5 Ways to Sell More on Tophatter

5 Ways to Sell More on Tophatter

Professional sellers who sell on Amazon, eBay, Sears, Walmart, and other marketplaces value Tophatter because it adds another sales channel to build their business by selling volume, fast.

Top Sellers on Tophatter sell 500?10,000+ items per week.

Tophatter is a data-driven business and our technology platform determines how many times a sellers? products get featured based on a number of factors.

Here?s how you can grow faster.

1. Sell impulse items that get positive reviews

Tophatter is discovery shopping. It?s not a place shoppers come to search for specific items. They come for fun and to buy gifts for themselves or their friends and family.

The average selling price per item on Tophatter is $15-$35 for unbranded items (think private label brands or no brands) and $50-$100 for branded items (think Michael Kors, Dell, Apple).

When Tophatter customers receive your products in the mail, they get a push notification to their mobile asking them to rate the product.

Products with greater than 4 stars will get scheduled. Products with less than 4 stars won?t get scheduled.

Image for postImage for postImage for postSee more reviews at www.tophatter.com/reviewsImage for postReview your Performance Stats frequently to see which products are getting the best reviews and average selling prices.

2. Focus on selling in 1?2 categories

When you start selling on Tophatter, you either apply as a Partner or just start selling. If you want to grow in volume, you need to be in a specific category as a partner. There?s a short application (see below).

Once you?re accepted in a category, you enter in a number of how many items per week you?d like us to sell. This is your Desired Weekly Volume.

As long as you have sufficient inventory uploaded and your account is performing well we will grow your volume each week towards that desired volume.

Focus is key in any business. Especially your Tophatter business. It?s best to learn the platform and build up to selling 500+ units per week in one category before expanding to other categories.

NOTE: Only request more volume after you have been accepted as a Partner in a specific category such as Jewelry, Home, Accessories, etc. The only way to sell in volume (500?5,000 items per week) is to sell as a Partner. Have you applied to sell as a Partner?

Click ?Request to Sell in a New Category? and complete the Partner Application. See form below.

If you are not a Partner, you will only sell 50 items per week max.

Image for postYou can request more volume by increasing the Desired Weekly VolumeImage for post

3. Embrace the $1 start

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The key to the success of any auction is getting lots of bidders involved.

$1 start prices = more bidders = higher selling prices.

Every time a shopper bids on an item the price goes up, just like in any traditional auction.

When bidding passes certain tiers, each bid increases the price by a higher amount:

$1 ? $10: each bid increases the price by $1

$10 ? $30: each bid increases the price by $2

$30 ? $100: each bid increases the price by $5

$100+: each bid increases the price by $10

It sounds paradoxical that starting your prices lower will make you more successful as a seller on Tophatter, but most of our top sellers find this to be the case.

4. Set a small advertising budget

Advertising gets your items more exposure before they go on the auction block. This means you get more alerts and more buy nows.

What is an alert?

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When a customer clicks the heart in the bottom left corner of a product listing they are asking us remind them when the item goes on the block ? this is an alert. The alert is a text message OR push notification that is sent out just before a lot goes on the block.

5. Ship quickly

Shoppers love to receive their items quickly. The Tophatter platform tracks ?Days to Deliver? of each item you sell. Sellers that ship quickly tend to have consistently higher product reviews than those that do not.

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For the avoidance of doubt, if you want to grow, you MUST follow these actions. If you don?t you will likely see low growth or your account declining.

Looking for more tips to grow faster on Tophatter? You can always contact your account manager or email [email protected]

Businesses, brands, and professional eCommerce sellers start selling today at www.tophatter.com.


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