10 fat, former pro wrestlers (not named Andre) that were pretty good

10 fat, former pro wrestlers (not named Andre) that were pretty good

With current WWE superstars, such as Kevin Owens, Bray Wyatt, and Samoa Joe having a physique, unlike most modern pro-wrestlers, I started thinking of others that made an impact on the business.

Though fat wrestlers are pretty rare these days, they use to be very common. In fact, it was harder than I thought narrowing it down to these 10.

So, to help narrow it down, I decided to start from 1990 and only select guys that are either no longer with us, retired and not named Andre.

10. Earthquake

Image for postEarthquake


9. Typhoon, AKA Tugboat

Image for postTyphoon


8. King Kong Bundy

Image for postKing King Bundy


7. The One Man Gang, AKA Akeem

Image for postThe One Man Gang


6. Kamala

Image for post


5. Bam Bam Bigelow

Image for postBam Bam Bigelow


4. The Big Boss Man

Image for postThe Big Boss Man


3. Yokozuna

Image for postYokozuna


2. Big Van Vader

Image for postBig Van Vader


1. Dusty Rhodes

Image for postDusty Rhodes


Honorable mentions:

Terry ?Bam Bam Gordy, Abdula The Butcher, Stan Hansen, Meng (Haku), Big Daddy V, Umaga, Rikishi, Roadkill (The Amish Assassin), Junk Yard Dog, Mick Foley, Harley Race, Adrian Adonis, Big John Stud, The Blue Meanie, Balls Mahoney?. I could keep going. See they use to be much more common!


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