7 Reasons why Mature Women Love Sensual Men

7 Reasons why Mature Women Love Sensual Men

In our society men are not allowed to freely express their feelings. Only women may be emotionally expressive. Men are supposed to be dominant, strong at all times, and hyper sexual ? while simultaneously holding in their feelings.

What if I told you that what society teaches us is a lie?

Women enjoy being with a sensual, emotionally-expressive man ? particularly mature women.

Women are sick of being with men that don?t know how to treat them, don?t know how to touch them, and that are crude and don?t pay attention.

Let?s explore a little deeper exactly why women flock to

sensual, emotive men.

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1. Mature women have grown into their own sensual body

In my twenties I didn?t know what sensuality was. I had had a couple relationships and a bunch of random sexual encounters. Still, I was not grown into my fullest sensual self.

The influences of my sheltered childhood and Christian upbringing were still apparent.

The shame and limiting beliefs about myself were deeply imprinted. I was insecure about my body and didn?t know how to experience pleasure ? nor did I have the confidence to ask for what I wanted.

As I entered my thirties my mind and body started to shift. An entirely new world opened up for me. I discovered sensuality. I let go of identifying myself through my flaws. I began to enjoy my body for what it is, without judgment or comparison to others.

I tuned into my monthly cycle and understood how it influences my arousal throughout the month.

Masturbation, as an act of self love, became a daily ritual, and helped me identify what makes me feel good. I learned the power of letting go of control. I finally started to grow into myself and enjoy my sensual body.

2. Sensual men appreciate the female body in its wholeness

Sensual men know how to fully appreciate the female body. They don?t search for the things that aren?t perfect but rather acknowledge the parts that are special. Sensual men see me for who I am and don?t define me by my physical parts. They intentionally choose not to feed my insecurities, rather they proffer affectionate compliments ? often appreciating things I don?t see in myself.

Sensual men look underneath the surface and see my soul and heart. That creates safety for me to express my desires and ask for what I need to be fulfilled.

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3. Sensual men are can hold emotions, even when uncomfortable

I enjoy lovers that are sensitive to my emotions and needs, rather than pushing their own agenda.

I appreciate men who understand the effect a woman?s monthly cycle can have on desire and can smoothly navigate the ups and downs of my arousal without taking it personally. If a man can hold me through a period of self-doubt, or the death of my cat, then I know he will be able to hold space during the more intense moments of life.

The more a man displays understanding of my emotional world, and demonstrates his ability to hold my feelings, the more he opens the gate to my heart and my body. Women need to feel safe in order to relax and attain arousal. Only when a man provides that feeling of safety am I able to fully let go into the experience and enjoy myself completely.

4. Sensual men pay attention

Because sensual men are more emotionally aware, they are also more attentive. They can hold eye contact, and are good listeners. They understand the power of being present. When a man pays attention to the details it shows that he cares. If he recognizes my new haircut, or remembers that I don?t like cilantro on my tacos, it demonstrates that he is genuinely interested in me as a person. Ultimately that?s what all women want: to be seen and recognized.

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5. Sensual men understand the power of vulnerability

Sensual men know what it means to be vulnerable and they are not afraid to show all of who they are. Nobody is perfect; our flaws and imperfections make us personable and relatable. Confident, sensual men don?t need to brag about their accomplishments ? they show it in their actions. Sensual men feel the entire spectrum of emotions and are not afraid to express them.

Being vulnerable means to embrace the fact that we will eventually get hurt, as life doesn?t always go as planned. But vulnerability also opens a path to deeper connection ? beyond the seemingly perfect surface.

6. Sensual men take better care of themselves

Men that are connected to their sensuality are more in touch with their body; they know how to take care of themselves. They understand the importance of grooming and showering. They know that if they smell good, and their home is clean and welcoming, that a woman is more likely to feel comfortable. Self-care also shows that they value themselves and therefore are more more likely to value those things in me.

7. Sensual men now how to make her feel good

Sensual, emotionally-aware men are better lovers. That is a fact. They pay attention to detail, such as lighting candles, putting on music, and running a hot bath.

A woman?s body naturally takes longer to attain the same level of arousal, so he knows to slow things down. This is challenging for many men because it goes against what they are taught: to be goal-oriented, which in sex means racing towards penetration.

The sensual man understands that the journey to get there is just as pleasurable. He slowly builds it up by peeling her clothes off bit by bit, showering her body with kisses, and pampers her with a sensual massage. The more time a man takes to turn me on, the more intense my release will be.

As an exercise, see how long you can build arousal in you and your partner prior to intercourse ? I recommend at least thirty minutes, but I?m sure you can enjoy the arousal state for much longer!

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I believe that every man can learn to be more sensual if he is open-minded and willing to step out of his comfort zone. If you are ready to embrace a depth of relating that you have never experienced before, it is worth to invest your time and effort to learn the secrets of sensuality.

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