WYD Meaning: What Does WYD Mean? Useful Text Conversations

What does WYD mean? This article provides the definition and usage of this internet slang term with ESL infographic and interesting conversation examples in English.

WYD Meaning

What Does WYD Mean?

The text acronym ?WYD? means ?what are you doing?.

This is a way to ask someone what they?re currently doing, such as are they at work or getting ready to eat dinner. It can also be used as a general greeting, such as hey, or what?s up or how?s it going. In this instance, you?re not expecting the other person to provide details about what they are up.

W ?What are

Y ? You

D ? Doing

In addition to learning about a person?s current or future activities, ?WYD? can also be used as a sign of exasperation . When someone does something so questionable, you just have to point it out to them and rhetorically ask, ?WYD?. Thanks to social media, ?WYD? has also become a meme depicting a dramatic situation, such as a giant man hitting on your wife, and asking ?WYD?.

This phrase is used by just about everyone that texts so it has become one of the most used acronyms in the texting community. This would be considered casual, so you wouldn?t likely use it in a business email or as a response to your boss. However, you might use it for a colleague, as those conversations can be pretty informal, and even if it?s business-related, your tone of voice is still going to be more about time-saving than being formal.

Similar internet slang terms

In addition to ?WYD?, you might also see ?Wubu2?, or what have you been up to. In this instance, you?re asking what the other person has been doing before your conversation. This is a good way to find out how a person?s day is going. And if anything new has occurred since your last conversation.

?WUBU2? stands for ?What You Been Up To?:

W ? What

U ? You

B ? Been

U ? Up

2 ? To

You could also use ?Wuu2? which is almost the same thing as saying, ?WYD?, since it stands for what are you up to. In this instance, just as with ?WYD?, you?re asking the other person what they?re currently doing or are planning to do.

?WUUT? stands for ?What You Up To?:

W ? What

U ? You

U ? Up

T ? To

There is also ?WUD?, which is most often used by men during late-night messages to females in an attempt to hook up. However, it can be seen used by younger texters who don?t mind using ?U? in place of ?Y? for ?you?.

?WUD? stands for ?What U Doing?:

W ? What

U ? U

D ? Doing

Conversation Examples

Here are a few examples of how you might see this acronym used:

Speaker 1 : Hey Steve wyd

Speaker 2 : Nm. Just got off work. HBU?

Speaker 1 : Same. Want to grab a drink?

Speaker 2 : Sure. Give me an hour to get ready.

Speaker 1 : HMU when you ready.

In this conversation, you notice a lot of text talk. Don?t be alarmed. Everything will be explained. As you can see, Speaker 1 is asking Speaker 2 what he is doing. This implies he?s asking for specifics about Steve?s current activities. Speaker 2 responds with ?NM? which means ?nothing much? then asks ?HBU?, which means ?How about you?? This means Speaker 2 is also asking Speaker 1 what they are doing.

Speaker 1 explains he?s doing the same thing as Speaker 2 then asks Speaker 2 to hang out. In the final line, Speaker 1 says ?HMU? which means ?hit me up?. This is Speaker 1?s way of saying let me know when you?re ready so we can make further plans.

?NMHBY? stands for ?Not Much How About You.?:

N ? Not

M ? Much

H ? How

B ? About

Y ? You

?HMU? stands for ?Hit Me Up.?:

H ? Hit

M ? Me

U ? Up

Example 2:

Speaker 1 : Hey Chicka wyd

Speaker 2 : Hey. WUBU2

Speaker 1 : Babysitting. Plans 2nite?

Speaker 2 : Nada. You?

Speaker 1 : Dinner then dancing?

Speaker 2 : Pick you up at 9.

Speaker 1 : SYS

Now, in this example, you see Speaker 1 use wyd as a way to say hi or hey. Instead of answering the question of what you?re doing, Speaker two automatically went to WUBU2, which is her way of asking what Speaker 1 has been up to, or is doing. 2nite should be easy enough for you to understand, meaning tonight. Nada means nothing, which we all were saying long before cell phones existed. ?SYS? means ?See you soon?.

?SYS? stands for ?See Ya Soon.?:

S ? See

Y ? Ya

S ? Soon

Example 3:

Speaker 1 : Yo wyd

Speaker 2 : NM. WUUT?

Speaker 1 : Getting ready for the game @ 8 you coming?

Speaker 2 : idk gotta see what my GF wants to do

Speaker 1 : ok. Lol let me know

Speaker 2 : IW

In this conversation, ?WYD? was again used as a hello. ?NM? means not much. ?WUUT? means what are you up to. Speaker 2 says I don?t know, I have to check with my girlfriend. Speaker 1 responds with ?Lol?, meaning ?laugh out loud.? Speaker 2 ends the conversation with ?IW? meaning ?I


?IDKGF? stands for ?I Don?t Know Girl Friend.?:

I ? I

D ? Don?t

K ? Know

G ? girl

F- friend

?LOL? stands for ?Laugh Out Loud.?:

L ? Laugh

O ? Out

L ? Loud

?IW? stands for ?I Will.?:

I ? I

W ? Will

Example 4:

Speaker 1 : Yo babe gurl wud

Speaker 2 : ?

When this text pops into your messages at 3 am, typically it gets ignored.

Other Meanings

World Youth Day

Who?s Your Daddy?

Would You Date?

Why You Do

Would You Dare?

Were You Drunk

Whatch You Doing

World Yoga Day

Would You Die

With Your Destiny

What You?ll Do

With Your Destiny (video game)

What?s Your Deal? (coupons)

WYD Meaning Infographic

Other Ways to Say ?What are you doing?

Are you doing anything?

What are you doing lately?

What do you do?

How is it going lately?

Do you happen to have any spare time?

Are you busy?

How is it going these days?

What?s going on with you?

Are you free?

Do you have any spare time?

What are you up to?

What the hell is going on?

What in the world is happening?

What the heck are you doing?

What?s up?

How?s it going?

How are you doing?

What are you doing with your life?

What are you up to lately?

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