21 Very Short and Addicting Stories You Can Read Online

21 Very Short and Addicting Stories You Can Read Online

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It can be extremely hard to find time to read these days. With our lives cluttered with work, school, life, and new amazing episodes of Game of Thrones and all of these new movies?..who has time to read? I have a stack of books waiting for me in my ?to be read? pile.

Don?t get me wrong. I absolutely love reading. I?m the one that often tries to convince friends to read. I tell them all of the amazing benefits of reading. For example, did you know that reading makes you more empathetic? It can even decrease the likelihood of Alzheimer?s disease. I?ve been an avid reader since I was a little kid and can say that reading made a big impact on my life.

We just live in a world with so many distractions and obligations. And that?s why I like very short stories. Stories that are so short that you can finish them in a single sitting, short enough to finish while you?re waiting in line at the grocery store.

I was always hesitant to try short stories because I like character development and story depth. I?ve found, however, that great short stories can be extremely addictive and fun. There are a number of stories where I?ve fallen in love with the characters (more than I care to admit) despite the short length. I?ve even shed a tear or 2 (or 100).

Here are some of the very best short stories. Many are very addictive. Many are very short. And all of them you can enjoy on your mobile device online. In addition to these recommendations, for really great short stories, I?d also recommend checking out Commaful.

1. The Mountain

I ended up drenched in tears after reading this. Make you sure you have a tissue box handy. This one sucks you in and really hits you in the gut. Such a cute and well-written story that will get your emotions in a bunch. Hold on for the next 5 minutes of great storytelling.

2. The Escaped Man

I read a lot of thrillers so it?s really difficult to catch me off-guard. Somehow this one caught me with a plot twist. I thought I knew what was going on and BAM I was discombobulated and surprised with that masterpiece of an ending. Seriously amazing.

3. I Can?t Believe You?re Mine

A super cute romance story that is simply a lot of fun to read. Reading this will leave you warm and fuzzy inside. Such great imagery and cute storytelling.

4. Don?t Let Me Fall In Love With You

I generally do not like 4th wall stories. Most are gimmicky and fake. Many don?t use the form factor well and the story would be better off being told as a normal story. This story, however, is a very well done example of breaking the 4th wall. If you let your imagination flow while reading this, you?ll feel raw emotions start to form. It?s a quick read and you?ll really feel it!

5. I Didn?t Know What I Was Missing

The fact that this story is a true story (from what it seems) makes it that much more powerful. It?s an empowering story and a story that ends with a heartwarming ending. It makes you want to believe in love.

6. Canon in D With A Side of Tomato Soup

So cute. The first thing I thought of was the opening scene from the movie Up. While not even slightly similar, this old couple is so cute and this story is fantastic.

7. The Seer of Possibilities

Do you like scary stories or creepypastas? If so, then this one is for you! This story is fantastic at getting those goosebumps up and keeping you from sleeping.

8. ?The Pig? by Roald Dahl

A bit of a poem from the legendary Roald Dahl. If you like any of Dahl?s stuff, you?ll love this poem story. This short story is a classic and you won?t want to miss it.

9. Psychosis

Another scary and creepy one with a nice twist. Can?t get enough of those creepypasta stories!

10. Uncle Tommy?s Visit

Such a good twist at the end. This very short scary story has a nice, casual build up, feels like any typical story and accelerates real fast with a nice end.

11. ?The Dead? by James Joyce

This short story wouldn?t be classified as ?very short? per se but it?s still a short story and a great read. This is truly a classic by James Joyce.

12. Bedtime

Really cannot say no to a good monster story. Here is a great creepypasta monster short story that will get your goosebumps popping.

13. Everything Happens For A Reason

Another very short and cutesy story with great imagery around romantic themes. A nice read that will get you smiling no doubt.

14. Staying Home

A beautiful short story featuring 2 lovers. A good romance if you?re looking for one.

15. My Annoying Neighbor

An innocent enough start?.with a bone-chilling ending. Didn?t see that one coming.

16. ?Hills Like White Elephants? by Ernest Hemingway

If you?re reading this, you probably know who Hemingway is. If not, get out there and read some Hemingway. The guy is a legend and this story is a classic. This story has so many layers to peel back and so much rich material to analyze. It can be a bit of a hard read, but it?s well worth the time to understand this piece of art.

17. The Right Moment

This is a bit of a vignette. This story is very short and can get you blushing.

18. ?The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry?

Another old classic that is a very juicy read taking place around the Christmas holidays. Great story that will get you thinking hard about family, love, and more.

19. Everything Happens For A Reason

Another short love story that is fun and lighthearted. This one touches on the idea of fate and places into the cutesy love realm as well.

20. Skyping With My Friend

A creepy horror story that starts with a Skype call. How many can you relate with this creepy story?

21. Slenderman

You?ve probably seen the Slenderman movie. Or seen Slenderman content. This is the Slenderman creepypasta story that you?ll love. It?s very short, very scary, and very?.Slendermany. No that?s probably not a word. But it?s the Slenderman.

Which very short story did you like the most? Which one did you find most addictive? Comment below! Did you cry during any of them as I did? Any make you laugh out loud? I?m a very expressive reader!

For more short stories, you can check out Commaful.


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