Students From Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley Give Free Tutoring To K-12 Students

Students From Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley Give Free Tutoring To K-12 Students

*Learn how to get your free lessons at the bottom of this article.

What is GoPeer? pairs vetted college students who attend top-tier universities with students between the ages of 5?18 for 1-to-1 tutoring lessons.

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Benefits of Near Peer Tutoring

Not only can a near-peer mentor provide personalized, up-to-date academic guidance, but also he or she can do so with the empathy that only someone who has recently been in the student?s shoes can provide.

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Our Instructors

What truly sets GoPeer apart is our instructors. We?re extremely selective ? we hire fewer than 5% of applicants, and our tutors come from top-tier colleges & universities. We believe that GoPeer?s instructors are the best in their field and provide mentorship that other tutors don?t offer.

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How do GoPeer Tutoring Lessons Work?

GoPeer?s Innovative Approach to Tutoring

Whether a student needs help with homework, studying for an exam, SAT/ACT test prep, or simply wants to learn something new ? the way GoPeer Tutors teach helps students build confidence, master concepts, and apply their learnings for long-term success.

At GoPeer, we know that no two students learn the same way! Some students are visual learners who process information with help from images and spatial relations. Other students may prefer to talk through concepts to understand them. No matter how they prefer to learn, we believe that every student deserves 1-on-1 personalized instruction tailored to their needs.

This belief is a GoPeer cornerstone and a North Star that guides the development of our teaching methods and technology.

The Three Pillars of GoPeer Pedagogy

Growth mindset

GoPeer Tutors use encouraging language to promote Growth Mindset, a concept pioneered by Stanford professor and leading motivation researcher Carol Dweck, PhD. Growth Mindset is the idea that we grow and better ourselves by learning from mistakes because a positive and supportive learning environment helps students do their best.

Socratic method

GoPeer Tutors ask guiding questions so that students take a more active role in reaching solutions. There?s a misconception that strong teaching is someone explaining something at you. We believe a collaborative approach rooted in Socratic inquiry is crucial for that long-term understanding.

Learning, not cheating

GoPeer Tutors do not just give away answers. Instead, tutors utilize the Socratic Method and encouraging language to help students learn concepts so that they can confidently apply them long-term ? on homework, tests, and in their future classes.

Of course, these are just a few of the ways in which GoPeer supports personalized, one-on-one learning.

Learn How GoPeer?s Technology Powers Our Tutoring

Over the last three years, we have met and spoken with thousands of tutors and students to carefully refine our virtual classroom. From the insights learned, we have created the most versatile digital classroom that makes online tutoring personalized, effective, and collaborative.

With GoPeer, an online tutor offers the same face-to-face personalized tutoring experience as an in-person tutor but uses our state-of-the-art live learning platform to meet with you over the Internet.

We often speak with families who are skeptical about online tutoring, but once they try it, the students typically love it and see great results.

You might not know the specifics of exactly what happens during a private online tutoring lesson, so we wanted to describe our classes to make sure you understand what your student will experience!

During the Lesson

GoPeer?s proprietary live learning platform features a secured online classroom, face-to-face video conferencing, virtual whiteboards and saved lessons for easy review and reference.

In the online classroom, both the student and tutor can take control of the learning environment or annotate the screen ? this means that the tutor can type out examples, help the student navigate to a particular tool or highlight where in the workspace the student should look for errors ? all without switching seats. With GoPeer, students can move at their own pace with the personalized attention of their instructor.

Students and tutors communicate through GoPeer?s secure online classroom, using tools like real-time face-to-face video conferencing, photo/document sharing, and a virtual whiteboard/notepad to collaborate or edit essays.

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Collaboration Tools:

  • Interactive whiteboard ? Students and tutors can write, type, and draw on a digital whiteboard.
  • Essay editing ? easily review & edit word documents
  • Note taking ? take notes on a shared notepad
  • Collaborative file sharing ? Share files like diagrams, homework, graphs, and tests ? then annotate or write on top of the worksheets or images.
  • High-quality video & audio communication ? It feels like an in-person lesson.
  • Chat via instant messaging ? Need a little extra help after the session? You can always chat with your tutor to ask questions.
  • Review past lessons ? students and tutors can review their work from past lessons that they have saved. Reviewing sessions is a great way to brush up on concepts while studying or doing homework.

After the lesson

The learning doesn?t stop when the session is over. To keep parents and guardians in the loop, the tutor adds a summary of the student?s lesson progress after each class. Because the classes are 1-on-1, if a student falls behind, our instructors are able to accommodate them and adjust the teaching strategies accordingly. We regularly check in with parents to make sure that everyone is on the right track.

Connecting with a GoPeer Tutor

There are two ways that you can connect with a GoPeer Tutor.

  1. Search on our website to view available tutors. On our website, you can view their qualifications & experience and compare ratings & reviews. All tutors on our educational team go through an extensive vetting process to ensure that they will provide the highest quality experience. You can browse available tutors here.
  2. Request Personalized Recommendations. We pair students with instructors based on their desired learning outcomes, personality fit, interests, and availability. Tap here to Request Personalized Recommendations

How Do I Get My Free Lessons?

  • GoPeer is giving 1,000 free hours of tutoring to students in the area and getting them is quick and easy (two free hours per family so many students can benefit). Simply navigate to the GoPeer website and enter the code FREE120 (*use all capital letters) when creating your free parent or student account.
  • Using the code FREE120 gives you 2-hours of free tutoring credit. This can be used as four free 30-minute lessons, two free 1-hour lessons, or even a free 2-hour lesson (most families do two free 1-hour lessons).
  • Forgot to enter the FREE120 code when signing up? You can always enter it later on from your account dashboard.
  1. Tap here to create your free Parent or Student account
  2. Enter the FREE120 code
  3. Create your account and the free lessons will automatically be applied

Need more free lessons? Contact GoPeer to request more.

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