7 Super Cool Student Ambassador Programs to Check Out for Spring

7 Super Cool Student Ambassador Programs to Check Out for Spring

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More and more companies realize that traditional advertising is only one small way to relay their brands? messages. Sometimes, advertising is not the best way to reach every group, particularly the ?Gen-Z? population. Why? Because your generation doesn?t buy in the same way, or for the same reasons, that generations before you do.

Unlike Millennials who are easily influenced by celebrities or an implied status a product will give them, your generation is seen as more savvy when it comes to spending money. No other age group does more research on something before deciding whether or not to buy. Also, family and friends, not celebrities, are whose opinions you value in giving a product a chance, because authenticity is key.

Image for postNo other age group does more research before deciding whether or not to buy something.

For these reasons, companies work hard to enlist young adults to serve as ambassadors for their brand or product. They know a positive review or representation of their product from you will do more for them than the thousands of dollars in advertising could do.

This offers a good opportunity for you. Serving as a brand ambassador on your campus is not just a way to earn money, but it has other benefits. If you?re a business student, you?ll gain valuable training and knowledge in marketing, public relations, sales, and advertising. Other benefits include being able to share information about a product or brand you like, while getting rewarded.

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money in College (Without Donating Blood), a new eBook for college students, explain student ambassador programs this way:

?Student BA [brand ambassador] programs can be as simple as wearing a brand?s logo?ed T-shirt while handing out product samples to fellow students; to full, blown-out campaigns that include fancy demonstration booths, catered speaking events, and/or interviewing fellow students.

They give many student BAs payment in the form of stipends. They give others free product, company swag, and discounts. Still others get these. It usually depends on the size and budget of a company, and how interested a company is in claiming your age group?s market niche.?

If you?ve thought about being a student brand ambassador, I?ve rounded up a list of some of the hottest companies in the US offering outstanding brand ambassador programs. An outgoing personality, a love of helping others, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the ability to learn are the basic qualifications to be a great brand ambassador.

tik tok logoTik Tok Logo

Tik Tok (Spring, 2020)

Tik Tok is all the rage, both here and globally. But they still want your help. Tik Tok is seeking campus ambassadors all over the US. They will pay you hand out free swag to other students, and to tell everyone how much you love them. Only minimal qualifications required.

According to Fuse.com, the company recruiting for them:

?We are seeking proven creators, leaders, entrepreneurs, life-of-the-party people to build brand awareness for TikTok on select campuses. This is more than hosting events and handing out free swag ? our brand ambassadors lead the TikTok community. It?s about embodying TikTok and sharing your love for the app with students on your campus.?

Learn more about working with Tik Tok

Red Bull energy drink logoRed Bull Logo

RedBull (Spring, 2020)

Do you think outside the box? Are you a planner? Are you outgoing and connected to others? Then keep reading!

Red Bull is a global company that?s been energizing people for decades. They have good opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to learn the in?s and out?s of marketing. You?ll not only get to represent Red Bull, but they want you to learn how to come up with new ideas to reach your audience.

Working as a Red Bull student marketer or ambassador is a great way to get your foot in the door of a company that likes to hire successful ambassadors and interns for long-term careers.

From Red Bull:

?As Red Bull Student Marketeers are responsible for working with various opinion leaders in order to bring their ideas to life, they collectively play a big part in the global community to connect and share aspirational ideas.?

Learn more about working with RedBull

Kaplan Test PrepKaplan Test Prep Logo

Kaplan Test Prep (Spring, 2020)

Kaplan Test Prep provides educational and career services for businesses, individuals, and schools. They need student ambassadors throughout the US to use social media, clubs, and other outlets to spread the word about their services.

Kaplan has been around for over 50 years, and provides tests, exams, tutoring, and graduate admissions consulting. They offer their ambassadors an excellent opportunity to learn more about this field, all while earning a cool $15.00 per hour.

They seek individuals who are connected, social, resourceful, have an interest in education, and are good at presenting in front of people.

Training is paid and virtual. Further, they offer other money-making opportunities with bonuses, writing gigs, and a free Kaplan course.

Learn more about working with Kaplan (Type ?Ambassador? in search bar.)

Image for postgoPuff Logo

goPuff (Spring, 2020)

Ever felt like running to a convenience store but it was just? too inconvenient? goPuff has the answer. They are the hottest go-to app for having convenience store items delivered to your door, any time.

Need another box of tissues but you?re too sick to drive? goPuff. Need some snacks for your girls night in? goPuff. Whatever you need, goPuff. They are amazing. To make them even more lovable, they?re hiring brand ambassadors all over the US!

From goPuff:

? Our AMBASSADORS are enthusiastic, social members of the community. They always act as a team player, yet have the drive and hustle to spread goPuff to every inch of their city. As a goPuff Ambassador, you?ll be responsible for generating brand awareness, creating awesome content & helping us to acquire new customers. ?

Like all ambassador programs, you need to be outgoing and resourceful. goPuff also welcomes all majors to apply.

Learn more about working with goPuff (Scroll down to ?Marketing?)

Or, download the goPuff app for yourself

SnackPackSnackPack Logo

SnackPass (Spring, 2020)

SnackPass works with local food companies to bring snacks to campuses. They are an app that was started by a Yale student, and it has grown to many campuses around the country. They need you to bring SnackPass to your campus!

SnackPass has three different positions for students, and they are all remote. (Meaning they can be done from wherever you are.)

They need ambassadors to spread SnackPack on social, making it go viral; as well as spreading the SnackPack news to your clubs and other organizations. They also need student content curators.

Content curators ?capture interactive photos and videos of the food and drinks on your campus, plus some extra credit to get free food for yourself and friends as a reward.?

Finally, they need student campus directors:

?Campus Directors are entrepreneurial, creative, and thrive under pressure. As Campus Director, your job lies at the intersection of leadership, creativity, marketing, and analytics. You?ll play a vital role in Snackpass? success, taking the lead in building and managing your campus squad to fuel growth on your campus and beyond.?

Learn more about working with SnackPack

Image for postMoocho Logo

Moocho (Spring, 2020)

Moocho is a college rewards and payment app.

?With Moocho, college students pay with their phone at all their favorite merchants on and around campus and earn exclusive rewards and discounts for doing so. Moocho partners directly with universities to provide their students with an innovative product and acts as the de facto college marketing arm of its merchant partners, helping them drive more business and understand their customers better.?

They are seeking brand ambassadors around the US to grow Moocho?s use and brand reputation. You will create buzz, both online and off. You must be an excellent communicator, very outgoing, and resourceful.

Learn more about working with Moocho

CengageCengage Logo

Cengage (Spring, 2020)

Cengage is the number one resource in all things educational, especially for college students. They offer many career opportunities, student discounts (you are buying your textbooks from them, aren?t you?), and tons of learning opportunities.

They are seeking campus ambassadors nationwide.

?Cengage Student Ambassadors are a national team whose mission is to help students gain confidence and succeed in college and beyond. Ambassadors work part-time on their local campuses with field-based Cengage employees while remaining connected virtually with their teammates and manager.

Our ambassadors help their classmates save money on their learning materials! Collaborating with Cengage professionals, our ambassadors drive awareness and usage of affordable Cengage learning tools (e.g. Cengage Unlimited, MindTap, WebAssign), both on-campus and online. You will get real-world, resume?-building experience, connect with students from around the country, and serve a meaningful role in our organization.?

They require you to have experience with their online platforms, so you must look at the specs on that. The pay is good, along with product discount and company swag.

Learn more about working with Cengage

Student ambassador programs are a win for students and business alike. They offer opportunities to earn money, while doing activities you already enjoy, such as: interact with others on social media, talk about products you like, and participate in activities on campus. Furthermore, the experiences you gain from serving as an ambassador will carry on to your resume and even into your career.

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Pamela La Gioia is creator of ?The Ultimate Guide to? series. She is author of The Ultimate Guide to Making Money in College (Without Donating Blood), which provide students over 200 flexible companies offering jobs they can do around their schedules. @TheUltimateGui4


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