10 Sites You Can Use To Advertise Besides Craigslist

10 Sites You Can Use To Advertise Besides Craigslist

In the United States, Craigslist.com is the leader in offering space for free advertising and classified ads. People come to this site to buy, sell, and trade tangible goods as well as offer services. It is also a leading site for local job offerings as well as having a vibrant personals and discussion community on nearly every subject and if you can?t find a subject area then you can create one yourself.

As you can imagine, the site is many things for many reasons. I have used it for nearly everything mentioned above but even as great as the site is, there is still some limitations that are being filled by other sites. Below you will find a list of 10 sites like Craigslist for free advertising.

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1. Backpage

This is the number 2 site for free classified ads in the United States. It offers many of the same features as Craigslist and services over 700 cities. But it services many locations throughout Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, The Middle East, Latin America, and even Africa.

In order to post an ad you will have to register but there is no cost. Before you post an ad, make sure you read the terms of service as well as the safety guidelines. There are over 120 employees that moderate the site for illegal activities and they will report those activities to law enforcement.

2. Oodle Marketplace

This is a very popular classified marketplace. Oodle combines social media with their classified service and encourages users to connect their Facebook accounts with the belief that the added transparency would foster greater trust.

Oodle is also an aggregator that takes listings from eBay, ForRent.com, local newspaper listings, and other websites. Once you register, you can set your viewing radius by entering your state, city, or zip code, and then you will see the listings closest to your location.

3. Adland Pro

Here we have a site that offers both free and paid classified advertising as well as providing a vibrant Networking community. You are allowed up to 3 free ads per day with a maximum of 20 active ads. Once you reach the maximum, your older ads will be removed. Alternatively, you can join their affiliate program for free. Doing so will remove the limitations, earn you free advertising credits as well as commissions and allow you access to their premium products.

The networking is with other entrepreneurs where you can learn and trade tips on marketing and advertising products. It is also a free leads generation system where you can make your own community web page.

4. Ebay Classifieds

eBay is one of the most trusted brands online. Apart from their auction market, they offer members the opportunity to offer items through their classified sections where there are no fees. Members post offerings and they are shown only to other local members to make it easy for pickup.

The service is offered nearly everywhere eBay has a presence. In the US, their classifieds network is simply eBay Classifieds but in other parts of the world they have partnered with other classified networks such as Kijiji, Gumtree, and alaMaula. By clicking on the link provided here, you will be taken to the US network but at the bottom of that page you will find a link to all eBay Classifieds Networks.

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5. Adoos

Available in 60+ countries and 20+ languages, and receiving more than 40 million unique visitors each month, Adoos is one of the fastest growing online classified ads communities. Advertising here will reach local as well as a global audience but of course most users use it to interact with their local community.

People are using Adoos to buy and sell goods and real property, to find jobs or apartments, to advertise their businesses and services, and to connect with other people through their personal ads.

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6. Hoobly Classifieds

This site has a very basic interface. Once you register by creating a username and providing an email address, they will then send you a temporary password which you will change the first time you log in. Hoobly offers many of the same features as other classified ad services and provides a platform for buying and selling goods and advertising businesses and services.

The site is relatively small and mostly services the United States, Canada, and India but it is set up to service 36 other countries throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia.

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7. Classifieds Giant

As far as I can tell, this site only services the United States. They offer unlimited free advertising to members to help advertise their business and services and to sell merchandise. But beyond that, they have an affiliate program similar to AdlandPro mentioned above. Affiliates will earn $1 for every person they refer, 50% of the items your referrals purchase, and they will pay you $5 for just signing up.

The link above IS NOT an affiliate link but this could be a pretty good way to earn some extra money without doing much more that referring people to the site.

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8. Locanto

This site is a worldwide classifieds website but can be localized depending on how you want to use it. While most of the ads you post here are free, you do have the option to add premium features such as pinning your ad to the top of the page for your chosen category, extending the add to be featured in nearby cities or related categories, or by adding a gallery feature which displays your add on every page.

Locanto has some other unique features such as a blog that accepts guest bloggers, a community that reports scams online, and partner sites like askalo.com which is a localized questions and answers community, and Yalwa.com which a free localized business directory.

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9. US Free Ads

Offering free classified ads since 1999, Us free ads is a very popular site to advertise merchandise for sale or wanted, businesses, and services. You can use this site as a buyer or as a seller or as an affiliate because they too have an affiliate program. As a seller you can create an account and set up multiple sales ads and place links to your website or even a ?buy now? button directly in the advertisement. As a buyer you can contact the seller through an internal messaging system to get more info or negotiate a price or make a purchase directly from the add. As an affiliate, you can earn money from referring people that then sign up for a gold or premium membership and considering they receive over 10,000 new signups per month, the money could add up quickly.

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10. Classifiedads.com

Offering free ads to mostly US locations but also servicing Canada, Australia, the UK, Mexico, India, and the Caribbean. Classifiedads.com is among the fastest growing companies in the US. They make buying and selling easy enough with an internal messaging system. If you find an ad you like, you just send the seller a message or call the seller if they provided a phone number. You can connect directly to their blog for tutorials on a variety of ?how to? subjects from posting or editing an ad, to creating or deleting an account.


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