Why Are Nootropics A Big Hit?

Noopept is a popular nootropic that delivers one of the fastest cognitive enhancement effects in the industry today. Noopept can be taken as either in a soluble white powder form or capsule. Users of Noopept often describe its effects as ?the feeling of heightened energy and alertness,? enabling them to quickly ?take in? more information effortlessly. An apt description considering how the nootropic Noopept actually works. But, Noopept isn?t anything new. In fact, it?s been around for a while. It?s only recently that popular nootropics, like Noopept, have gained media attention.

According to the revered UK newspaper, The Independent, the use of brain stimulants, and particularly ? Noopept, has risen dramatically among high achieving students in top Universities. These Universities include Oxford, Cambridge, and Warwick to name a few. As stated in another article by The Independent, one in ten students now use Noopept as a study drug to improve memory and learning. While a further 25% of students have indicated they are seriously considering using Noopept to significantly improve their exam and, subsequently, final results. These statistics, however, shouldn?t come as a surprise. With Ivy League Colleges such as Princeton and Harvard boasting job placement rates of over 90% for new graduates, nootropics hold a key advantage to those highly coveted graduate recruitment programs.

Whether it be in the world of business, academia, or sports. The ability of nootropic substances to increase cognitive ability, i.e., your capability to learn, process, memorize and recall facts and complex information has generated significant buzz among students, stock market traders, software engineers, entrepreneurs, and executives. Nootropics, like Noopept, are are a big hit because they give people a competitive edge over the competition like never before. Smart drugs, like Noopept in particular, are extremely popular as it acts quickly to enable users to be smarter, faster, stronger, and better. Users know, nootropics can often be the defining factor between; pass or fail; wealth or bankruptcy; success or failure.

Who?s Already Using Nootropics?

Billionaires. In a coverage on ABC News about nootropic drugs, Rebecca Jarvis quotes billionaire Chris Sacca, a former Google employee, and now successful entrepreneur. Chris is quoted from an episode on the TV show Shark Tank, openly admitting to using nootropics during 48-hour coding binges. But Chris isn?t the only tech entrepreneur using nootropics. Furthermore, in the article ?Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Pursue Brain Hacking Through Nootropics,? the ABC News also reports that the trend is pervasive all around the world?s tech capital. Where dot com billionaires and software whizz kids have to be the best to quickly dominate the internet or, be first to market.

Students, executives, and entrepreneurs, however, aren?t the only ones using nootropics to their advantage. Athletes in the world of competitive sports are also turning to nootropics. High-performance athletes already using nootropics understand the power behind them using nootropics, not just for brain stimulation, but also it?s energizing effects. Professional athletes across a wide range of sports are using nootropics like Noopept to sharpen their mind and improve their physical performance. For these athletes, they know there?s a fine line between winning and losing. And, if nootropics can give them a competitive edge ? it can mean everything.

What Are Synthetic Nootropics?

If you are wanting to use nootropics to improve your cognitive abilities, then it?s important to know how smart drugs like Noopept came into being. Smart drugs, or Nootropics, are substances which enhance cognitive ability by stimulating brain centers responsible for memory, learning, and mood. Nootropics were first identified thousands of years ago in natural herbs and plants such as Ginkgo Biloba, Lion?s Mane, and Bacopa Monnieri.

It wasn?t until the 1960s and 1970s that Piracetam, the first synthetic nootropic, was synthesized in a lab and was the first to be manufactured. Studies on this first synthetic nootropic led to a better understanding of the mechanisms of nootropics in improving brain cognition. Since Piracetam was first introduced, the industry has produced more potent and faster-acting nootropics such as Noopept.

Natural And Synthetic Nootropics: What Gives?

Nootropics are classified into two categories, natural and synthetic. In many ways, the mechanisms of action between the two types of nootropics are similar. The key difference is, natural nootropics are derived from plants and herbs whereby synthetic nootropics have been synthesized in a lab. Modern technology has allowed us to synthesize the same or similar compounds with nootropic effects on the brain.

The key difference is, natural nootropics are derived from plants and herbs whereby synthetic nootropics have been synthesized in a lab.

Natural and synthetic nootropics achieve the same result in very similar ways. Although they both boost memory and cognition, synthetic nootropics are designed to be more targeted at specific receptors in the brain. Through understanding exactly how nootropic molecules work, scientists have been able to synthesize extremely pure forms of nootropics to achieve the best results. As a result of this, synthetic nootropics such as Noopept produce effects of greater intensity and speed than natural nootropics making them more popular with nootropic users.

Natural nootropics, on the other hand, may require several weeks before producing discernible results. This is, in large part, due to the low concentrations of active compounds in them.

A Brief History of Noopept

During the 1990s, Lekka Laboratories, a Russian firm, developed the synthetic nootropic ? Noopept. Noopept is a type of nootropic that belongs to the class of Racetam-type nootropics. Since then, Eastern Europeans have been using Noopept as a prescription drug. This is due to Noopept?s effectiveness at treating various cognitive impairment problems caused by brain trauma as well as degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer?s. While researchers found Noopept to be an effective health solution, it?s mostly known for its potent cognitive enhancing effects.

Although Noopept belongs to the Racetams family, studies show that it is 1,000 times stronger than Piracetam ? the original nootropic. This means Noopept is extremely efficient at very low doses compared to many other nootropics. It can come in the form of a capsule or as a soluble powder.

Noopept Effects: How It Works

Noopept is taken orally and well absorbed into the bloodstream, from which it readily crosses the blood-brain barrier. Not only does Noopept act very quickly, but it also reaches maximum concentration in just 15 to 20 minutes after being consumed. In fact, most users report better cognitive function such as improved hearing, more vivid colors, and sharper vision soon after taking Noopept. This is because the brain uses Noopept almost entirely leaving little of it excreted or wasted. A big reason why the nootropic is famed for its fast action. These effects are attributed to Noopept?s ability to increase oxygen and glucose uptake in brain cells.

Clinical studies also show that Noopept targets glutamate receptor cells ? a property of the brain vital to memory and learning. In action, Noopept binds to the neurotransmitter glutamate, preventing its degradation. This action helps to increase levels of glutamate-enhancing cognitive abilities such as better focus, improved memory, and enhanced mental clarity.

Noopept also has proven anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also acts as an antitoxic since it eliminates excess glutamate and calcium from brain cells. During clinical studies of Noopept usage, users report having enhanced blood flow through the brain and a higher ability to utilize glucose. Although Noopept is associated with other various health benefits, these are some of the main mechanisms of action which make Noopept a very potent nootropic with almost instantaneous effects.

Benefits Of Taking Noopept

1. Improved Memory And Learning Ability

  • Researchers recognize Noopept for its capacity to enhance learning ability and memory. It achieves this by assisting in the formation of memory and improving its consolidation and retrieval. This double action is what makes Noopept a more potent nootropic than others.
  • Noopept acts by improving processes involved in collecting sensory information and converting them into memory. The mechanisms make it easier to form and recall memories with more detail and clarity. Since learning primarily involves creating new memories, Noopept enhances learning as well.
  • Using the nootropic gives users a greater ability to absorb and process information during their study, at work, or in daily life. In older people, this prevents memory lapses and forgetfulness common with aging.
  • Noopept users have a greater ability to engage in logical reasoning, perform complex mathematical computations, stem heightened creativity, and have better verbal flow.

2. Increased Levels Of Nerve Growth Factor

  • Nerve Growth Factor, or NGF, is a specialized protein that is critical to the growth and function of nerves and brain cells. Nerve Growth Factor also promotes your body?s ability to make new nerve cells, maintain their efficacy, and keep them working properly.
  • By increasing levels of NGF in the body, Noopept helps to improve almost all aspects of cognition including memory, mental clarity, and learning.

3. Increased levels of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor

  • Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, or BDNF, is an important protein molecule which helps the formation of different types of memory. BDNF also plays a critical part during several memory formation stages.
  • Noopept helps to boost the levels of BDNF through mental stimulation, which subsequently improves a user?s ability to form memory and recall information.

4. Neuroprotective Ability

  • The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Noopept protect brain cells and nerves two-fold. From (1) oxidative damage and, (2) reducing cell death in the central nervous system.
  • Noopept is, therefore, an important supplement in the management of degenerative brain disorders.
  • It?s also used to improve memory and recall in older persons, whose cognitive abilities are showing a decline with age.

5. Enhanced Associations Between Brain Hemispheres

  • Although the two brain regions work almost independently of each other, key partnerships exist between the two. Such as to, (1) improve interpretation of stimuli, (2) develop new thoughts and ideas and, (3) improve memory functioning.
  • Noopept stimulates the association between these two sides of the brain enhancing how we think and appreciate nuances in life.

6. Elevated Mood

  • Various clinical studies of individuals taking Noopept reported positive changes in mood. These included; a reduction in stress-related memory loss, elevated mood, and increased motivation.
  • Noopept also increases motivational levels and helps to keep you energized.
  • The nootropic also helps to treat anxiety and depression.

Recommended Dosages

Due to its relatively high level of potency, Noopept should be taken in low doses. The recommended dosage is between 10mg and 20mg taken three times daily. Noopept contains soluble properties which allow it to be rapidly absorbed by the brain. Therefore, to gain maximum benefit and avoid the adverse effects, take small doses a few times daily rather than a large single dose. Avoid also, taking more than a combined 40mg of Noopept over a 24 hour period as it could lead to negative side effects Due to its potency, 40mg of Noopept is a relatively high dosage and could lead to a number of adverse side effects. These include; headaches, dizziness, irritability, and restlessness.

The Top 3 Noopept Containing Stacks

Stacking is as old as medicine itself. The main purpose of combining nootropic supplements to form a ?stack? is to produce faster and better results. If you want to get the best Noopept effects for you, consider experimenting with the following Noopept stacks:

1. Noopept and Choline Stack

This nootropic stack will quickly boost your learning ability and increase memory, focus, and attention. The two compounds make up the most popular Noopept stack. This is in large part in the way the Noopept properties quickly act to increase your brain?s sensitivity to Choline. As a macronutrient and precursor for the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine, Choline works synergistically with Noopept. This stack enhances the potent effects of Noopept while also taking advantage of it Choline?s neuroprotective benefits.

2. Noopept, Piracetam and Alpha GPC

Piracetam and Noopept are two Racetam-like nootropics. Their mechanisms of action are very similar, so using them together will enhance Noopept effects. The addition of Alpha GPC or any other Choline supplement boosts the synergy between Noopept and Choline. As a result, this stack is effective at significantly improving cognition and memory.

3. Noopept, Aniracetam, Sulbutiamine Stack

This combination is preferable if you are looking to elevate your mood and reduce anxiety as well as improve cognition. If for example, you work in a stressful job environment that demands high cognitive abilities, this stack will help you perform much better by keeping your anxiety at bay while also keeping you focused and energized.

Is Noopept Suitable For You?

The reality many of us face is that we weren?t born with the intelligence of Silicon Valley luminaries like Facebook?s Mark Zuckerberg or Yahoo?s Marissa Mayer. But, with the world placing such a hefty premium on mental abilities, it?s a no-brainer that any supplement that enhances your cognitive ability is worth what?s able to help you accomplish.

As with any other drugs, however, it?s important to mindful of its effects to protect your health and well-being. When using Noopept, it is important to remember that it?s a potent and highly effective compound. Remember also to take it according to the recommended instructions to gain maximum benefit and avoid adverse symptoms. To stay safe and achieve the desired results, ensure the following.

1. Follow The Recommendations Dosage

As reported by the National Health Service of the UK, the biggest problem with the use of Noopept and other synthetic smart drugs is tolerance. A lot of users ignore dosage recommendations and take more Noopept than is necessary. With time, the body develops tolerance to the drug, which means the user requires increased dosages to achieve the desired effects. To prevent this, only use Noopept as instructed.

2. Don?t Rush To Stack

If you are new to nootropics, use Noopept on its own before stacking it with other nootropics. Stacking nootropics are great if you want to get the best out of a combination of nootropics. But, if you?re just starting out, take it slow and become used to using nootropics before building your own stacks.

3. Do Not Mix Noopept With Other Drugs

We all want the best results in the shortest time possible. However, due to the potent nature of Noopept, it makes overdosing or mixing with other prescription drugs dangerous. If you are already taking other drugs, do not mix with Noopept as it could lead to adverse drug interactions.

4. Consult a Doctor If You Have a Medical Condition

This goes without saying. No one should take any drug or supplement if he or she is already suffering from a serious medical problem. If you?re experiencing medical issues, consult your healthcare professional before using Noopept. Although it?s a safe nootropic, the effects of Noopept and any other drug might be unpredictable if taken by persons with severe health conditions such as heart disease.


Russian Pharmacists developed Noopept in the 90s and it?s arguably one of the best nootropics available today. Users of the smart drug recognize it for its fast-acting effects and powerful cognitive-enhancing abilities. Using Noopept alone or in a suitable stack results in improved mental clarity, better focus, enhanced ability to form and recall memories, elevated mood and reduced anxiety. Noopept is effective at low dosages and is over 1,000 times more potent than Piracetam ? the original nootropic. It?s no doubt, nootropics are here to stay and, according to its explosive growth, the use of nootropics will continue to increase, substantially, in the coming years.


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