother gets it. Don?t use evil Facebook, all you need is this tiny, private, mini social network to share the cutest pictures and moments of your baby.

7. Amazon (Prime)

Stuff. No further explanation needed.

Why: Having your wipes and diapers (which you?ll need a lot, trust me) on subscription should be a no-brainer for parents. If you have Prime, you even get 20% off the retail price.

8. Baby Monitor 3G

Turn two phones, tablets, or computers into a one single video baby monitor.

Why: If you?re looking for a baby monitor just buy this app. Don?t waste your time and money on one of the expensive, clunky, and hackable hardware monitors.

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