Why You Should Boycott Nestle

Why You Should Boycott Nestle

Nestle is an evil company. They are the Satan of the food world, and you should boycott them right now. Read product labels, and if you see their name anywhere, put it down.

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The mega food company known as Nestle has time, and time again, proven themselves to be absolute mutant swine.

They?ve spent a fortune trying to convince consumers that they are a good, family-friendly, trustable company.

Well, I?m here to tell those who didn?t know, they are not. 100%.

Here is a list of some of their notable crimes against humanity:

  1. Nestle knowingly purchased dairy from dictator Robert Mugabe. (2009)

What?s wrong with that? Well, he is a violent, human-rights violator, and he basically stole farms from white farmers. Nestle didn?t care.

2. Nestle produced baby formula that contained melamine. (2008)

They produced this baby formula in China for (one presumes) the cheapest price possible, and it caused the death of 6 Chinese infants, but 54,000 of them were hospitalized.

3. Nestle?s ?Chocolate Machine? is Causing Massive Deforestation in Ghana, and the Ivory Coast (2017, Ongoing)

With a seemingly endless appetite for chocolate, the west, purchasing Nestle?s chocolate products is destroying precious forest in Ghana, and the Ivory Coast. It?s estimated 90% of national parks are being used for cocoa production. Not only bad for the Earth, contributing to the worsening of global climate change, but they have so far refused to change their practices of supporting this.

4. Nestle?s Pet Food Supports Forced Labor in Thailand (2016)

Workers in Thailand, coming from Cambodia, and Burma, are charged an illegal fee for the opportunity of employment in the fishing industry, and they then cannot stop working until they pay off this debt.

Besides that working condition are very dangerous. Workers often drown, being pulled in by heavy nets.

5. Nestle Takes Precious Water Away from Locals (2018, Current)

They suck up water to be bottled, and that devastates locals, who rely on that water supply, and it damages the environment. Where land was once wet it becomes dry, and their plastic bottles add to the heaps of garbage that already exists in the world.

But they are not just doing this to poor countries; they are doing this to developed countries, like Canada, and America. In Michigan, Nestle pays $200 a year for the rights to 200,000,000 gallons of water per year.

Oh, and their former CEO, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, said that water as a human right is ?extreme.? The right to water is extreme? Hmmm? What an a-hole.

6. Nestle Supported Child Slavery (1990s, 2018, Ongoing)

They did so by purchasing cocoa to make chocolate from cocoa plantations using child slave labor. Literal child slave labor. A lawsuit has been launched against Nestle by now-adults, who were kidnapped from Mali, and the Ivory Coast as children to work on Nestle-supported cocoa plantations. These children could not leave, and would work for up to 14 hours a day, 6 days a week.

Oh, and get this, Nestle complained about slavery reporting requirements, saying it would cost consumers! How rich!

7. Nestle Makes Bad Food, Food Laced With E. Coli, And Lead (2009, 2017)

In the summer of the year 2009, the FDA (food and drug administration), and CDA (Center for Disease Control, and Prevent) warned consumers about Toll House cookie dough, because of e. coli contaminations.

Also, in India, in 2017, Nestle were forced to destroy their stock of Maggi instant noodles because of discovered contaminations of lead. They claimed it had been within the allowed limits ? but why is there any lead in any noodles?

8. Nestle Contributes to Water Pollution (1997, and Beyond)

It was found that Nestle was polluting water in 830 locations (along with companies like Cadbury), and that pollution limits were breached 2,152 times.

9. Nestle?s Baby Formula Push Caused African Infants to Die (1970s, 1980s)

Nestle wanted to sell baby formula, breast milk substitutions, to mothers in poor, developing nations. So they would send fake nurses to hospitals, and give expecting mothers free baby formula.

They would use this formula, and then their natural milk supply would go dry. After which, Nestle could sell them formula. The problem was they couldn?t really afford it, and two things happened.

One, they had to dilute the formula they barely acquired, and two, many of them used unclean sources of water. This caused malnutrition, and infections, i.e. African infants dying!

How evil! What a shame it is that Nestle has not disappeared off the face of this Earth. They are experts at marketing, and persuading consumers to buy their processed food products.

Yet Nestle appears to have no remorse, or compassion. They?ve sued people for speaking out against them. They?ve gone into denial, and have been spreading misleading information. They address criticisms, to appear honest, but they then downplay the criticism, only pretending that they care.

They?ve fooled so many people, but no more. It is time to boycott Nestle. You don?t need them, and I don?t either. There are plenty of ethical manufacturers that make cheaper, and superior food products.

So, vote with your dollars. Stop buying Nestle. We as a society must have discipline, and stop rewarding corrupt, evil corporations.


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