WikiBuy vs Honey vs PriceWaiter Market

WikiBuy vs Honey vs PriceWaiter Market

Looking for the best free Google Chrome extensions for online shopping discounts and deals? Meet your top 3 choices as of Summer 2018:

These 3 Chrome extensions are making the online shopping experience more consumer friendly than it ever has been. Read our writeups below and download the extension that guarantees you the most bang for your buck.

About WikiBuy

WikiBuy is a relative newcomer to the online shopping scene that has already established itself with a host of glowing reviews on its own website, its Chrome page, and various online eCommerce sites. Much like Honey, WikiBuy offers automated discounts and coupons at checkout on most eCommerce sites. The obvious benefits ? automated savings on all the stuff you purchase online ? go without saying.

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But yet, the experience leaves a little to be desired. Saving money is great. But WikiBuy ends up being plagued by the same key problem that haunts Honey. The plentiful instances where a) no coupons or discounts are available or b) the coupons and discounts that are relatively immaterial.

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To that effect, the cost of the merchandise you buy online and the frequency with which you shop online in general determine the value WikiBuy can bring to your wallet or pocketbook. You can also request that WikiBuy work with your most beloved online retailers right from the WikiBuy interface ? without much of a stretch.

About Honey

The Honey Chrome Extension is the most well-known and widely used online shopping discount app for Google Chrome. Honey can basically be characterized as an expansion of the eCommerce checkout experience, enabling you to automatically save money when you are shopping on the web.

When you are visiting an online retailer, Honey will appear and furnish you with automated discounts to save you cash and influence your shopping. The experience concludes at checkout by searching for rebates and vouchers on the things that you are anticipating obtaining.

Image for postWhy Honey? Because Every Penny Counts When You Have 6-Figure Student Loan Debt at a 7% Interest Rate.

Right? ?.

Okay. Before you simply go ahead and install this extension in Chrome, you ought to have full comprehension of whether Honey has the capacity to convey the amount of savings you want. The extension is among Chrome?s most popular ? but some users complain of the same issues noted in the WikiBuy writeup ? limited savings and discount coverage.

Other users rave about the simplicity of the experience. If you have never used an online Chrome shopping extension, visit to see what all the fuss is about.

About Price Waiter Market

Pricewaiter Market is the newest and most groundbreaking Google Chrome extension to hit the online shopping world. Just released in Summer of 2018, PriceWaiter Market goes a (major) step beyond Honey and WikiBuy ? it gives shoppers true negotiating power while online shopping.

In other words, it removes the arbitrary caps of list prices, discounts, and coupons ? letting you save the maximum amount of money and giving you direct lines of communication to online retailers who start bidding wars over you, the consumer.

The best part about PriceWaiter Market? The exponential value it provides shoppers looking to buy highly expensive goods or purchase in bulk. The higher the price tag at checkout, the greater the leverage. Case in point ? this shopper who detailed his first experience using PriceWaiter Market to knock $50 off a pair of $150 Ray-Bans on Amazon. With practically zero added effort.

Image for postPictured: How to Save $50 on Amazon without opting in to an Amazon Store Card.

Looking to buy expensive goods in bulk? Price Waiter Market is an integral, must-have extension. The Chrome extension gives you the ability to name your initial price per item, make an offer, and accept counter-bids from online retailers ? some of whom will start bidding against each other to get your business.

Image for postPictured: Nearly $1,000 in savings from one bulkPriceWaiter Market purchase.

When you make your offer and name your initial price, the offer gets sent to online retailers stocking your specific item. Ultimately, it is up to the online retailer to acknowledge your offer. You can get that new book you?ve been wanting, new watch for Father?s Day, or the latest type of Nike running shoes at a less expensive cost you decide.

Ready to start? Add it to Chrome.

Learn More: WikiBuy, Honey and PriceWaiter Market.

Let?s save some real money this summer, folks.

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