5 Best Homework Help Websites for College Students

5 Best Homework Help Websites for College Students

Image for postToday, we will review best homework help websites. Including our own ?

Google is the king of research ? so much so that 94% of teachers admit that students equate Googling to research. It?s not surprising ? Internet sources are easy to find and accessible 24/7. The need to sit in the library for hours searching for relevant facts is rapidly disappearing, which is good news for students. Here at Nerdify, we move with the times, so we brainstormed a list of 5 best homework help websites for college students.

Let?s get rolling!

Nerdify ? Expert Online Homework Help 24/7

You?ll get: expert guidance and advice

Modesty is excellent quality, but we aren?t going to hide the truth from you. Nerdify is at the pinnacle of modern education, which is why it?s on our list.

Here?s a list of qualities that make us the best at what we do:

  • AI-powered platform. The website works on an AI-powered algorithm that defines the perfect Personal Nerd for each and every task. This algorithm uses such features as experience, background, major, and quantity of tasks solved. All to make sure that out of all Nerds only the perfect one will be selected.

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  • Homework & beyond. The platform is about delivering a full range of services to aid students and help them stay on top of their studies. In includes finding and delivering books you need. Here you can also get the best tutor for you to explain any theory or concept you don?t understand to proceed with your studies.

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  • Honor Code. Our Honor Code isn?t a vague set of moral principles that can be adjusted for any situation. It?s a set of clear rules that fully regulates our day-to-day activities and decisions.

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  • It?s legal & legit. Nerdify isn?t an online writing service, which is illegal and unethical. Personal Nerds can fulfill any request as long as it?s legal and doesn?t violate any college policies.

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  • Transparent pricing & payment policy. When a student turns to Nerdify, a whole lot of work is being done before the actual payment is made. Every client gets a quote based on the estimated amount of hours that a tutor will spend working on each request. Even then, clients only make prepayments, while the rest of the amount is paid after the request is fulfilled.

If you want to be sure that the task will be done correctly and in time, Nerdify is the safe choice to go for ? we?ve been featured on Forbes, WIRED, and Tech.co for a reason.

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Reddit ? Online Community for Everyone

You?ll get: (hopefully) a lot of different answers from peers

Reddit is the self-proclaimed ?front page of the internet? ? what can we add? We have several important things to say ? as always, we know the nitty-gritty.

The subreddit we?re focusing on here is the Homework Help one. It?s got a lot of advantages, by all means. First, this subreddit has a lot of active users (58k), and there?s a couple of hundred online at any time of the day. So, if you ask a question in this community, you?re most likely to get a response.

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Expert tip: to increase the probability of getting a valid response, you can post your question in Homework Help subreddit as well as specialized subreddit ? finance if you?re solving finance homework, for instance.

Reddit has considerable advantages, but serious drawbacks too ? only up to you to decide if it?s worth it!

At the same time, we wouldn?t be any good at being honest and transparent if we?d overlook the disadvantages and risks of Reddit. The key drawback is ? of course ? the fact that you can never know if you?ll get the response at all. If you?ll get a reply in time, or if the answer you?ll get will be any good.

Image for postSometimes, all you?ll get for a lengthy post about your homework problem is just a link.

We highly appreciate knowledge exchange ? our platform essentially functions on this principle. However, when there?s no way of knowing all these factors, it?s more of a gamble than effective problem-solving.

Quora ? Ask The World For Help With Homework

You?ll get: answers from anyone who?s interested in responding ? that?s the tricky part

Quora is sometimes an awesome source for students because it?s got hundreds, even thousands of responses to all kinds of questions. The website is moderated and has strict rules that the users need to comply with.

Anyone who wants to answer a question can do it. That?s pretty much the tricky part of Quora as a website for homework help. Some people are actual experts but don?t want to answer your question. If you?re lucky, you?ll get a great answer that?ll explain whatever you need explained and do your homework perfectly.

Image for postQuora has impressive stats. There is a chance that they will work for you. Source: hotinsocialmedia.com

If you?re even luckier, you?ll get a response from a person who?s not only an expert but is talented at explaining things. In such a case, you?ll not only solve the homework but learn something as well, which is much better in the long run.

Quora is very similar to Reddit in terms of pros and cons, but you?re getting an access to a larger online community

Other people might only think they?re experts and mislead you with their wrong answers. So you?re dealing with a gamble here ? that?s the drawback of Quora. We also need to mention another type of bad answers on Quora ? copy-pasted responses that you can just Google.

In the worst case, you won?t get any responses at all or will get them too late.

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One of the Best Homework Help Websites are Dictionaries

You?ll get: info about basically anything, quickly

This list wouldn?t be complete without one of our favorite type of websites ? all sorts of dictionaries, vocabularies, and encyclopedias. Our Nerds say that many students ignore these sources because they are kinda ?too simple? ? but that?s the beauty of it. If you need any concept explained, vocabulary is a good way to get started.

Online dictionaries, encyclopedias, and vocabularies are easy to access and can serve you for any homework you need to solve, at all times.

Our absolute favorites are:

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  • Britannica for all kinds of homework ? it has a massive database of detailed and cross-referenced articles about literally everything (events, personalities, concepts, etc.)
  • Investopedia for economics, finance, and business ? if you need detailed explanations for any terms in these fields along with examples and formulas, that?s your safest bet
  • Merriam-Webster ? just a vocabulary with to-the-point definitions and examples.

Having some of these bookmarked in your browser will aid your homework every time you need to check something quickly.

Khan Academy Will Help With Your Homework

You?ll get: hundreds of free lectures in variety of fields

If you feel like listening to lectures is the way to go for you, then you?ll probably like Khan Academy. This website has tons of lectures in various fields, including math, art and humanities, economics and finance, computing, and science and engineering. The site also has a section for test preparation, so you?re getting quite a lot for absolutely free.

Khan Academy is for those who feel like they could use more lectures ? it?s a website that contains hundreds of video lectures and lecture notes, free to watch and use

Apparently, Khan Academy is an extensive database that can potentially help any student. However, if you are having trouble understanding a particular concept, it?s hardly the best choice. This website does what any lecture can do ? gives you information. So, the hard part is to make sure that you?ll understand it.

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Our Nerds admit that one of the most common issues that students have is applying theoretical information they get during lectures to solve actual homework tasks. To do that, it?s necessary to get to the bottom of every concept truly.

In Conclusion?

We?ve done our best to cover every need college students seek in homework help websites ? asking someone for a piece of advice, quickly checking definitions, researching something in detail, and getting additional lectures.

By all means, working with a tutor addresses all those needs at once and guarantees that you?ll get done what you need to do.

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Here at Nerdify, we do our best to be always one step ahead, so our Nerds can advise on any homework task AND suggest the ways to manage time more effectively in college, too!

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