50+ Fantastic Email Newsletters Everyone Should Know About

50+ Fantastic Email Newsletters Everyone Should Know About

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It seems like there?s more great stuff to read today than ever before.

And still, finding the good stuff that?s just right for you or your brand can take a lot of time, according to this survey by Vertical Response:

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When you?re sifting through the whole internet, it can help to have a guide. What if could open your inbox every day to find new, relevant, curated articles that you?d be thrilled to share to social media?

We?ve written before about the rise of high-quality niche newsletters, a format that?s flourished over the past few years.

As our choices get more plentiful, diverse experts and fans across a wide spectrum of topics are sharing the best content they discover. This includes our friends at Read This Thing, who curate one fantastic piece of journalism a day.

The Read This Thing team shared with us their giant list of 50+ must-know newsletters in areas including news, tech, arts & entertainment, self-improvement and general interestingness (my personal favorite category).

Read on to discover your next great content curation source!

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General news newsletters

1. The Skimm

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?theSkimm is the daily e-mail newsletter that gives you everything you need to start your day. We do the reading for you ? across subject lines and party lines ? and break it down with fresh editorial content.?

2. Politico Playbook

?Veteran journalist Mike Allen combs the Internet, TV and newspapers to cook up a hearty dish of whats happening in politics.?

3. The Daily Beast

All the news you could want.

4. ReadThisThing

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One link to a fascinating piece of journalism, in your inbox daily. (They?re the ones who made this list.)

5. The Daily Water Cooler

?A free, quick, and splendid email newsletter chock-full of news + humor delivered every weekday morning to make sure you?re never left behind in a conversation.?

6. NY Times: What We?re Reading

Get recommendations from New York Times reporters and editors, highlighting great stories from around the web. Twice per week.

7. NextDraft

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A quick, entertaining look at the day?s best stories, from the top of the news, to the very bottom.

8. Muck Rack Daily

?A digest of journalism, written by journalists, delivered to your inbox daily.?

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Tech newsletters

9. Mattermark Daily

?Join more than 100,000 business professionals reading the Mattermark Daily newsletter. A curated daily digest of timely, must-read posts by investors and operators.?

10. SaaS Weekly

?A weekly email of useful links for people interested in SaaS businesses.?

11. HackerNewsletter

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12. Netted

A daily newsletter from the Webbies team introducing you to the best sites, apps and connected products.

13. Real Future

?Every weekday, Fusion?s Alexis Madrigal delivers five tidbits from the past and future. Wearable computers, drones, biohacking, geoengineering, rockets, digital mapping, coercive feedback loops, autonomous everything, representing the Internet in art, synthetic biology, machine logic, weapons, artificial life, the future of work, corporate surveillance, and more.?

14. StartupDigest

?The personalized insider newsletter for all things startup around the world.?

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15. Product Hunt

?Get a summary of the best new products, every day.?

16. Ask Leo

?Every week in my newsletter we fix problems, learn a little, have some fun, and gain more confidence to make use of our technology.?

17. Charged

?Charged rounds up the best technology stories, long reads and top startups for thousands of people every week ? and they?re the best informed in the industry from companies like DigitalOcean, Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook and more.?

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Marketing newsletters

18. Buffer

?Actionable social media advice. Delivered daily.?

19. Community.is

?A weekly newsletter by Loyal designed to define, educate & inspire anyone who puts people at the center of their work.?

20. Campaign Monitor

An awesome monthly newsletter with tips and tricks for email.

21. Seth Godin

Interesting thoughts from a famous entrepreneur.

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Design newsletters

22. Sidebar

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?Sidebar is a list of the 5 best design links of the day. But unlike a regular linkblog, it?s collaborative and manually curated by a couple great editors.?

23. UX Design Weekly

?Join 19,000+ subscribers & get a hand picked list of the best user experience design links every week. Curated by Kenny Chen & published every Monday.?

24. Smashing Magazine

?We love useful stuff, and we love quality writing, that?s why we send out an editorial email newsletter twice a month with useful tips, tricks and resources for designers and developers ? thoroughly collected, written and edited by us exclusively for our readers.?

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Photography newsletters

25. Unsplash

Get do-whatever-you-want free high-definition photos from photographers you follow or are recommended, in your inbox.

26. Death to the Stock Photo

A fresh pack of creative photos in your inbox each month, with awesome stories to match.

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Sports newsletters

27. The Slurve

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?We send the best baseball writing, all the essential news for each team, and a few original insights directly to your inbox each day during the season and frequently in the offseason.?

28. Casual Spectator

?Casual Spectator is a super-simple newsletter about sports. We make following them easy and help you keep up with your sports-loving co-workers, family and friends.?

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Food, beverage and events newsletters

29. Good Beer Hunting

?Get updates on new craft beer journeys, product releases, and updates on GBH events and happenings around the world. It?s the kind of email that?ll drive you to drink ? in a good way.?

30. The Fetch

?Discover the best events and must-reads for your work life?

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31. NoshOn.It

The best recipes and cooking tips delivered to your inbox.

32. Garagiste

Garagiste is a wine store that only sells wine via email newsletter. It?s weird and awesome.

33. Tasting Table

The latest trends in the categories of dining, wine, cocktails, cooking and food travel.

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General interesting-ness newsletters

34. Brain Pickings

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?The week?s most unmissable articles across creativity, psychology, art, science, design, philosophy, and other facets of our search for meaning.?

35. Lefsetz Letter

Lefsetz addresses the issues that are at the core of the music business: downloading, copy protection, pricing and the music itself.

36. Improbable Research

?Research that makes people laugh and then think.?

37. Ann Friedman Weekly

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?My weekly newsletter is full of great things to read and GIFs and the occasional product endorsement. It arrives in your inbox on Fridays. For a taste, check out the archive.?

38. Wait But Why

It?s pretty hard to describe Wait But Why, but it?s awesome. Here?s how Fast Company describes it: ?sometimes humorous, almost always profound, long-form explainer site?

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39. This Is True

?This is True is a weekly e-mail newsletter which reports on bizarre-but-true news items from legitimate news outlets from around the world.?

40. Austin Kleon Newsletter

?Every week I send out new art, writing, and interesting links. It?s free. No spam. Unsubscribe whenever you want.?

41. Today in Tabs

?Your daily digest of the worst (and occasionally best) in tabs. Currently in season three. Remember: close that tab!?

42. The Li.st

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Rachel Sklar and Glynnis MacNicol send this email a few times each week, spreading the word about awesome things being done and made by women.

43. Now I Know

Dan Lewis?s daily email with one really interesting fact per day.


?REDEF creates daily ?interest remixes? which are curated information streams focusing on industries and pop culture.?

45. Hardly Working

?It?s in my head. I?m sharing it with you. Read, Eat, Covet, Meet. Just one of each; randomness guaranteed.?

46. Milkshake

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?A free email dedicated to finding the good in everything ? companies, causes, people, places and products giving back and making a difference.?

47. Brain Food

More from the popular blog Farnam Street: The Brain Food newsletter goes out on Sunday and contains the latest articles from that week, thoughtful book recommendations, and a short collection of the best articles the editors have read that week.

48. The Ed?s Up

A weekly newsletter of writing and links from science writer Ed Yong, whose blog Not Exactly Rocket Science is hosted by National Geographic.

49. Sunday New York Times Digest

A weekly roundup of the most interesting links and quotes from the Sunday New York Times.

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Self-improvement newsletters

50. Greatist

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Top health tips, workout ideas, delicious recipes, and more.

51. SealFit

Get super intense life tips from a super intense Navy Seal.

52. Further

?Further is a once-a-week email newsletter that helps you maximize your performance, potential, and personal growth. You?ll get the best hand-picked resources about health, wealth, wisdom, and travel ? without the hype and fluff.?

53. Remotive

A weekly newsletter on remote working tips and jobs, sent to a community of over 25,000 remote workers.

54. Heretic

?A daily newsletter about entrepreneurship, the art of the start and doing the work by Pascal Finette. It?s raw, unfiltered and opinionated.?

55. Think Clearly

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A handwritten newsletter! ?Think Clearly is a practice for hatching your visions and making them come true. It all begins with a blank page. And coffee.?

56. The Art of Non-Conformity

Chris Guillebeau has visited every country in the world. Now he shares unconventional strategies and stories on life, work, and travel.

57. Life Edited

?Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.?

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Thanks to Read This Thing for putting Buffer on their list, and for allowing us to syndicate this handy list!

What newsletters are missing from this resource? We?d love to hear your favorite and find even more great stuff to read and share!

This blog post was first published on the Buffer Social blog on June 2, 2015 by Courtney Seiter.


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