25 Quick Tips for Living a Better Life (Starting Today)

25 Quick Tips for Living a Better Life (Starting Today)

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After 30 years of living, learning, failing, and succeeding, I?ve realized that some of the best tips for achieving the good life aren?t necessarily intuitive or obvious.

In the same way that going against conventional wisdom allowed me to take my business from the verge of failure to 7-figures in about 2 yeas, going against the advice that is commonly prescribed has allowed me to create the life of my dreams.

The following tips have worked for me and helped me build a life that I truly love and wouldn?t trade for anything.

Test out these 25 tidbits of wisdom for yourself and I promise you will see results.

1. Minimize Your Material Possessions and Focus on Quality Over Quantity

True joy is found in beauty and passion, not in ?things?.

If you want to massively improve the quality of your life overnight, then commit to becoming a minimalist.

Throw out everything in your house or apartment that is cluttering your living space and distracting you from the life you truly want.

Buy only what you need and always buy high quality items instead of cheap bargains.

2. Remember: Garbage In, Garbage Out

People forget the old adage that ?Thoughts become things?. When you are filling your head with negative news, violent and grotesque movies, angry music, and generally pessimistic crap, you will bring more of it into your life.

Set a strict filter for what you will allow into your mind and life and never underestimate the impact that things have on your mindset.

3. Quit Complaining

If you have the ability to read this answer, then you have a lot to be grateful for (even if you don?t believe so).

Quit complaining and shift your focus towards the positive outcome you desire.

It will change your life.

4. Express Gratitude Daily

As Tony Robbins says, ?When gratitude appears, fear dissapears.? If you want to supercharge your life and success, then don?t just eliminate the negativity, replace it with positive self talk and daily gratitude.

5. Set and Keep a Morning Routine

The quality of your mornings determines the quality of your days which determine the quality of your weeks, months, years, and eventually, your life.

Start your mornings with positivity, gratitude, and a focus on your biggest goal or aspiration.

I promise it will change your life.

6. Meditate Daily

In the Western world we are constantly living in the past and the future, but never the present.

Spend time each day reconnecting to the present moment and becoming aware of your thoughts and feelings now.

I?ve put together an ultimate guide to meditation that you can check out for some helpful tips on why/how to get started with a meditation practice.

7. Take Your Sleep Seriously

Sleep deprivation has been shown to lead to obesity, diabetes, cognitive decline, cancer, and all sorts of other nasty maladies.

If you want to live the best life possible, then you must take your rest and recovery seriously.

Sleep at least 7 hours a night in a cold pitch black room.

Have an evening routine, power off all electronics one hour before bed, and quit eating after 7:30.

It will make a huge difference in how you feel and act.

8. Sweat Everyday

Not everyone should become a bodybuilder, marathon runner, or crossfit competitor.

But everyone should sweat daily.

Exercise has been proven to be more beneficial for your quality of life than damn near anything else in the world.

Sweat everyday for at least 20 minutes and thank yourself later.

9. Feed Your Mind Daily

Studies have shown that most CEO?s read about 50 books a year.

Spend at least 30 minutes a day filling your mind with new information and positive messages and it will have a huge impact on your ability to successfully navigate the game of life.

Other people have spent decades learning lessons that you can learn in a matter of minutes.

Don?t waste the opportunity to learn from their actions and mistakes.

10. Be Careful About the Words You Use

People underestimate the impact that their self talk has on their brains and lives.

If you tell yourself that you are stupid, incapable of achieving success, or unlucky, you will bring those things into your reality.

If you tell yourself that you are smart, capable, and powerful beyond measure, your brain will find ways to confirm these beliefs and help you build a more amazing life.

Talk to yourself the same way that you would talk to a treasured friend.

11. Start Your Mornings with a Glass of Lemon Water and a Coffee

Lemon water has been shown to have tremendous physical benefits for clearing internal toxins and creating an alkaline pH in your stomach.

Coffee has been shown to have countless cognitive and physical benefits and very few drawbacks.

Start your mornings with a glass of lemon water and one cup of coffee and I promise you will feel like a million bucks.

12. If a Relationship Isn?t Serving You Eliminate it Now

If you are in a friendship or relationship with a toxic person, cut them out now.


13. Focus on Building an Amazing Life. Not Just Making More Money

Life is about living, not about money.

Money is important but it?s only a small part of the picture.

Figure out what amount you need to be truly happy and then build a business or career that will allow you to have the lifestyle you want and the income you need.

Lifestyle comes first, money comes second.

14. Learn to Say ?No?

People will take advantage of you and walk all over you if you let them.

As a rule of thumb if something isn?t a ?Hell yes?, doesn?t make you a better person, or serve your highest purpose, just say no.

You don?t owe anyone anything so stop letting other people?s desires control your life.

15. Turn Your Car into a University on Wheels

Download podcasts and audiobooks and use your daily commute to learn and grow instead of listening to that stupid Taylor Swift song for the 1000th time.

16. Quit Watching Porn

Porn is incredibly detrimental to your overall quality of life, the health of your brain, and your sexual performance.

Stop satisfying your urges with pixelated fantasies and instead spend that time and energy building an amazing life in the real world.

17. Choose Yourself

The world you live in was created by men and women who were willing to answer the call and pursue dreams and passions of which they felt unworthy.

If there is a calling on your heart then go after it.

If not you? Then who?

18. Question Everything

Any idea worth holding is worth questioning.

Examine your current beliefs about life, god, reality, and success and ask yourself ?Is this really the truth??

You will often find that the majority of the beliefs you hold to be fact are simply your perception of reality.

Question everything until you have an empowering and reality-based set of beliefs.

19. Laugh Daily

I recommend that you spend at least 15 minutes watching, reading, or listening to something that makes you laugh.

Laughter truly is the best medicine and the happiest people I know have the best senses of humor.

Laugh daily and you?ll never regret it.

20. Write a To-Do List the Night Before

If you want to win your mornings, then start from a place of strength, knowing exactly what you want to accomplish that day.

Take 5 minutes everynight to write out a to do list and your productivity will skyrocket.

21. Measure Everything that You Value

As Peter Drucker said, ?What gets measured gets managed?.

If you are not tracking your performance at work, in the gym, with your spouse, or in your personal education then how can you hope to optimize and manage your performance?

If you don?t know how you are doing now, then how can you optimize your life to do better later? You can?t.

If something is important to you, then track it. End of story.

22. Take Very Few Opinions

If you wouldn?t trade lives with someone then why would you take advice from them?

Stop taking advice from broke, unhappy people and instead listen to people who have the results that you want.

23. Find a Coach or Mentor Who Can Help You Accelerate Your Results

Just about everything that you want to do, someone else has already done.

Instead of trying to do things the hard way, learn from someone who has been thereso that you can shorten your learning curve and achieve your best life faster.

24. Remember that Success Takes Time

If you want to achieve anything worthwhile in your body, business, relationships, or life, then you must be patient.

Success happens by compounding small daily actions over time.

25. Remember that You Are Going to Die

We are the only species (we know of) that is cursed with the knowledge of their own mortality.

You are going to die, I am going to die, and so is everyone that we know and love.

Instead of running from this fact, embrace it and use this knowledge to help you overcome your fears and live the life you truly desire.

If we are all going to die anyways, then you might as well live this life as best as you can because, as far as we know, it?s the only one we get.

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