What Kind Of Stakes Do The Pros Play At?

What Kind Of Stakes Do The Pros Play At?

When most people think of professional poker players, they imagine grinders who play free spins no wagering for cash games at $25/$50 and above. But while many of the high rollers do play at very high stakes, the truth is that poker pros are found at different betting ranges. Let’s take a closer look at what stakes you should be playing at to make a living playing the game.

It All Depends…

There is no set rule as to which stakes will provide you with a good living income. What’s more, your full-time job depends on where you live. For example, countries like the US, Canada, UK and France require very high living expenses. That’s why pros generally have to play for at least $1/$2 and up, and at multiple tables.

Compare this to countries such as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Mexico, Brazil and Romania where the cost of living is cheaper and therefore playing at lower stakes can be profitable. In some cases players from these countries can play for $0.05/$0.10 or higher at multiple tables.

Wingrate And Multi-Tabling

We’ve already mentioned multi-tabling in our other articles, because it is incredibly important when it comes to making money – especially if you are trying to make a living at low limits.

And of course you also need a good win rate. The exact winrage will very much depend on the stakes you play; for example an American playing $1/$2 No Limit Texas Holdem will probably need to earn 10 big blinds per hour (depending on how many hours of play each day) along with the rakeback. But for a player from Russia, playing at $0.10/$0.20 in No Limit Texas Holdem, earning 10 big blinds per hour on that limit might be enough.

So, as you can see, there are different types of bets that the pros play on. And it takes a lot of factors to make the decision a player who is looking to make a living playing poker makes.

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