YourPhone.exe Windows 10

YourPhone.exe Windows 10

What is yourphone.exe in windows 10

yourphone.exe windows 10

YourPhone.exe is a process for the app on your phone. The publisher of your phone is Microsoft itself. This process always keeps running in the background of windows pc. This app has a lot of features and it was added by Microsoft in the latest updates of Windows 10.

Is yourphone.exe is a virus

Many people who don?t know about the app might think it is a virus because they haven?t installed the yourphone.exe app by themselves. I have already told you that the yourphone.exe app publisher is microsoft itself, so there is nothing to worry about the app. This app is completely secure. But if you don?t want to use the app you can do these things.

  1. Disable the yourphone.exe running task from task manager
  2. Stop the background process of yourphone.exe
  3. Uninstall yourphone.exe app

How to disable YourPhone.exe background process

To disable your phone app in windows 10 follow these steps:

  1. Open Setting by clicking on the start button.
  2. In the settings click on the privacy tab. Now a new screen will open.
  3. On that screen find Background Apps by scrolling down.
  4. When you click on Background Apps you will be able to see which apps are allowed to run in the background.
  5. Now find Your Phone App and turn it off.

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