3 Ways to Get a Free Course Hero Account

3 Ways to Get a Free Course Hero Account

Course Hero is a vision of students and educators coming together to educate people on specific courses in a vast library of over 20 million different resources. These resources are completely contributed by community members which make up of Ph.D. recipients, educators, and students alike. No matter what subject you need to study, Course Hero has a guide on that course and all of these guides are extremely detailed. With a Course Hero membership, you get access to the full site but how do you obtain a free premium subscription for Course Hero? We looked into the different options and here?s what we found.

3 Ways to Get A Free Account

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Upload Some Study Documents to Course Hero

If you contribute to Course Hero via uploading documents to the site, you can obtain a free login and free membership that way. Be advised though that you can?t just upload anything and Course Hero can be a little strict on what they constitute as quality. You need to make sure that the documents you?re uploading are completely owned by you and haven?t been copied from another source.

You?ll be rewarded once you?ve reached 10 uploads by getting 5 unlocks. Be aware that free content on Course Hero can take up to 3 days to be rewarded. Quality is a huge standard for Course Hero. If your content is poorly written or incorrectly tagged, you won?t get credit and your account will probably be banned from Course Hero.

Create a Quiz After You Unlock A Document

This is something that has to be done after you unlock a single document, as the requirement?s only one. Once you?ve done that, you can create a quiz and you?ll be rewarded with 3 unlocks on the site once the quality of your quiz is examined and approved. The best thing about this method is that you?ll receive Course Hero premium content for free in just one hour after you upload a qualified quiz. There?s a one-time reward for this method and it?s only available for the first time you upload a quiz, so keep that in mind.

Rating Content for Free Content on Course Hero

If you don?t want to upload any study documents and you don?t have any ideas for a quiz you could create, then you can also earn some free points on Course Hero by simply rating other content. Every tutor will provide an answer to questions and content and if you like that tutor?s answer, you can give it a thumb?s up. If you don?t, you can give it a thumb?s down. After you?ve accumulatively earned five different ratings, you will then earn a Course Hero unlock for free. It takes an hour to receive your unlock after you?ve done 5 ratings, granted that they?re legit ratings and not just spam.

What Does Course Hero Cost for A Premium Membership Account?

We have absolutely nothing negative to say about premium membership at Course Hero. If you want to get access to the full library of questions, tutor answers, and content, then it will cost you just $9.95 a month if you want to go with the one-year membership. We recommend the one-year membership because that?s how you save the most money but if you?d like to get the one-month membership to test the waters of Course Hero out, you will have to pay $39.95 for one month, which doesn?t seem very favorable in our opinion.

Course Hero Premium Membership Better Guarantee

One of the things we love about Course Hero is that they offer a program called the better guarantee. This guarantee says that you will improve your GPA or you?ll get a full refund for your premium membership, guaranteed. Of course, you?ll have to prove that you?ve studied the course material and you?ve fully used their site to the full extent but through customer service, if you?re not satisfied with Course Hero premium membership, you can have your account closed and get your money back.

Is Course Hero Worth the Cost?

From the numerous and countless reviews, we?ve read, so many people who utilize the Course Hero free trial have been satisfied and people who purchase Course Hero premium membership accounts have been satisfied as well, with a positive impact on their GPA. It only costs $10 a month if you buy one year, so the investment isn?t too steep. We?d recommend it.

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Go to Course Hero to get started: https://www.coursehero.com/

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