13 Reasons You Are Failing At Life And Becoming A Bum

13 Reasons You Are Failing At Life And Becoming A Bum

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Marketers are experts at tempting us with items we don?t need and unless we become conscious of their tricks, and learn to say no, we?ll all continue to fail at life together.

5. You listen to anyone with an opinion

A friend of mine once said to me ?Tim, opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one.? My friend is right we all have an opinion on every subject, but that doesn?t mean it?s a valuable one. People will always tell you what they think you should do, but they are not you.

Yes, you should take advice from others, just make sure you make your own decisions and don?t rely on everyone else to tell you what to do.

?There are so many perceived experts in this world that are nothing more than used car salesman with a cheap suit?

6. You are lazy

Getting out of bed is the first sign each morning that you are on top of your game or as lazy as an elephant on Sunday morning. Action is what will help you to succeed at life. If you can?t be stuffed getting up and having a go, then you will never get anywhere.

It?s time to get up off your butt and put the hours in. It?s time to work five times harder than you currently are and to find some new inspiration.

7. You don?t keep a tidy bedroom

No, I?m not your mom trying to tell you how to live your life. Having a tidy bedroom will tell you that you?re in control and it will keep your mind clear. It?s very hard to do your best work when there is stuff everywhere.

Success is about discipline and keeping a tidy bedroom is part of that regime. Pick the clothes up off the floor and stop living like a slob.

8. You continually put other people down

The easiest thing in the world is to criticise people for something they?re doing. Go to any major sporting game, and you?ll see plenty of people screaming at the players and telling them how bad they are at their chosen sport.

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Putting people down is a fantastic way to fail at life. Forget about what everyone else is doing and focus on how you can be better at life. Instead of tearing people down and telling them all the things they?re horrible at, try giving them some inspiration and honoring their work.

The aim of the game is to build people up and find ways to give them constructive feedback that will help them.

9. You can?t stop swearing

Yes, I swear sometimes, and you probably do too. Don?t be a drunken sailor though and make it a habit of using bad language consistently. All you do by swearing too often is show people that you?re not in control and that you don?t have pride in yourself.

Sometimes swearing is needed to drive a point home or demonstrate a certain level of intensity. Most of the time, swearing is not required and serves no purpose.

10. You don?t take pride in the way you dress

How you present yourself is important. If your beard is always overgrown and you smell like you just rolled around in the urinal of a bathroom, no one is going to take you seriously. Take pride in your appearance and don?t be afraid to show your individuality at the same time.

Think about how you come across and know that when you dress well, you feel good too. Putting on a freshly dry-cleaned suit and your best tie makes you feel phenomenal. There doesn?t even need to be any good reason to dress up.

11. You wake up too late

One trait of ultra successful people is that they typically wake up very early. The average time I have measured is 5 am. The earlier you rise, the quicker you can start your day, and the more time you?ll have to get your to-do list done. Sleeping in late is hurting your success.

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12. You never help others

When was the last time you did something for someone else without any good reason? You?ll fail at life if you don?t understand that giving makes the world go round. The more you help others, the more you?ll get what you want.

There doesn?t even need to be a reason to do something nice for someone. Learn to take up positive habits like helping others because of the standard that it forces you to uphold. Raise your standards by committing to kindness.

13. You think you?re already successful

So you?re one of those chumps that already thinks? they?re successful. You might have the fancy car and the briefcase full of money, but that doesn?t make you successful. What?s holding you back is that you think you?ve already achieved everything. You haven?t.

When you reach a level of self-mastery that makes people give you a standing ovation when you walk in the room and fills their eyes with tears, then we can talk about your success. Until then, it?s time to go back to the drawing board and remember that there is always more room to grow.

Put your ego to rest young padawan there?s still plenty more to learn.

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