Goonies Never Say Die — The Wisdom of Mikey Walsh

Goonies Never Say Die — The Wisdom of Mikey Walsh

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I?m a Goonie. I?m always looking for a new adventure in life and at work. I don?t always fit in, however. I don?t follow trends, I follow my gut. I don?t know why I?ve committed my life to investing and entreneurship. But when I see someone with a dream I want to help them pursue it. I want to see great ideas come to life. And I want to make my mark on the world.

But pursuing your passion is a lonely road. At every turn there are naysayers and rejection. No one gets our ideas at first. Why don?t we just get a regular job? Why don?t we just sit and watch TV and hang out? Because we can?t. There is something inside us pushing us forward. How do us Goonies stay with it?

I?m constantly searching for strength on this lonely road. But I?m not alone. And I?m inspired by some of the wisdom of the greatest Goonie ever, Mikey Walsh, played with Oscar worthy passion in the 1985 film by Sean Astin. Here are a few pieces of classic wisdom to fuel us on our journey as a Goonie.

  1. ?This is OUR time? ? This is certainly IS our time. My grandmother lived to be 104. She was fond of saying ?Go while you can.? Now is the time to pursue your dreams. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Go while you can.
  2. ?It all starts here? ? Every adventure has to start somewhere. And this is where ours begins. Where are we going today? What are we going to create? What are we going to make happen? I?m not sure, but it all starts here.
  3. Don?t say that! Never say that. Goonies never say die ? You can never quit while pursuing your dream. Never say die.
  4. Down here it?s our time, it?s our time DOWN HERE, that?s all over the second we ride up Troy?s bucket ? A repeat of Mikey?s first quote warrants greater emphasis because we are always stricken with crises of confidence. We only have a few years to make our dreams happen. This truly is OUR time. The minute we quit – by riding up Troy?s metaphorical bucket – it?s all over.
  5. Andy, I believe in you, Goonies always make mistakes DON?T MAKE ANY MORE ? I?m an investor in people I believe in. We always make mistakes. I?ve seen projects that took years to develop, break shortly after release. Failure and mistakes are part of life. The goal is to keep moving forward in the face of mistakes and failure.
  6. Andy this whole ships?s a treasure ? Our life is a treasure. Our family, our friends, the wherewithall to pursue your passion. These are all things to be grateful for. Appreciate where you are. There is no destination in life. That big meeting you have scheduled will most likely just lead to another, and another and another. Treasure the journey.
  7. I did it, I beat you, I got here in one piece ? Whatever odds we face should not discourage us. We are constantly in a battle against the odds, the naysayers, and our own doubts and fears. How great would it feel to show those forces that we did it, that we beat them, that we got here in one piece?

The real Mikey Walsh most likely grew up to start a world-beating tech company because Mikey showed the guts, the passion, the resilience, the drive, and tenacity you need to be successful business and in any endeavor in life. There are lots of dark days and lonely nights in the life of a Goonie. But Goonies never say die.


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