5 Things You Should Know before Wearing Passion Twists

5 Things You Should Know before Wearing Passion Twists

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Summer is here. Vacations are being taken and enjoyed, and women everywhere are getting excited about passion twists.

About six months ago, I tried my hand at the bohemian inspired style, and the truth is they didn?t turn out so great. But this June I took the time to learn more about the style, the install, the type of hair and the maintenance. This time it turned out wonderfully.

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So before you decide whether or not to get yourself some passion twists let me help you with some things you need to know first.

#1 What are passion twists

After I installed my passion twists, I posted a pic of them on Facebook. This post prompted a number of questions about my hair. One of the most frequent being, ?What are passion twists??

Passion twists are a trendy way to wear two-strand twists. They cost less than faux locs or goddess braids and are meant to have a bohemian Lisa Bonet type vibe. They can be easily installed DIY style and can be worn short, medium or long.

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Passion twists with color look great as do ombre colored twists. Additionally, passion twists on natural hair are an ideal protective style for the summer.

#2 There are a number of ways to install passion twists

The install is one of the reasons that my first attempt at passion twists, last winter, didn?t turn out so hot. This time I researched extensively until I found a few ways that were most comfortable for me.

Vandy Vanity has the best video I found that explains the different ways to install the twists. She explains how to use two different crochet methods to install passion twists. I actually used both methods, as some parts of my head, particularly the middle in the back, are just too difficult for me to grip so I used the passion twists rubber band method.

I personally prefer to do all my twists, individually, so I didn?t cornrow and then crochet in my twists. This is a quick and easy option that lots of women employ. Just keep in mind that this option can limit some of the styles that you will have at your disposal since the twists are not individual.

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#3 The kind of hair you choose matters

The most popular hair that is used for the passion twists is the Freetress Water Wave hair.

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The best hair for passion twists is one that has a medium sized wave ? not too tight and not too loose. You also want a hair that doesn?t tangle easily. This will help make the installation so much easier.

This hair gives a nice wave to your twists and is reasonably priced and the easiest to find in beauty supply stores and online. That being said, the first time I installed my twists I couldn?t find this hair in the color that I wanted so I opted for a different hair.

I ended up using the Freetress Bohemian Braid 20? hair.

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What I didn?t know or understand at the time was that I needed to twist my twists in the direction of the curls. The bohemian braid curl went in a different direction than the water wave hair, on which I had viewed tutorials.

Consequently, most of my twists were installed going against the curl, which caused them to look, just plain wrong.

For my most recent attempt, I chose not to use the Freetress Water Wave, because I didn?t want my twists to be too long. The Freetress Water Wave typically comes in 22? or 20?, but this was still too long for me. After all it is summer.

I opted for the Lulutress Water Wave 18? ?

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Since I wanted some color in the style I got four packs of the color 2 and two packs of the color 30. The curl pattern is the same as the Freetress Water Wave so my twisting pattern turned out optimally.

#4 Maintenance matters

Another frequently asked question is do passion twists last. The truth is it depends on how well you take care of them like any other style.

Crochet hair can easily get tangled, frizzy and appear unkempt, quickly, if it is not maintained properly.

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After completion of installation you should add some setting mousse. This will help set the hair and keep any flyaway hair at bay for a few days. While you wear the twists be sure to reapply some mousse every few days to keep up the look of the hair.

Also be sure to sleep with a cap on your head or at the very least a satin pillowcase. Quite often, while wearing protective styles, this part of our hair care routine can be neglected.

#5 They are fun and light

Passion twists are super trendy right now. Just do a quick hashtag search for them on Instagram or Twitter and you will see. There is a reason for this. They give you the ease of a protective style, but you still get to keep that big natural hair look.

In spite of how the fact that you?re installing anywhere from 6?8 packs of hair, the hair isn?t that heavy. In fact it?s actually quite light. Even when wet.

You may be thinking can passion twists get wet.

Yes? absolutely!

Even while swimming the hair doesn?t get heavy. That?s right I went swimming with my hair in passion twists. You can go swimming with this style. I quickly co-washed my hair, reapplied some mousse and kept it moving.

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This makes passion twists an excellent vacation hairstyle.

If you?re considering trying this trendy style this summer, go for it. Enjoy your protective style now that you?re armed with the 5 things you should know. After all that?s why I encourage a learn and live mindset!?

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That?s Cynthia?s mindset on ?5 Things You Should Know before Wearing Passion Twists This Summer

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