5 Dirty French Phrases to Say in Bed

5 Dirty French Phrases to Say in Bed

Dirty French Phrases to Say in BedPhoto by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

They work, even if your partner doesn?t speak French.

I?m not an exceptionally good-looking or confident man, but I?ve had a pretty interesting romantic life, and a dynamic sex life. They even intersect at times.

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When I reflect on the relationships I?ve had with different women over the past dozen years, I realize that while I might not have ?the moves? or ?the looks?, I do have a set of seemingly unrelated skills which certain women find appealing. Writing is one of them; I?ve had more than one person approach me for sex as a result of them reading my erotica.

I?m also a decent singer, a fighter practiced in multiple disciplines, and I can cook. I?m not incredible at any of these things, but my mere participation in these types of activities has been enough to turn the heads of women with compatible interests.

Oh, and I speak French fluently. Did I bury the lead?

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As difficult as it is to explain, some people find the French language (and French accents) exceptionally arousing. Rather than write an article about why people find French sexy, I figured I?d teach you a few phrases that will help you turn your partner on. You know, assuming they?re one of those people.

Alternately, you could also use these filthy phrases to surprise your French-speaking partner.

If you?re thinking about pulling out some of these French phrases in the bedroom but want to make sure your lover will be receptive, try floating the idea in a non-sexual context first. During a casual conversation, let them know you?re thinking about learning French, and see how they react. If they grab your arm and look you in the eye and say ?do it?, you?re probably barking up the right tree.

So without further foreplay, let?s figure out some French dirty talk for you to tantalize your partner with.


Pronunciation: Ahm-brass mwah.

Translation: Kiss me.

This is a great one for a variety of reasons. Firstly it contains many vowels, which some people think may be responsible for the ?breathiness? that makes spoken French sound sexy. Second, it should be easy for you to learn and say because these words are very similar to their English equivalents. Third, the word ?moi? (pronounced ?mwah?) sounds very much like a kissing sound familiar to English speakers.

?J?ai envie de toi.?

Pronunciation: Djay on-VEE duh twah. (?Djay? is my attempt at spelling the French pronunciation of the J sound. It can also be written as ?zhay?. If you find that confusing, I suggest checking out this short YouTube video.)

Translation: ?I want you? or ?I need you?, depending on who you ask.

There are multiple ways of communicating this sentiment in French, but this is likely the most sexual. It expresses not just a want/need for someone, but specifically a desire to be with them intimately. It?s an extremely flirtatious thing to whisper in someone?s ear in a public setting, and goes well with foreplay when you?re alone.


Pronunciation: Mahnge-mwah.

Translation: ?Eat me,? or more specifically, ?go down on me.?

Unlike in English, the idiom ?eat me? can be expressed equally by either gender in French. There are many ways that you can make this gender specific, such as ?mange mon pain? for men (which translates to ?eat my bread?) and ?mange ma chatte? for women (which translates to ?eat my kitty/pussy?.) However, these specifications are largely not necessary if you?re going for simplicity. As long as you get the context right and you?re not talking to a cannibal, ?mange moi? should serve you well.

?Je veux te baiser.?

Pronunciation: Dje veu tuh bay-zay.

Translation: I want to fuck you.

At a certain point in every relationship, you just need to forget the subtleties and say what you want. If you get to that point with someone who speaks French, ?je veux te baiser? should clear everything up for them. From a more practical perspective, this is a great phrase to whisper in the moments before you actually start having sex.

?J?aime a.?

Pronunciation: Djem suh.

Translation: I like this.

While not specifically dirty, when applied in appropriate context this phrase can be used before, during, and after any seductive or sexual act to express your enjoyment. You can whisper this, scream it, or even just mouth it breathlessly to encourage your partner to greater efforts, or to let them know they performed admirably.


So whether you?re with a French-speaking person or a Francophile, these sexy phrases should be able to help you switch things up in the bedroom (or wherever you choose to get down). In either case, don?t worry too much about getting the pronunciation perfect. If your partner is English-speaking then they won?t know the difference. If they speak French, they?ll most likely appreciate the effort on your part.

I hope these phrases serve you well on your sexual and romantic adventures. If you already speak a little French, think about how you can mix what you know with what you?ve learned here to create even more intimate phrases. If you get creative enough, even the most mundane words can seem sexual.


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