4 Major Applications of Biotech by Haim Toledano

4 Major Applications of Biotech by Haim Toledano

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Biotech or biotechnology is used in four major industries, healthcare, agriculture and crop production, non-food (industrial) application of crops and other products (for example, vegetable oil, biodegradable plastics, biofuels) and environmental uses. Here are some of the most common uses of Biotech, ?You can see that there are various options for investment in these industries?, explains Haim Toledano.

1. Biotech Application in Medicine


With biotechnology techniques, drugs are developed using microorganisms with no use of chemicals or synthetic materials. These drugs are usually sourced from large molecules of proteins. Thus they attack the hidden mechanisms of the disease and destroy them without any side effects.

Gene Therapy

This is used for diagnosing diseases like Parkinson?s and cancer. The underlying principle in this is that fit genes either destroy the injured cells or replace them. In some other cases, the fit genes correct the genetic information and thus those genes start working in the favor of the body.


This is an additional genetically modified technique used for learning genetic information of a person. It analyzes the body?s response to drugs. Thus it?s a combination of genomics and pharmaceuticals.

Genetic Testing

This is a method of wherein heredity is used for finding the genetic diseases in parents, sex and carrier screening. DNA probes are used in this method that have some sequence identical to the mutated sequences.

2. Biotech Application in Agriculture

Biotechnology has a significant role in agriculture by modifying genes, cloning various crops so as to create better quality products and ultimately improving human life.

Some examples of this are vaccines, antibiotics, flowers, biofuels, plant and animal reproduction and more.

3. Biotech Application in Food Processing

Food processing is a process with which easily perishable and non-palatable raw materials are transformed into edible foods and potable beverages and their shelf-life is increased. The technique by which microbes and their derivatives are used to improve their edibility and shelf-life is called fermentation.

4. Biotech Application in Environment

Environmental biotechnology is the one which is used for solving environmental problems. It?s applied and used for studying natural environment.


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