Who killed my fat cow?

Who killed my fat cow?

Image for postLooks pretty healthy, maybe just fat!

I never went to pre-school in my life. My father used to take me every morning to milk cows while my peers were learning how to count and spell letters in pre-school. We would walk for a kilometre and half to his uncle in law?s kraal in a rural area just in between mountains. At age five I could fill a 2 litre container every morning for the whole year. After milking the cow we?d go into the woods and chop trees for fuel to make fire later and our brunch would be ready.

I honed the skill to spot a fat cow at age 5. Furthermore, I developed the passion to milk fat cows. The thing about milking a fat cow is that it makes you a star and it yields the best results. 1998, the following year I join primary school in March and come June results I was the best learner in the school. Turns out I could spell things. My grade 1 teacher took me around all the higher grades to demonstrate my spelling aptitudes and that did wonders to my self confidence, and subsequently performance. My fat cow was spelling and I milked it every chance I got!

Over the years, this fat cow evolved into people?s skills, presentation skills, and generally academic excellence. And that?s when I took an interest in rap music. Now this is where things got interesting; as soon as I took on my rap activities my grades dropped and ended graduating as an average student. I basically killed my fat cow.

Although it was more like a choice it hurt a little because I enjoyed the throne and comfort of being a top learner. The greatest lesson I learnt is that in life you have to know your fat cows. Once you spot them you must capitalize on them to get the most milk in the quickest possible time. What differentiates great farmers from average farmers is knowing when to kill, sell and keep a fat cow. Who killed your fat cow?


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