7 Ways to Make an At-Home Glory Hole

7 Ways to Make an At-Home Glory Hole

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I last wrote about how the NYC Health Department released a fairly progressive guide to having sex during the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of their guidelines on how to have safer sex during the Covid-19 pandemic was to bring back the good old-fashioned gloryhole. For some communities, ours included, this isn?t anything new. Who doesn?t love a good sexual mystery every now and again, amirite? But now, it serves a dual purpose ? adding an extra barrier (pun intended) against respiratory transmission of Covid-19 (sucking face seems to be the highest risk of catching Covid-19, not necessarily a blow job or cock-in-ass play).

Not everybody has access to a perfectly crafted and appropriately sized (height plays a big role in proper construction!) gloryhole for you and your partners? pleasure. So I asked my staff to give me their best advice. We put our heads together to come up with a list of 7 things you could use around the house to help construct the best possible DIY gloryhole.

  1. Sheets / blankets ? Old sheets are especially good because you can cut a hole or slit in it for limited contact. If you only have nice sheets or blankets, you can hang two next to each other (say, from a doorframe) and use the opening between them, while making sure other areas are secured together. Tape or clothespins work great.
  2. Dutch Doors or kitchen cabinets ? The former is great if the door is cut in half horizontally and operating on different hinges. Another option is the latter, which is an effective option if you have two vertical cabinet doors, where you can open the top doors to avoid face-to-face contact, while keeping the bottom door closed.
  3. Old mattress pad ? This one may be tricky, depending on how thick it is, but you could cut a hole in the bottom-middle area. If you can find a way to get it to reliably stand up, it will be enough of a barrier while providing some cushion ?n comfort.
  4. A (hidden) chain-link fence ? If you?re an ?outdoors? person, this could be a nice choice. There are built in holes at every height, plus you have something sturdy to hold on to! We would recommend the recipient wear a mask, though, because all the holes allow for more face-to-face contact.
  5. Shower curtains ? This is an easy, cheap option, where someone can easily be in the shower while the other person comes into the bathroom to get ?serviced? by pulling back the shower curtain just far enough to gain access to your member. Or you can cut a hole in the shower curtain, just like the sheet, for more protection.
  6. Doors ? If you want to be authentic, and you have power tools at home, you can use a door in your home to build your own gloryhole. We only recommend doing this if you own or are OK with a permanent gloryhole. We?ve heard that many people use a door leading to a basement because of the proximity next to stairs, which will help address possible disparities in height and give you the most flexibility. Also, please make sure the hole is sanded and as smooth as one can get It. Nobody wants splinters down there!
  7. Food ? Doughnuts and bagels already come with a hole in the middle so? these make a lot of sense (and they come with natural glaze!). But much like a fence, we recommend the recipient wear a mask since this is less about providing a face-to-face barrier and more about bringing food into sex play.

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Whatever option you choose to create the hole of our dreams, just remember the key is to minimize face-to-face contact. Respiratory secretions is the highest mode of transmission and these reimagined versions of the old-fashioned bathroom stall gloryhole are meant to give you the added protection of limiting your Covid-19 exposure, while providing you the release we all desire right now.

At Bespoke Surgical, we are treating Covid-19 like any other STD. It?s imperative we do frequent screenings tailored to your risks (i.e. testing can be before and/or after play). We also agree with the guideline to create a sort of sex buddy system, whether that?s one individual or a group of individuals, where everyone is adhering to these same standards.

Now it?s your turn. Give it your best shot and tell us your favorite way(s) to create a gloryhole at home. Head over to our IG Story and share your top tips. And no matter what, stay safe.

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