Why You Can Lose Weight Even if You Eat Nothing But Twinkies

Why You Can Lose Weight Even if You Eat Nothing But Twinkies

You?ve tried dieting in the past and failed.

And it sucks, because you?re never on a diet for the sheer fun of the experience.

You?re constantly hungry. You?re constantly craving for foods you can?t eat. And you?re constantly jealous of watching your friends and family indulge in them.

And, after all that effort, you don?t even get the results you wanted? it sucks!

Don?t fret, I?m here to show you how to do it.

Follow the steps outlined in this guide, and I promise that in 4?6 weeks you?ll lose at least 10?12 pounds and you?ll have changed your body.

Plus?You get to decide the foods you eat. And you get to decide how many meals you eat.

Sound good?


Let?s begin.

Would you believe me if I told you that you can lose A LOT of weight by eating nothing but Twinkies?

Yeah, I?m talking about the delicious small finger-shaped sponge cake with a white sugary synthetic cream filling.

It is possible (I don?t recommend it though), in fact, a professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University did it and lost 27 pounds over two months?


If you want to understand how he did it, you need to know about calories and how they work?

A calorie is a way to measure energy. You use calories when you move around and to perform your body functions (digestion, metabolism, etc).

The amount of calories that you eat puts you in a calorie balance, which is the ratio of calories that you consume via food and beverages VS the number of calories that you ?burn? via your daily activities and body functions.

There are 3 calorie balances, and they are mutually exclusive (you can ONLY be in one at any given time):

  • Negative Calorie Balance (hypocaloric diet): Occurs when you take in fewer calories than what you use in your daily and weekly activities.

A negative balance creates an energy deficit which has to be compensated by using stored calories, so the body ?burns? tissue (fat or muscle) to make up for the deficit.

A negative calorie balance ALWAYS leads to weight loss.

  • Calorie Balance (eucaloric diet): Occurs when you take in the same amount of calories than what you use in your daily and weekly activities.

When you?re in calorie balance, your body weight remains the same over time.

  • Positive Calorie Balance (hypercaloric diet): Occurs when you take in more calories than what you use in your daily and weekly activities. A positive balance creates an energy surplus and the excess calories are stored in three ways: fat, muscle, and glycogen.

A positive calorie balance ALWAYS leads to weight gain.

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So? How do you lose weight on a Twinkie diet?

By making sure that the Twinkies eaten amount to a negative calorie balance.

You can eat ANY food and lose weight, as long as you?re in a negative calorie balance.

Customizing Your Diet And Planning Your Meals for YOU

Now that you know how important calories are, it?s time to calculate the number of calories that you?ll be eating for your rapid-weight loss diet plan?

This section might feel a little tricky and hard to apply, but I?ll give you some tips on how to make things easier later in the article, so make sure you read the whole thing.

Before continuing, pull out a sheet of paper, or a notepad, and a calculator you?ll need them for some simple calculations.

For the sake of keeping things simple and not getting into complex calorie formulas, use this image as a guide:

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The image above represents your Maintenance Calories, which means that by eating that number of calories you should maintain your current body weight.

In the image above, we?ll use the non-training day calories for days that you don?t perform physical activity, and training days for days that you train or perform physical activities.

As an example, let?s work with a person that weighs 195 lbs. For that person, eating 2300 calories on training days and 2000 on non-training days should maintain his/her body weight.

Step 1 ? Your Maintenance Calories

Write down Your numbers for maintenance calories for non-training and training days according to your body weight using the image above, and keep the calculator handy.

As we learned in the first part, to lose fat, you need to create a calorie deficit which will force your body to compensate for the deficit by using fat as energy?

Step 2 ?Creating Your Energy Deficit

For this rapid-fat loss diet, the deficit will be of 600-700 calories ? This is a big deficit, hence why this diet shouldn?t last more than 6 weeks.

This means that you have to subtract 600-700 calories from your maintenance calories, so for our 195 lb individual, this comes 1600 calories on training days and 1300 on non-training days.

Use the image below to grab your diet calories according to your bodyweight.

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Step 3 ? Calculating Your Macros

Now, that you know your calories for non-training and training days, it?s time to divide them into the corresponding macros: Protein, Carbs, Fats.

At the end of the section there?s an image that will contain your macros according to your bodyweight, I still suggest reading through the section so that you understand how to calculate your macros.

Proteins ? Every gram of protein contains 4 calories, and you will eat 1 gram per pound of bodyweight.

Grams of protein = [Your body weight * 1]

Our 195 lb individual will eat 195 grams of protein per day, which represent 780 calories (195*4).

Write down the number of grams of protein that you will eat and multiply by 4 to get the number of calories they represent.

Calories from Protein = Grams of protein* 4

Fats ? Every gram of fat contains 9 calories, and you will eat 0.3 grams per pound of bodyweight.

Grams of fat = [Your Body Weight* 0.3]

Our 195 lb individual will eat 60 grams of fat per day, which represent 540 calories (60*9).

Write down the number of grams of fat that you will eat and multiply by 9 to get the number of calories they represent.

Calories from Fat = [Grams of fat * 9]

Carbohydrates? Every gram of carbohydrates contains 4 calories, and you will eat the remaining calories after proteins and fats in carbohydrates.

After calculating our fats and our protein, we have used 1320 calories (780 calories from protein+540 calories from fat).

Training Days ? To calculate carbohydrates on training days we?ll subtract the calories from fats and proteins from the training days diet calories and then divide by 4:

(1600?1320)/4 = 70 grams of carbs on training days.

Non Training Days ? We?ll repeat the same process, but using the non-training days calories:

(1300?1320)/4 = ERROR

Notice that this yields a negative result, so in this case, our individual will eat No Carbs on non-training days.


Grams of carbohydrates = [Your Diet Calories-(Calories from protein + Calories from fat)]/4

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Step 4? Your Customized Meal Plan

At this point, you should know exactly how many grams of protein, fat, and carbs you?ll be eating on training and non-training days.

But now you need to know how to use your macros to create a meal plan that works for you.

You need to plan your meals according to how many meals you eat per day. I recommend 4?6 meals/day.

So let?s look again at our 195lb individual, whose macros were:

  • Training days: 195 grams of protein, 60 grams of fat, 70 grams of carbohydrate.
  • Non-training days: 195 grams of protein, 60 grams of fat, 0 grams of carbs.

If we were to divide that into 4 meals per day, that would come to:

Training days:

48 grams of protein (195/4).15 grams of fat (60/4).17 grams of carbohydrate (70/4).

Non-training days:

48 grams of protein (195/4).15 grams of fat (60/4).0 grams of carbohydrate.

Decide how many meals you want to do per day, and divide your macros by that number.

This image below tells you how one meal for a 4 meal/day nutrition plan looks like for every body weight? So you can just grab it from it here:

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I know I haven?t talked about veggies yet? But there?s a reason you MUST eat veggies during this plan, and I?ll address in the next section.

Now, you might be wondering how to turn the numbers into actual meals. We?ll also get to that in the next section AND I have a little cheat-sheet for you?

So read on?

Tips and Tricks for Making this Diet Work (Without Losing Your Mind)

I?m not gonna lie to you, doing this diet will be tough, but you WILL get results?

That?s the whole point, right?

Effort + Time = Results

That being said, there are some tricks that you can have under your sleeve to make things easier for yourself?

I?ve learned these tricks after years of dieting and banging my head against the wall.

Take a Screenshot of this Image

Image for post

This image tells you how many grams of different foods represent 10 grams of each specific macro?

For example, to achieve 10 grams of carbs you?d have to eat 125 grams of strawberries? So, if you have to consume 45 grams of carbs, just multiply that number times 4.5.

125 * 4.5 = 562 grams of strawberries.

Also, use this to your advantage, meaning that if the amount of carbs/fats/or proteins is very small.

Pick one that has more volume so that you feel more satiated.

Use a Scale With Nutrition Facts Display

You will need to weigh your food to be successful, that?s just the way it is?

No eyeballing, no estimating. Weighing your food will guarantee your success.

To make things easy for yourself, you should get a scale that displays nutritional data?

This will allow you to select the food you want to eat, and the scale will spit out the nutritional value of it, making it really, really easy to calculate your daily macros.

I recommend this one.

Veggies are life saviors during rapid fat loss diets.

They are fantastic because they have tons of volume and fill up your stomach, and add very little calories?

Make sure that you eat at least 1 cup of veggies with every meal.

Bulk Prep With a Slow Cooker

When I started looking after my nutrition, I used to spend all day Sunday grocery shopping and prepping meals.

I furiously chopped veggies, and cooked in pots and pans, hoping to make delicious food? Only to be disappointed with the taste of it.

Until one day I discovered the Aroma Rice Cooker, and it changed my life.

Now, I just throw in my proteins, add some sauce and spices, and leave it cooking all night. I wake up and my proteins for the day are cooked, and they taste delicious.

I recommend the Aroma Rice Cooker.

How Long to Diet For

3 weeks minimum and 6 weeks maximum?

After 3-6 weeks, go back to your maintenance calories for at least 4?6 weeks.

This is an ABSOLUTE must! This diet is tough and you will need to recover both physically and mentally from it.

Keep moving! (to keep losing weight)

You will feel tired and hungry at some points?

But you gotta keep moving if you want to lose weight.

Aside from your regular exercise routine (I assume you have one), add a 20-min walk every day.

Nothing crazy, just go outside and walk, or use the treadmill.

Chug some caffeine (curbs hunger)

Expect to feel hungry at certain points?

Not much you can do about that, embrace it, and understand that it?s only for a limited period of time (no more than 6 weeks, please).

Caffeine helps with appetite reduction.

So, make sure you have some black coffee handy for when the cravings hit you? They will hit you.

Notice I said black coffee, NOT pumpkin spice latte? ONLY black coffee.

You can add an artificial sweetener if you like your coffee sweet.

Get on The Path to Losing 10?12 lbs

Dieting is hard work. There?s no doubt about that.

Good news is that Hard Work + The Right Plan = Results.

And that?s what dieting is about, getting results. Period.

If you use the steps outlined above you will banish fat from your body ? But, you need to stick to the plan for a minimum of 4-weeks.

Yeah, it will get tough. Yeah, you?ll get hungry. Yeah, you?ll feel like quitting.

But think about your new figure, think about how you?ll look with 10 pounds less.

You?ll start getting compliments about your change.

You?ll get to show off your new body to your friends and family.

You?ll probably need to refresh your wardrobe.

You?ll feel better, more confident, and contempt with the results.

Just think about all the things you could accomplish in 4-weeks from now if you start today.

Now go!


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