www.psvue.com/activateappletv — Activate Play Station on Apple TV

www.psvue.com/activateappletv — Activate Play Station on Apple TV

Login to PS Vue and Activate Apple TV

  • A Network ID can be used to login and activate
  • Activation code from the device will be needed
  • PlayStation Vue app must be downloaded to begin

PlayStation Vue is now up and running on Apple TV and is already bringing viewers seemingly endless hours of television content such as live sports, TV shows, and movies. However, before any of these can be enjoyed one must first complete the simple device activation process (don?t worry it?s incredibly easy and well worth the effort!)


In order to set up a device for streaming, it will first be necessary to navigate to the PS Vue Activate Apple TV page and log in using a PlayStation Network ID and account password. Those who are having trouble getting into the account due to a lost password can click the Trouble signing in? link and enter an email address to begin the account recovery process. The Get Sign-In Help link can be clicked to troubleshoot a variety of other login problems one may encounter (including what to do if the email used to sign up cannot be remembered). Once successfully logged into the PS Vue Activate Apple TV page the code shown on the Apple TV device can be entered to finalize the activation.

Activate psvue on Apple TV

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Why PS Vue?

  • Sports are enhanced by features such as league passes, live scores, and multi-view
  • Comes with thousands of hours of DVR Cloud storage from ANY room in the home
  • Can be used to watch live content even from outside of the home (very convenient)
  • Setting a home device allows for two more simultaneous streams to use at home
  • A variety of different subscriptions are available (just pick whatever works best!)

It should be pointed out that before activating the Apple TV device the PS Vue app must be downloaded from the App Store. Once the app has been successfully downloading it can be opened on the device to receive the activation code that can be used at the PS Vue Activate Apple TV page.

Those having issues with the Apple TV activation process (or any other PS Vue related problem for that matter) can try contacting support between the hours of 6 AM and 8 PM PST Monday through Friday.


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