Which Race Works Best With Warriors In TERA?

Which Race Works Best With Warriors In TERA?

Before you create your Warrior or decide to race change it, let?s talk about races in general. As with any class, there exist debates which race works best with Warriors, sometimes even providing evidence from actually calculating hit timers, frame counts on the animations themselves. Moreover, you can still get Tera Online Gold from us now, and we will offer you Tera guides and tips.

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While for Warriors, the chosen race matters less than it does with other classes (particularly Sorcerers where Elin is far superior in terms of animations, but Castanic Female has more Hailstorm hits for some strange reason), Warriors sadly are no exception to the problem where some races perform just better than others.

However, in this case, the advantages of the races over others have to do with particular perks to them that make them stand out. All of those are tied almost entirely to their skill reach or passives, as the animation speeds on warriors over all races are barely any different, if at all, save for some exceptions.

Castanic female? Overall dynamic animations making them obvious to recognize, has a crit chance passive which lets them build slightly more into power than other races.

? Has the most reach on a very small number of skills, and generally the second best reaches otherwise.

? Can roll to the back and hit Scythes with a decent ping.

? Personal opinion, they look the best out of all races. Long story short, best passive from a pure DPS perspective.

Elin? Overall best reach on skills and decent animations. Animation speed (dis-)advantages over Castanic, if at all, are minimal (mostly 1 frame difference), so they can be disregarded.

? Best for higher ping players, as their Scythe will most likely connect after a back-roll even with higher ping. Useless racial passives. Long story short, best skill reaches.

Aman male? Best choice for dedicated Warrior Tanks, suboptimal for DPS. Male is better than female due to better animations and wider arc on cross parry (due to slightly larger hitbox), has a racial passive that reduces incoming damage by 10% when under 30% hp. With the correct build and gear, can reach 100% damage reduction, making them immune to damage, which is absolutely broken on Warrior Tanks as they can attack freely at this point without having to worry about blocking or taking damage.

? However, this also takes the challenging and fun aspect out of Warrior Tanks themselves and is therefore only recommended if you are a dedicated min-maxer. Can NOT connect Scythes with higher ping when rolling backward, as they lack the reach to do so. Long story short, best Tanking-passive, especially for Min-maxers. Overall, just pick what you are comfortable with.


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