Why isn’t there a good ‘Sticking Out Your Tongue’ Emoji?

Why isn’t there a good ‘Sticking Out Your Tongue’ Emoji?

Look, yes, there are FIVE different emojis that are sticking out their tongues. BUT none of them actually represent the sassiness of a real-life tongue stick-out. When I?m sticking out my tongue, I?m doing like a dead-pan, slightly annoyed face and sticking my tongue straight forward out through my lips. Why has the emoji keyboard failed to accurately represent this facial expression? Let?s dive deep into this important issue.

First, let?s go through all the tongue emojis and complain about what?s wrong with them.

1. The Zany Tongue Out emoji

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She?s funky. She?s wild. She just kissed a girl/boy and she liked it. I don?t know. This emoji is just a lot. If I am trying to rudely stick my tongue out at someone, this is way too ?fun? for that. If you are under 50 and use this emoji on me, I am scared of you.

2. The One-Eye Tongue Out

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? what does this even mean? It is winking one eye. The other eye is open in a dead blank stare. It has its toothless mouth WIDE OPEN with tongue fully extended downward. Have you ever made this face in real life? I sure haven?t. In fact, go ahead and try to do it right now ? it?s pretty physically challenging.

3. Happy Tongue Out

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This one is okay as far as emojis go but complete trash if you?re trying to stick your tongue out at someone who annoyed you. The cutesy eyes and classic smiley face completely negate the tongue stick-out happening here. I would pretty much only use this emoji if I am mimicking a cute dog.

4. Closed Eyes Tongue Out

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Sure. This ?tongue out? emoji is the best option for sticking your tongue out at someone via text. It gets the rudeness across and does look like someone sticking their tongue out, but I wish there was a less playful option as well.

5. Worst One Bad

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Ugh. Why does this exist.

So there you have it. A definitive run down of all five ?tongue out? emojis. This is an official plea to the emoji gods. Please add a tongue out emoji that is actually rude, is not having any fun, is not flirting with anyone, and is not a psycho clown.

Here?s How it Should Be:

Image for postartist: me

This is a rough mock up I did on my phone. Just imagine this baby with a solid black border. Wooooweeee that is RUDE.

If you?ve read this far, you?re welcome. Please comment below if you like my ideal tongue out emoji. If you don?t like it, I don?t wanna hear it.

Written by: Delilah Ruth Harris


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