4 Ways to Make Love to a Man’s Balls

4 Ways to Make Love to a Man’s Balls

Licking, sucking, cupping and generally getting a face-full of them.

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They?re called the family jewels for a reason. A man?s testicles are two of his most precious assets. Men covet their balls, and even interpret them as a measure of their strength.

And yet, in the bedroom, a man?s testicles are too often ignored. Maybe it?s because the penis is there, dominating all the attention.

The dick gets hard, the balls retract, and both men and women forget about their existence.

This is not a good state of affairs. A better state is one in which a man?s testicles get the love and care they deserve.

In other words, during every lovemaking session, a man?s balls should be receive adequate stimulation.

The following four ways are how I make this happen for my lovers:

Balls smothering

My best position for getting smothered by my lover?s testicles is for me to lay on my back while my lover straddles my face. He plants his ass on my forehead and presses his balls against my lips. The part of his scrotum that attaches to his perineum is therefore mashed into my nose.

Not only do I get to breathe in deeply of my lover?s most intimate scents, but I enjoy the pressure of his body against my face. I experience the sense of being completely encompassed by him, surrounded by him. I love the feeling of his thighs gripping the sides of my head. It?s ecstasy-provoking for both parties.

While a man is smothering my face with his balls, I also like to reach up to stroke his cock with my hand. This really drives a man crazy. Of course, the more aroused he gets, the more intensely he grinds his testicles into my face.

This feels great for the both of us.

Balls licking

Of course when a woman?s face is so close to a man?s testicles like that, she?s also in a great position to open her mouth and lovingly lick his balls.

However, to properly lick any man?s testicles, I like him to rise up from a sitting position on my face to his knees.

Then, with a pillow under my head, I can reach up my tongue to sensually lick his balls.

Or we can move into a sixty-nine position. As he licks my vage, I bury my face between his legs to lick his scrotum.

This really increases the pleasure of any sixty-nine encounter. Men?s testicles are just so sensitive.

So the more I lick them, the more awe-inspiring is his orgasm.

Balls sucking

Also known as teabagging, sucking each of my lover?s testicles into my mouth also provides an intoxicating sensation for any man.

When I have one of my lover?s testicles in my mouth, I never suck too hard. I know a man?s balls are quite fragile.

Usually when one of my lover?s testicles is in my mouth, besides treating it to the sucking pressure of my wet mouth, I also spoil it with small licks from my tongue.

A great position to properly suck a man?s balls is for a guy to be standing while the woman is down on her knees.

That way, she can go back and forth between taking the full length of his cock in her mouth to then diving lower, not only to lick and kiss his ball sack but to suck each testicle?s entirety into her mouth.

Balls cupping

And of course there?s the practice of balls cupping. I?ve met so many men who get off on the loving feeling of having their balls cupped.

This is also a great way to let your man know that you care about him. You?ve literally got his balls in your hand, but in a protective way.

Cupping a man?s balls is an extremely intimate, trust-building exercise for any couple. For a woman to gingerly take a man?s testes into her hands to cup them ? it?s an exquisite sensation that feels even better when she?s jacking him off, too.

In conclusion, a man?s testicles should never be ignored during sex. They are bona-fide sexual organs that, when played with correctly, can afford a man a heightened sexual experience.

I believe that women do men a disservice by not playing with their balls more. So guys, don?t be afraid to remind your lady that your balls, not just your cock, deserve extra loving.


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