(10) Rewards Apps WITHOUT Annoying Surveys and Games! Earn a Combined 5% (AT LEAST) Back on Everything!

(10) Rewards Apps WITHOUT Annoying Surveys and Games! Earn a Combined 5% (AT LEAST) Back on Everything!

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After reading through several other blogs about ?Cash Back Apps? and how to earn ?Free? money, I realized most of the Apps mentioned require you to either play games, take surveys, or scan promotions BEFORE you shop. That?s not only inconvenient, it?s downright annoying. I don?t want to sift through promotional products, take surveys, or play games. I just want to collect SOMETHING for what I?m already doing (ie. shopping, walking, streaming television).

With that said, I?ve compiled a list of ten Apps (I?m Actually Using) that do exactly what I want ? Give me HASSLE FREE rewards! In one case, just walking around puts money in my App (counts steps). Can?t beat that!

The more Apps you have (even though some are nearly identical), the more you earn. Download all of these Apps and combined you?ll get AT LEAST 5% back from your regular spending in the form of cash, Crypto, or gift cards. I say 5% is the minimum because some Apps offer up to 10% alone.

Sound good huh!? Read On!

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1. Drop: The free app that?s giving out millions in cash rewards for the spending you do everyday.

For some, the best rewards are the ones that don?t take a lot of effort to earn. The Drop app is about as hands-off as you can get, without investing a lot of time or energy! It?s an easy way to double-dip rewards from the best travel credit cards when you link them to your Drop account.

The Drop app tracks your debit and credit card purchases and automatically adds Drop points to your account when you spend at certain merchants you?ve picked from their list. When you reach a certain threshold, you can redeem Drop points for gift cards to popular retailers, like Amazon, Target, Whole Foods, JC Penney, Starbucks and many more!

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2. Dosh: The Dosh App offers cash back whenever you shop (just like Drop). It?s smartphone App gives users cash back whenever they shop with their credit card/s at participating stores. Users will receive cash back whenever they shop online, in-store, and when they travel.

The Dosh App lets it?s users earn money through cash back every time they make use of their credit cards for booking hotels, purchasing flight tickets, buying items, and more. It also gives it?s users the option to transfer the cash to their PayPal account or bank account.

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3. Shopkick: Unlike Drop or Dosh, Shopkick?s App rewards you for shopping in-store and online but rewards users with points (kicks), that users can redeem for a wide selection of free gift cards! Not as cool as cash but awesome nevertheless.

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4. Ebates: An online platform and App that you use to get cash back while you shop! It even applies coupons automatically at checkout so you?ll always get the best deals.

Just go to Ebates.com, search for the store you want to shop at, click the ?shop now? button. Then you shop at the online store (as you normally would). Once you?ve made a purchase, a percentage of the spend shows up in your Ebates account. If Ebates merchant partners offer a range of discounts but say Target offers 10% cash back and you buy something for $500, you?ll get $50 in cash deposited into your Ebates account. How neat is that? That?s pretty neat!

Ebates is a must have for anybody. If you shop online (who doesn?t), then you NEED this App. You?ll earn the most cash back out of all these Apps with Ebates.

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5. Receiptpal: An App that rewards you for uploading store receipts to their App. Simply snap a photo of a receipt with the App or email receipts to ReceiptPal. You?ll earn points that can be used towards gift cards. Weekly sweepstakes also give you a chance to win cash bonuses.

The ReceiptPal team collects your receipt data anonymously and develops market research to help stores and brands create better promotions and products. No information is shared with a third-party, so you can be assured that your information is safe.

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6. Receipt Hog: Very similar to Receiptpal (you can take surveys and such through Receipt Hog to earn even more if you want), Receipt Hog is a free mobile app that turns your everyday shopping receipts into easy cash rewards! The more receipts you snap, the more rewards you?ll earn!

For every qualifying receipt you snap a picture of (with the App) and submit, you?ll earn coins or spins depending on the retailer on your receipts, and a sweepstakes entry for our monthly drawing. Our monthly sweepstakes drawing could earn you up to 5,000 coins!

Coins equal cash and Spins equal fun! Each time you spin the Hog Slots, you have a chance at even more coins and 1 lucky winner each day will win the value of their last shopping trip in coins. Once you?ve collected enough coins, you can redeem them for a PayPal credit, an Amazon e-gift card, or a magazine subscription!

Frequently active participants become eligible for bonus opportunities including short surveys, barcode scans, and even more spins at the Hog Slots, all of which earn you even more coins, so it pays to stick with Receipt Hog!

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7. Viggle: The mobile App Viggle allows its users to ?Check in? and ?Viggle? which basically involves earning points while watching television, listening to music or while streaming. I?m actually earning points as I type this while watching Blockers on Hulu!!! Gnarly!

Once you check in, the App will listen to the audio of any program you are watching for a few seconds (just like Shazam), and initiate the functions that enable you earn points as you watch that show or listen to that album. You will as a result earn Viggle Points, plus bonuses where applicable.

Viggle pays you through gift cards, merchandise and cash. Once you convert your Viggle Points to Perk Points, you can proceed to redeem them. If you prefer cash, you can do so in two ways.

1. Order the Perkplastic Debit Card and redeem your Perk Points through it.

2. Choose PayPal Cash and have your points converted to cash, then sent to your PayPal account.

Viggle allows you to earn up to 60,000 Viggle Points per month. One minute of ?Viggling?equals one Viggle Point. The number of Points depends on the show or music in play. The App has features that you must interact with (annoying but worth it, just a quick glance every now and again) in order to earn, including ads and prompts during commercial breaks. That is how they ensure you do not just leave your phone close to the TV set and go about your own business.

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8. Sweatcoin: The coolest App on my list! Sweatcoin is a digital currency that you earn by walking or running. You earn Sweatcoins through the App. It tracks your steps by GPS throughout the day and rewards you with about 1 SWC (1 Sweatcoin) per 1,000 steps you make.

The coins can then be redeemed (in-App only) for gifts ranging from magazines, healthy energy drinks, music downloads, digital watches, running shoes, electronics, and more.

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#9 & 10 are both Cryptocurrency projects. If that?s not your thing, check out my other blogs. Maybe I?ll change your mind.

9. XWallet: A digital asset wallet application developed by Pundi X Labs.It offers powerful features to manage your digital assets, including adding XPASS card accounts, managing multi-chain assets, such as BTC, ETH, NPXS, BNB, and more as well as making digital asset payments via QR code.

Even if you aren?t invested in Crypto or don?t understand it, don?t wan?t it, whatever?., you?d be well served by downloading the App just to earn the daily sign-in bonus token (NPXS). The daily bonus has been about 35 NPXS on average. I?ve received 1300 NPXS from the daily bonus thus far. The value of those tokens can be tracked on Binance or many other Crypto exchanges.

On Top of That? you?ll receive 11% of your holdings for the months of March, April, and May. After that, no more ?airdrops? so get them while you can. The 11% airdrops are compounded so you?d be earning a decent amount of Crypto for doing jack! Literally, all you do is open the App once a day and click a ?claim?. Boom! NPXS deposited your wallet.

Because Pundi X?s (XWallet) is a Cryptocurrency payment eco-system, you can earn more NPXS by promoting Pundi in other ways.

Invite a merchant: during merchant verification, if the merchant successfully completes at least one transaction worth more than 0.2 USDT with his XWallet collection code, both parties can get the bonus.

Become a merchant: submit application to be a merchant, you will get $2 worth of BTC if you complete at least one transaction worth more than 0.2 USDT during merchant verification.

You can check your tasks bonus in ?bonus history?. Bonus Withdrawals in BTC, ETH, NPXS and other cryptocurrencies can be withdrawn only if the bonus amount reaches the designated withdrawal limit.

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10. Hooch: Hooch works just like Drop, Dosh, and Shopkick regarding how you earn rewards but with Hooch, you?re rewarded with the Cryptocurrency Tap Coin (TAP). Hooch is currently in Beta Phase so it?s not 100% yet. However, those that download the App now, can still earn TAP Coins from any purchases made just like the other Apps. More features will be added when Mainnet is launched. I wrote an entire blog on Hooch that explains it all in greater detail HERE.

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I hope you find these Apps as useful as I have. Every little bit counts. The more ?free coin? the better!

Notice that all of these Apps reward their users with ?digital currencies?(transferring value electronically), but only a couple are Cryptocurrencies. Because Crypto ?coins? and/or ?tokens? are known to be volatile, there is a chance of token appreciation if the start-ups become widely used (I expect in a few years).

In the meantime, get some free Crypto, cash, and gift cards!

Go Bulls!

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