‘Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links’ Deck Profile: Mythical Beast Cerberus Farming Guide

‘Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links’ Deck Profile: Mythical Beast Cerberus Farming Guide

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The momentum of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links as a mobile app game does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. With so many cards one has to collect for deck building, the search for efficient ways to ?farm? more cards becomes necessary.

At the moment, there is a clear, ?1 method to farm within the game?s system. This method entails using one particular monster called Mythical Beast Cerberus.

Mythical Beast Cerberus

Get this card as soon as you can if you see it in the game?s Card Trader.

The Deck Setup

First and foremost, you want to level up Yami Yugi until he gets his Sorcery Conduit skill (he gets it at 20). This ability lets you draw a random Spellcaster monster into your hand the moment your Life Points drop by at least 1,800. With how you set up a standard Mythical Beast Cerberus deck, this skill comes in mighty handy. You will see why.

Yami Yugi

As for the deck itself, here is an example of how I put mine together.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Basically, the deck?s recipe comprises of:

  • The aforementioned Mythical Beast Cerberus as your only monster.
  • A BUNCH of Spell cards you can play. Also, I recommend one Field Spell to maximize your Spell/Trap zone.
  • One Trap card to play for the points.
  • Also, if you have them, use foil/prismatic cards. The name of the game here is to net as many points as possible, and simply playing a foil/prismatic card gets you bonus points.

Also, please keep in mind there are many ways to build this deck. Nonetheless, this build still works.

Racking Up a High Score

The main point of this deck is to play Mythical Beast Cerberus, power up its ATK stat as high as possible and then hit your computer opponent for a ton of damage. Done correctly, you will earn an absurd amount of points at the reward screen. You see, for every 1,000 points you earn, you get a reward.

So when you can rack up a high score, your chances of acquiring something worthwhile (i.e. super rare cards) improves.

High Score

Opening Hand

If you are unlucky not to have Mythical Beast Cerberus in your opening hand, do not fret! In fact, this is where Yami Yugi?s Sorcery Conduit skill comes into play.

First off, save your cards. Pass if you are going first and then LET your opponent hit you.

Yami Yugi

Hopefully, your opponent deals just enough damage to you that it triggers Sorcery Conduit to trigger if you have not lost yet. Yami Yugi?s skill will automatically make Mythical Beast Cerberus your next card draw.

Sorcery Conduit

If you happen to have the Mythical Beast Cerberus starting out, play it immediately. From that point onward, just keep using your Spells left and right, further augmenting the ATK stat of Mythical Beast Cerberus.

Blue Medicine

Your opponent?s Spells count as well, so expect to see the ATK to surpass more than 10,000 easily. But don?t attack just yet! Against most computer opponents, expect them to cower in fear of your Mythical Beast Cerberus by playing defense.

Not to mention, there are still some other preparations necessary to ensure that big score in the end.

The Decisive Blow

Pay attention to the remaining cards in your deck. Wait until you are out of cards on your turn. This moment is the best time to attack finally.

Decked Out

And before I attack, I like to use something like Stop Defense or Meteorain to make sure my attack is going to hit for as much damage as possible. Of course, the best card to use as a finisher is Shooting Star Bow ? Ceal, so use this instead if you have it.

Shooting Star Bow - Ceal

So when you are ready, unless your fury with the decisive blow!

The Big Attack

Farming against the Legendary Duelists

The main point of this deck, of course, is to use it against the game?s Legendary Duelists. They have the best rewards in the game in the form of rare cards, especially their Lv. 40 versions. However, be wary of which Legendary Duelist you face. Some of them have ways of stopping this deck from working.

For example, Seto Kaiba is a good case.

Seto Kaiba

His Lv. 40 deck has cards like D.D. Warrior and Enemy Controller.

D.D. WarriorEnemy Controller

Cards like these ones can and will stop your Mythical Beast Cerberus from attacking. If you lose your Mythical Beast Cerberus at any point, count the game as a loss and try again next time.

I do not necessarily find this deck fun to play, but it is the best way to farm for cards. Good luck with building your own Mythical Beast Cerberus deck to collect the rarest cards in the game. Form your ultimate deck!

See you all in Duel World!

Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links card images belong to Konami.

Originally published at EloTalk.


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