4 Concrete Poems to Make Your Day

4 Concrete Poems to Make Your Day

Concrete poetry, also known as shape poetry, is a poetic form where the poem?s shape visually matches its topic/theme. Blending art and poetry into visual treats.

Take the famous example of ?The Mouse?s Tale? from Lewis Carroll?s Alice?s Adventures in Wonderland. This delightful little tale is about a mouse?s tail and is shaped like one, too. The words twisting and turning along a long, wriggly line that tappers till the very end.

While this form has been around for thousands of years, the name ?concrete poetry? dates to the 1950s, when a group of Brazilian poets called the Noigandres defined it as a style that ?communicates its own structure: structure = content?.(1)

Here are some concrete poems created on Mirakee that are sure to delight you and inspire you to create your own.

1. ?Little Black Dress? by i_faha

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2. ?Guitar? by ericwk

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3. ?Candle? by sheikh_mahiruqh

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4. ?The Trees Keep Me Free? by allisoncercone

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(1) https://www.poetry4kids.com/news/how-to-write-a-concrete-poem/

Read more of these talented poets? work on Mirakee, the Instagram for writers.

Share your concrete poems and thoughts about this poetic form in the comments. We?d love to hear from you.


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