7 most effective PSYCHOLOGICAL TRICKS that will make a man fall in love with you in a week! (Works for couples as well)

7 most effective PSYCHOLOGICAL TRICKS that will make a man fall in love with you in a week! (Works for couples as well)

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The women who know about this have an incredible advantage over other women.

Even if you?re not planning to use them to seduce a man, you must be aware of them if there is another woman using these tricks so that you could immediately recognize them.

These short and simple exercises will also help women whose relationships have gone cold. If a man does not pay attention to you, read all the steps and choose a few that you can use today!

The things that I?ll reveal in this article are taught by NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) masters in various seduction schools.

I?d like to WARN you that we?re going to talk about manipulation (even though I hate this word)?

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Manipulation means that you treat and talk to someone to change their behavior or to get something from them ? what you need.

Yeah, yeah, it?s not nice ? blah-blah-blah. But we?re living in a world of manipulations.

We subconsciously manipulate our husbands and children, making them feel ashamed and guilty. The same is happening with us: some people keep manipulating us consciously; others ? unknowingly.

Therefore, I think that a woman must be aware of different female tricks (even though they?re a bit manipulative).

The era of the good girls and modest homemakers has ended, and a modern woman knows how to enjoy life, knows her value and lives a colorful and comfortable life.

I think a woman must know how to attract a man?s attention (or to push a certain psychological button) rather than jump into another relationship that goes nowhere. And what do you think?

We?ve been wounded and hurt so many times, so why not embrace the secrets of women as well as psychological tricks that have been known for thousands of years? With the help of these, we can get what we need.

As charming as we are, there are certain laws of attraction among people in this world, so not knowing them is utterly silly.

I came up with the idea to write this article because recently, we?ve received a number of calls and letters with women telling us how much effort they?re putting into relationships with their men; they go and see them, pour their hearts to them, reveal their deepest desires, and they do not show any interest, neither do they appreciate their efforts.

No matter how hard it is to admit, dear, at the beginning of the relationship,no one is really interested in our true personality (full of wounds and distrust in oneself and others).

Therefore, it is advisable to ?hide? it a little in the beginning ?

Once you have established a relationship and have this energy flowing between you (when you have something in common), when you have attracted a man, then you can show your true self and involve him in your life and its small and big problems.

Why can I write about it?

I met a lot of women and men of different nationalities, age, and social status while traveling the world and living in Los Angeles for 11 years.

As sincere and true our relationships were, I can now honestly say that we always wanted something from each other. Unfortunately, we never talked about it.

I was very inexperienced at the time, and I wanted to find my place in the world and meet someone special.

I have slipped many times and had some painful experiences with men and my friends.

I am exactly the same woman as you are.

The only difference is that I have a lot of different experiences that I can share with you.

It?s a pity that I didn?t know these tricks before; they would have made my life a lot easier.

I can?t even remember how I much I cried because of all the failed relationships, traitor friends, and people who were only being friendly with me in order to get something from me.

However, no one is interested in a woman who is constantly calling, texting, and showing her wounded, hurt, and attention-seeking personality in the beginning of the relationship!

Just think about it; if a man gave you all his heart the first day you met, you wouldn?t probably need it.

Everyone likes to pursue and conquer someone, especially men.

I can remember how much I suffered when I rushed to open my heart to them, cared for them too much?, and they kept ignoring me, not picking up their phone; they would show up whenever they felt like it (well, I think you know what I?m talking about, so I don?t have to go on).

So, let me introduce you to the main tricks, and let?s use them without judging ourselves!

Here are the best manipulative tricks that will help you seduce a man that you desire!

Although I?d like to emphasize that even if you?ll be using these tricks, you have to remember that you should be true and honest about it; otherwise, it will all turn against you.

Another thing that you must remember is that these tricks are a short-term solution.

You have to start with yourself since a sincere and beautiful relationship is only possible if people are truthful and open.

1. The trick. ?HE?S WONDERFUL?

80% of your communication should be talking about him and not about you and your problems. He is the most interesting, the coolest, and the most masculine. His voice and stories are music to your ears and eyes?

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If you have a crush on a certain man, create conditions for him to ?shine?; then he will feel very good, and he will want to keep coming back to you. 80% of your time spent together should be talking about ?how wonderful he is.?

Listen to him talk on various subjects ? about his work, goals, childhood. Walk him through his pleasant memories, etc. No talking about your failures, health, or financial issues, and no deep conversations about your soul.

Ask for his opinion, advice, help ?

The secret code for implementing this trick is ?INTERESTED AND EASY.?

So here are the best manipulative tricks that will help you seduce a man that you desire!

There?s no way you can offload your problems onto another person at the beginning of the relationship. This is the first step to destroying a relationship, which you must avoid.

How to use this trick if you?re in a long-term relationship?

If your relationship has gone cold, and your husband doesn?t hear you, it means that the things you?ve been recently saying to him have been particularly unpleasant. If you want to be seen and heard again, learn to listen to your man and to praise him.

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A lot of women, especially Russians, can really admire a man. If you have such a friend or colleague who admires your husband so much, you have to be cautious about it.

This situation can go in two ways:

– you must pay more attention to your husband and praise him for being important and strong (remember how grandmothers taught us: ?If you?re getting some at home, you won?t be looking for it elsewhere.?);

– or another easier option: get rid of the opponent or (if it is your friend, which was my case) ask her to ?turn off? those emotions and stop adoring and praising your husband.


It?s another simple trick, which would be perfect at the beginning of the relationship. Get yourselves into a situation where both your hearts would beat as one.

I?m not suggesting anything dangerous, but you can try taking something from a shop (accidentally), take a ride on a scary roller coaster, go under a bridge, go to a bar and leave without paying, etc. : )

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All of these situations are perfectly shown in the movie ?9 weeks? as well as in the drama of Romeo and Juliet.

These films do not teach us how to have a sincere relationship that we desire so much, but they give you a lot of ideas how to make the relationship passionate.

This is a really important moment in the relationship. It?s classic, so it?s better to remember it and use it from time to time.

How to use this trick if you?re in a long-term relationship?

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Remember playfulness. We are often very serious, and we forget that we can be spontaneous and unpredictable.

What mistakes and difficulties can you encounter in this situation?

It is imperative not to be stuck in the adrenaline period and to make sure that the relationship moves to the next stage. This phase can be so enjoyable that it?s a little bit scary to move on. The Russians call this stage of the relationship a Sweetness (Flower) period.

Unfortunately, there is no place for commitment; there?s only drama and adrenaline.


Use this trick and make sure there is not much of you in the relationship. Maybe your mother taught you to take a step forward, and then take a step back.

Remember him. Here you are beside him, being interested in what he has to say, and the next day, everything is different ? you don?t have any time to meet up or text back.

Most importantly: do not ?overdose? yourself. If you?re talking, keep something for yourself. Do not end your sentences and stories. In other words, leave behind a lot of open and unlocked doors behind you?

Of course, you can send him a sensual picture or a sexy message, but do not overdo it. A man you?re dating must always remain ?hungry?; he has to want something from you all the time.

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How to use this trick if you?re in a long-term relationship?

Women must simply remember their husband. Not as a child, not as an object that needs to be taken care of, but as a man!

Send him a sexy message or your picture; act more brave than usual. Try to have a new affair with your husband. : )

What mistakes and difficulties can you encounter in this situation?

It?s very important not to overdo it, and don?t play with your femininity too much (don?t get stuck coming up with ideas of how a real woman must act).

Most femininity schools teach women not to take the initiative, but we encourage you to try different tactics and see what helps you with your desires best.

Most femininity schools teach women not to take the initiative, but we encourage you to try different tactics and see what helps you with your desires best.

Don?t follow the rules; look for what?s best for you in that moment and create your own rules.


A woman who is afraid of sexual relations and has hidden her sexuality loses all her charm. However, this does not mean that you have to be pushy and jump into bed with him.

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I am talking about your feminine energy. Your behavior, movements, face, clothes, and facial expression are sending a double message. It?s enough for a man to take a short look at you, and it becomes clear whether you?re blossoming or you have gone cold ?

A contemporary woman who doesn?t want to age, who wants to keep enjoying sex and intimate relationships, must become interested in her sexuality and her intimate zone.

Awaken your intimate area yourself.

A woman who keeps complaining that her husband never seduces her, etc., has to end this performance and take care of her pheromones and energy herself.

A woman who is cold and keeps waiting for someone to compliment her soon becomes unfashionable, and a woman who?s ready to take life into her own hands replaces her.

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If you?re dealing with more gynecological problems as you age ? if you don?t feel any pleasure during sex, and you do it just out of duty, or just because you don?t want your husband to cheat, this is going to be the most important tool that you ever had!

It makes no sense to wait for something magical to happen in your life and for him to awaken your body.

It?s better to take care of your sexuality yourself and to share your love and feminine energy rather than wait until he turns you on or surprises you.

Until I took an interest in my sexuality, I had to pretend a lot ? avoid and pretend. So, if I hadn?t stopped bothering my husband about it, I wouldn?t have been able to enjoy my good health, happy relationship and great sex life now.

When a woman is enjoying herself, her body releases a certain smell and pheromones.

There?s no time to lose, honey. You have to take care of your intimate area RIGHT NOW: http://www.chocolate4soul.com/nephrite-egg/

We all need to learn to be selfish in bed.

Such a woman is a real gift for a man since he can give her pleasure and enjoy it himself! (But we?ll talk about it more in the other ?Chocolate for Soul? articles.)

How to use this trick if you?re in a long-term relationship?

As soon as you feel that your sexual energy is gone, and you have become a housewife who?s constantly taking care of home, when your husband touches you, you just shame him with your look and start telling those stories of how tired you are and your physical pain (we do this to make him feel guilty: ?Can?t you see how hard I?m trying for all of you, I?m constantly suffering from inflammations and yet you want to have sex with me! You don?t have any shame!?

They don?t necessarily need to know this, but it makes no sense to lie to ourselves). Be responsible for your sexual mood and health and unbelievable things will start happening in your life!

What mistakes and difficulties can you encounter in this situation?

A woman who?s doing these practices and wearing the Jade egg, in fact, is emitting strong sexual waves, so you have to be careful with these tools that awaken sexuality.

WARNING.Do not use these tools when you?re out alone in the evening or at a family gathering : )) or if you meet up with your friend?s husband, e.g., to give something to your friend! : )


Another charming thing in the beginning of the relationship is the prohibition. It?s a pure game, but it?s so effective that you must learn about it.

All the people want the forbidden fruit. So, it would be great if you created this kind of mood around you ? You want to be with him, but SOMEONE keeps interfering ? : )

You can act a little and tell him that there are people who do not want you to see each other. Maybe it?s your ex; maybe your parents keep telling you that a man must have a higher education, and their opinion matters to you, and he doesn?t have a degree, etc. Create some sort of fence for him that he has to climb. Be inventive! : )

A man must devote some of his time and attention to you so that he would desire to be with you later. In other words, allow a man to invest some energy in you and then he will have the motivation to be with you. Then you will have the opportunity to reveal your own fascinating personality, which he will definitely fall in love with.

Again, remember the excerpt from the drama about Romeo and Juliet. ?Our families want this relationship to end, but I keep telling them that I want to be with you, you are so important to me ?? These tricks have worked at all times, so why not use them?

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How to use this trick if you?re in a long-term relationship?

Women who are in a long-term relationship must remember to let their husbands invest their time, money, and attention in them.

We have to learn to ask a man for help. You really don?t have to let him relax and take care of his every need. It?s beneficial to push them gently ?

What mistakes and difficulties can you encounter in this situation?

Do not immerse yourself in long stories or dramas. It?s enough to mention it briefly, to look around nervously while in a caf, and that?s it. Simplicity is a genius.

And another important thing is to enjoy yourself. If you have decided to play women?s games, do it while believing in yourself; enjoy it and do it with your whole heart ?


Another trick that we?re going to talk about may sound a bit unpleasant, but after all, it?s ?psychologically correct,? and it helps us, women, reach our goals.

So, in order to become more attractive, you have to create a luxurious environment around yourself ?

No man wants to have any financial burdens. Just remember how everyone pays attention to a woman who?s driving a fancy car and wearing expensive clothes.

As sad as it may be, we have to admit that money attracts everyone.

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That?s why you should not talk about your financial problems on the first date; it?s better to talk about a wealthy uncle in America or a relative who owns a factory, and you are about to visit him, etc. : )

We do not recommend using this trick in a long-term relationship. : ))

What mistakes and difficulties can you encounter in this situation?

Again, no confusing stories or drama. You can get caught up in your lies very quickly, and men are not stupid; they realize this. So, it?s better to do it with simple hints and not to overdo it in any way.

7. The trick. THE MAGIC TOUCH

I?ll reveal another NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) trick.

You ask a man to tell you a story about some positive and emotional episode of his life. When he starts speaking, place your hand on his hand. When he finishes ? take your hand away.

Gently touch his leg while he?s talking ? This little secret is a solid anchor for your relationship.

The next time you do the same action, your man will associate this with pleasant emotions ? this action will take him to a pleasant memory. All these things have to be subtle and invisible.

All you need to do is to connect your touch with a pleasant memory of his life.

How can this improve existing relationships?

Remember how fascinated you were with your husband at the beginning of the relationship, how softly you used to touch him, how carefully you listened to him? It?s time to recreate all this..

What mistakes and difficulties can you encounter in this situation?

When a woman meets a man she has a crush on, she becomes agitated. She is worried whether she looks good, whether he likes her, etc. So if you see that these kinds of things make you nervous, focus on listening ? be a good listener who?s interested in what a man has to say (remember the first trick: ?He?s wonderful? : )).

Whatever you do, dear, remember to smile!

They say this for a reason ? a smile is the most wonderful part of a woman?s body! Just remember how attractive is a woman who?s laughing and sincerely smiling!

All the seven tricks work for everyone without any exceptions, so we?re sure that you?ll get some man?s attention very soon.


This will help you take the first steps. It?s one thing to intrigue a man but to keep him and to have a sincere relationship is quite another. Therefore, if you want to have a beautiful and promising relationship, you will have to work hard with yourself!

We strongly suggest taking an interest in women?s practices, and taking care of your external and internal glow.


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