3 Powerful Ingredients in Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced

3 Powerful Ingredients in Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced

Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced, from New Vitality, is a supplement for men which helps encourage and promote prostrate health. With the help of three powerful ingredients, Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced helps to decrease frequent urges to urinate, allows for better sleep at night due to reduced waking to urinate, as well as, promotes better bladder emptying. So, what are these three powerful ingredients that we speak of?

Three of the most powerful ingredients in the Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced are Lycopene, Beta-sitosterol, and Reishi. These Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced ingredients are taken in supplement form, enter the bloodstream, and aiding in maintaining a healthy prostate and urinary function. Below you will learn how each ingredient benefits the over efficacy of the product.


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Lycopene is known for its benefits to prostate health. This carotenoid can be found naturally in tomatoes, and when Lycopene levels decrease in the body, risks of lower urinary tract issues increase. As one of P3s key ingredients, the supplement helps maintain health Lycopene levels in the body, known to prevent the occurrence of lower urinary tract problems.


This organic sterol is present in many fruits and vegetables. It is known to reduce urination frequency and improve the flow of urine. Thus, maintaining healthy levels of Beta-sitosterol in the body may help stave off common urinary issues.

Reishi Mushroom

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The power of ancient medicine emerges again in the modern world with the Reishi mushroom. Hailing from East Asia, the Reishi mushroom has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for over two thousand years. Reishi mushroom extracts taken in supplement form preserve the prostate?s healthy function and can greatly reduce frequent urination urges.

Other Healthy Ingredients

In addition to the key ingredients of Lycopene, Beta-sitosterol, and the Reishi mushroom, Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced has other ingredients with health benefits. Other nutrients present such as zinc, selenium, and vitamin D are known to be beneficial for men?s health in general, as well as specifically for the prostate. Zinc is known to promote immune function, the synthesis of proteins, and to support the body?s natural healing process. Selenium is integral in thyroid health, and increased levels of Vitamin D increase levels of testosterone in the body.

Where to Find Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced

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The Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced formula is a powerful supplement available exclusively through its manufacturer: New Vitality. Those interested can request a 30-day supply where you can pay shipping and handling and enroll in an auto-ship program to experience the benefits first-hand.

Thanks to the P3s advanced formula and powerful ingredients, positive steps can be taken towards preserving prostate health and function in men. These benefits are not only felt in the long run, but can also improve quality of life in the short term. Frequent urinary urges and trips to the bathroom can not only be embarrassing, but can also be disruptive to daily routines; this is especially true for men trying to stay active. Do yourself, or someone you love, a favor, and visit the New Vitality website today.


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