1. “Taunting Black People”

1. “Taunting Black People”

The media reported that a Vietnam Veteran and Native American elder, Nathan Phillips, heroically stood between an angry mob of white students and a group of black men. But the un-fact-checked story caused so much confusion and anger that I myself was blocked on Facebook for simply requesting facts.

So I decided to make this video to hopefully open some people?s eyes.

I?m Matt Orfalea, and here are five lies the media spread about Nathan Phillips and the Covington Catholic High School students.

Not only did the students not taunt the African American group known as the Black Hebrew Israelites, it was the Black Hebrew Israelites who hatefully taunted the students, and everyone else.

You will burn in a lake of fire with everybody in America!

They preached hatefully at the native americas.

You still worshipping totem poles! A damn Buffalo can?t save you!

They spewed hate at catholics.

Like this child-molesting faggot priest right here!

They were blatantly sexist.

Where?s your husband? Let me speak to him. This is the problem Israel: our women always with their loud mouths cause they?re not used to dealing with no real men.

They were also Blatantly homophobic.

Your dollar bill says ?in God we trust? but you give faggots rights!

When people at the Indigenous Peoples March started taking issue with their hateful speech, in textbook demagogic fashion, they deflected that outrage by appealing to everyone?s prejudices against people wearing Trump hats.

You got these pompous bastards over there with ?Make America Great? hats!

Why you not angry at them?

You got all these dirty ass crackers with a red ?Make America Great? hat again on, and your coon as you want to fight your brother!

Why don?t you uncover that hat? See how you got these pompous bastards coming down here with there dirty ass hat on. Little dusty ass animals.

The lord said he had a perpetual hatred! Who?s he speaking about!? You so called white people!

After an hour of taunting, the students joined together and responded not with hate but with high school sports chants.

Get rid of that damn lice on your back!

You seem like a bunch of dogs!

Look at this fool yo!

Tell that cracker to put on a bra!

Are you serious?!

Even though the students had only responded with high school chants, and everyone was laughing?

Even he?s laughing!

Nathan Phillips decided to intervene, and insists the students were being hateful to the African Americans.

2. ?Harassing Native Americans?

Teens in ?Make America Great Again? hats harassing a Native American elder.

A disturbing viral video shows a group of teens harassing Nathan Phillips.

They original started by taunting a group of African Americans, they moved over to Nathan Phillips.

This young feller put himself in front of me and wouldn?t move.

He and others were harassed and taunted by students from Covington Catholic High School.

A young man got right in his face.

When one looks at the full video it?s revealed the actual story was the exact opposite. Nathan Phillips walked directly into the students and up to Mr. Sandmann.

All over mainstream and social media people interpreted Sandmann?s smile as disrespectful.

He?s got this smug look on his face.

Boy, you get your narrow ass out of the way of that old man and show some respect. That?s what my parents would say to me.

Everyone that sees that smug look wants to punch that kid.

Despite all the opinionated interpretations of Sandmann?s face, it?s worth noting that much of the time he?s not smiriking, but just standing there, as the Native American man beats a loud drum right beside his head and yells in his face.

Still the media mob refused to believe the student was anything but an asshole.

That fucking kid. What a little prick.

He was like ?I was trying to diffuse the situation?.

You weren?t trying to diffuse shit.

Even though Sandmann can be seen trying to calm down his classmate who was being yelled out for being white.

You white people go back to Europe where you came from! This is not your land! You been here 2 or 3 generations compared to us. We?ve been here [a] million fucking years! So get the fuck out of my face with that shit.

That?s not true.

What do you mean that?s not true?!

Will. Will?

You?re being white! You?re being white! You?re being a white man about it! Cause that?s all you know how to do!

Phillips said students chanted ?Build that wall?

I heard them saying ?build that wall, build that wall??

The media cited that as evidence of harassment. But even with all the cameras recording the incident, no such chant can be found, and the media finally acknowledged that in follow up stories.

So far there is no video evidence has emerged supporting his claims.

The students were accused of mocking Phillips because they were dancing and chanting. But they were doing that even before Nathan Philips arrived.

Some were offended by students? tomahawk chops, but that?s its own controversy, and is nothing compared to the extremely serious unfounded character attacks the media and Phillips made against the students.

3. ?Dangerous Angry Racists?

Phillips says he immediately sensed danger.

There was a group of over 200 young angry white men.

When I went in front of that mob and what appeared to be their prey, all that hate and all that anger transferred to me.

When I was there and I was standing there and I seen that group of front of me and when I seen the angry faces, and all of that, I realized I had put myself in a very dangerous situation.

Just before I started that song, my prayer was ?God help me. Witness what?s going on here God, protect us.? I was absolutely afraid.

All that anger and wanting to have the freedom to rip me apart. That was scary.

They were angry, they were?they?they?got to a point where?it was scary

In the hours of footage the teenage students are seen confused, laughing, smiling, and dancing. But definitely not angry. Nevertheless, in addition to painting the teenagers as a dangerous angry mob, Phillips & the media called them racists.

I know you?ve seen a lot of racism but were you surprised to see it coming from such a young generation?


The creator put me there to stand between black and white racism.

Jesus Christ is not a white man! He?s a man of color!

Maybe he is a man of color. We don?t care

The white people were shouting racist things

This ain?t Jesus the Christ!

Jesus Christ could be purple! We don?t care!

No he?s not purple!

The students display a blatant hate, disrespect, and intolerance.

I don?t shake you hand! I don?t shake your hand!

I wish I could say to these students, ?There?s no place for this in our society!?

They were exhibiting nothing but contempt and scorn.

This behavior is opposed to the church?s teaching on the dignity and respect of the human person.

Yo when you went to shake my hand if I had a bounty in my hand I would throw it at you!

The images were the same of images that I seen of white people surrounding a black youth trying to eat at a counter

The same faces on those faces that were on the crowds of the youth in DC were the same faces of the youth that were surrounding young black woman trying to get an education, and the scorns that were on the pictures there.

After comparing these rowdy dancing teenagers to actual racists, Phillips went on to compare the kids to murderers.

When you see pictures of lynchings the same faces on the folks that were doing the lynchings, that?s what these young people?s faces looked like.

When I put myself in front of that crowd and sang that song it was with that thought that somebody could have stood in front of that crowd that murdered Raymond Thunder. If somebody could have been in front of Lt. Calley at some time in his life and say ?you?re going down the wrong path?.

4. ?Vietnam Veteran?

I don?t talk much about my Vietnam times.

The Marine Corpse says Phillips was in the service for 4 years but never served in Vietnam. But several times on camera and in print, Phillips misrepresented his service?

I?m a Vietnam Vet.

?and even uploaded photos of Vietnam Veteran medallions on his Facebook Page.

Myself, I?m a Vietnam Veteran.

?Vietnam Vet?

?Vietnam Veteran, you know?

The media propagated the lie that he was a Vietnam Vet, without ever asking for verification, giving his face-off story with the MAGA kids an aura of credibility that it never deserved.

A vietnam veteran?

Vietnam War veteran?

?vietnam vet?

?vietnam war veteran?

? a veteran of the Vietnam War, thank you.

5. ?Running from the Police?

The students were waiting for their buses for over an hour.

Are the buses here yet? Where are the buses?!

When the buses finally arrived the buses were eager to go home.

Let?s go home! Let?s go home! Let?s go home!

What broke this up is someone calling to the students saying their bus was there, that?s what called them away?

Well apparently. But at the same time. When they all exited there in mass, running away, moments after they ran away, a squad of uniformed officers showed up. So in my mind, while yes, you can say there were running to the bus, but if you look at it from another angle, they?re running from the police.

To suggest the students, who did nothing illegal, were running from the police is disturbingly delusional. And when the police did show up, the Black Hebrews confirmed they were never threatened by the students.

We wasn?t threatened by them. It was an OK dialogue. Sometimes stuff get like that so?

I am not a fan of Donald Trump. But I think this story is an important reminder to not rush to judgement and to be mindful that the media, activists, and even people in our own social networks, can be just as big race-baiting, demagogic, lying assholes as the current president.

I?m Matt Orfalea. Thanks for watching.

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