19 Things A Real Man Does When He Is In A Real Relationship

19 Things A Real Man Does When He Is In A Real Relationship

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Men are wired differently than women, they have a natural tendency of being the provider in the family and in order to accomplish that they sometimes fall short of being the kind of man all women desire. Who is the ?real? man? It is subjective to the individual?s taste and expereince. Despite that fact, they are few qualities of that go separate the ?real?man from the rest of the crowd.

A real man is one who has been through different experiences in life and does not let those experiences limit or define him. He has lessons from the past only to humble him rather than dwell on insecurities or in fear of those experiences. He looks at life not wanting to define it, judge it or to put it in a box. But he?s a man, who sees through it all and still finds and appreciates the good in life anyway.

It?s hard to tag a man as a ?real man? but some of the qualities mentioned in the list below will surely help you zero in on the man you might want in your life.

A real man respects you.

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This is the first aspect women should look for in a man, for if a man cannot respect a woman, he just does not qualify. Notice how he talks about other women. Notice his opinions and views regarding women in general. You?ll know a lot as to how he?ll treat you in the relationship. He should respect you on every level- your personality, your values, your religious beliefs, your emotional needs, your physical needs, your general outlook regarding life, your flaws and your past.

He honors his promise.

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He stands by his word at all times. He?s not just a careless talker but a keeper of his word. He?ll even go out of his way, if necessary, to prove that he meant every bit of the promise he made.

He knows his mind and has a spine.

He has a good relationship with himself. He knows who he is and stands tall in his being. He makes his decisions and is bold enough to put them to action. He is confident, examines situations, ideas, things himself and has an opinion of them.

A real man appreciates you.

He notices the little things you do in a relationship or life in general and won?t miss a chance to express his appreciation towards you to elevate you and to make you feel important.

He?s not afraid to show his vulnerable side to you.

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Who?s says a real man doesn?t cry? A man who?s uptight and cant express his emotions will not let you in completely. A real man is not afraid to let you in to show you his real emotions. He speaks his heart out effortlessly.

A real man trusts you.

This man will take you on your word. No one can influence him or take away the benefit of doubt he gives you; he knows you well enough to not give into all that bullsh*t.

He?ll love you for your personality.

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It?s not just how hot or cute you look, it?s the overall essence of your being which he adores. He?s not just into you sexually, he loves you for who you are.

A real man will take initiative.

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He will not ask you where you?d like to go for dinner? He?ll know exactly how to make you have a good time. Some men play it safe and avoid taking the lead because they don?t want to be criticized, but not a real man. A real man says, ?I?ll handle it.?

He?ll never give up on you but give you his all.

A real man will never run away from a situation. He?s no coward. He?s a man who?ll put in efforts and fix things no matter how uncomfortable it makes him feel. He made a promise to stay with you for a reason and he?ll do everything possible to make it happen.

He?ll protect you emotionally and physically.

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Not that a woman can?t protect and defend herself, but he is there for you anyway. He?ll support you like you?re his own. He won?t let anyone hurt you. And, if anyone does he?ll give them a piece of his mind or maybe even give them a taste of his fist if need be. Or, on a lighter note, catch that mouse in the house before you have a nervous breakdown. He understands your personality . He knows every layer of your being, your positives, your negatives, your early morning messy look to the flawless red-carpet look of yours. He?s seen you grow as a person, knows all the different traits of yours and understands you like no one else.

He?s not always a ?yes-man?.

He will not ?agree? to all your opinions and views about life. He?ll put his foot down and say ?no? when he thinks differently. He owns his right to being himself. He will listen to all you say, but if he doesn?t agree he?ll say it boldly.

He?ll tell you when he?s upset.

He?ll tell you when he needs time and space or if he?s upset regarding an issue rather than behave indifferently.

He takes responsibility for his decisions and actions.

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He knows it doesn?t make him any less of a man to say it. In fact, saying he?s sorry makes him more of a man because it demonstrates he has the confidence, courage and integrity to admit his faults and seeks to correct them.

He?ll consider your needs over his.

His ultimate deal is to see you happy and comfortable. He won?t mind losing his comfort to keep that going. He?ll take that extra job, if need be, to get you the things you need or surprise you on a holiday you?ve been wanting to go on.

He?s naturally inquisitive about you.

He?ll notice all the little things about you, the books you like, the movies you are inclined to, your new found love of scuba diving; he?s naturally curious to learn more about you.

He helps you out with chores and errands.

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He?s involved in having a life with you. He will want to help you with the housework and run errands for you. He gets the mail, does the dishes and helps you with the laundry.

A real man is faithful and loyal.

He has values in life and will not compromise on them,come what may. That?s what sets him apart from the crowd.

He knows his priorities.

The relationship does not define him. He has other interests like reading, writing, playing football etc. which he gives time to and he is very open about them.

He?s not intimidated by your dreams.

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This man will push you forward to live a life of your dreams than be a road blocker. He?s not the man who?ll envy you of your achievements and the large vision you hold for yourself. He?ll celebrate with you and support you.

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