What kind of braid pattern should I use to accomplish my sew-in goal?

What kind of braid pattern should I use to accomplish my sew-in goal?

We all know that getting a sew-in requires getting your real hair braided first. In my blog, I?m gonna show you 6 different ways to braid your hair or get your hair braided to achieve a flawless sew-in.

When I braid my hair up for a sew-in I usually part the middle of my hair going from ear to ear. Then I?ll part the top half down the middle and will braid each side down towards the side of my face (3 cornrows on each side). After that, I will gather the braids and will make them into one big braid on each side.

Then, I?ll braid the back half of my hair straight down. When done with the back I will split the braids evenly and make two big braids as I did with the top half. I will then sew the top half braids going towards the bottom of the back of my head. Then I will crisscross the bottom half braids going toward my ears and sew them down as well.

To get tight longer-lasting braids I always use synthetic braiding hair.

*Before I start my braids I always wash, condition, and grease my scalp to prevent dryness and breakage.

Alright, y?all let?s get into it!


1. Basic PatternFor me, this is the fastest and easiest braid pattern that can be done. This pattern is basically cornrows going straight back. For shorter length hair, I will suggest putting rubber bands on your ends. For longer length hair, make two big braids with the ends, crisscross the braids going towards your ears and sew each braid down.

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2. U-Part Crossover Pattern

A U-part or crossover pattern is similar to the straight down cornrow pattern except for multiple parts of the braid cross over into one another.

When achieving this style, you?ll start with a straight cornrow, and then cross the braids in the middle. When using this method you will have more of a natural-looking leave-out. If you?re unsure of how to do this method, there are plenty of videos you can watch on Youtube.com.

If you love pulling your hair up in a bun or ponytail, then this pattern is for you!

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3. Vixen Braiding Pattern

The vixen braid pattern is one of my favorites! This pattern requires four sections of hair. The sections allow for many different styling options from ponytails to side parts to completely pulled back hair.

I love this braid pattern because you can also leave out your hair creating the most natural-looking sew-in!

I will say, that this pattern is a bit difficult to do because of its versatility. It?s so versatile that it is even used as a crochet braid pattern. To achieve the vixen style, the four sections need to be braided into a beehive pattern. And then if you want to leave your hair out, don?t braid around the perimeter of your hair and leave some hair out making a cross pattern if you?re looking to part your sew-in. If you don?t want to leave your hair out, then braid around the edge of your hair.

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4. Micro Braiding

This method you will braid your hair into very small braids. These braids will last longer and will be tighter than bigger size braids. Smaller cornrows are better suited for straight extensions hairstyles.

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5. Beehive Pattern

This pattern can be challenging if braiding your own hair. You will braid your hair into a circle until you reach the middle of your head.

This pattern works well with curly hair, but only if you plan on having bangs that don?t leave your face. Braiding into a beehive with micro braids would be great if trying to achieve a straight hair sew-in.

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6. Asymmetrical Braiding Pattern

This braiding method is the best pattern for side parts.

To achieve this pattern, the braids go around your head and then transform to straight back cornrows to give you a broadside part and create a stunning flawless look.

If you?re looking for a hairstyle with an asymmetrical design, then this pattern is an excellent choice.

Typically, the braids can be done big enough so that they won?t be too tight, but they can still maintain the styles you desire.

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