What is WebLogic and why we need to use WebLogic Server?

What is WebLogic and why we need to use WebLogic Server?

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There are so many server space applications in the market. But three are main and widely used applications. They are Apache Tomcat, WebLogic, and IBM web sphere. Let?s see what exactly WebLogic server is. WebLogic server is nothing but a Java enterprise edition (EE) compliant application. The WebLogic server is mainly used for deploying various web applications as well as an enterprise application. The application server is nothing but a server on which we usually deploy the application that contains logic and this helps you to run on the application server and that?s what Oracle WebLogic server usually provides. In simple words, with the help of the WebLogic server, we can deploy, run, and distribute the java based applications. We can also have different services such as databases to store the data, external enterprise systems, and messaging services.

We can connect to different external enterprise suites such as PeopleSoft, E-business suite, etc. with the help of external enterprise systems services in WebLogic server. WebLogic server is very much used in different Oracle products such as Oracle fusion applications, OEM 13c, Oracle SOA, Oracle OAM/OIM, OBIEE, Oracle EBS, and so on. Oracle WebLogic Server can also be deployed on Docker container. Oracle WebLogic Server 12c also supports multi-tenancy with one domain only. These are some of the main services offered by Oracle WebLogic server.

WebLogic Administrator tasks:

There are so many tasks done by the WebLogic server admin. Let?s see different tasks of WebLogic server admin. First of all, WebLogic server admin installs WebLogic server and also configure the domain. Deploying different application is usually done by the WebLogic server admin. WebLogic server admin will manage, migrate the domains from test or development environment to a production environment. For the better work, WebLogic server admin usually integrates with third-party systems and IDM. WebLogic server admin also takes care of troubleshooting issues and especially performance tuning is also done by WebLogic server admin. Admin must know some of the WebLogic server tools such as WebLogic server admin console, fusion middleware control, WebLogic scripting tool, SNMP agent, Apache ANT, control wizard, and RESTful management resource, etc. WebLogic server admin has to know about disaster recovery setup and management as well. These are some of the important WebLogic server admin tasks. Now we can conclude that WebLogic server admin is one of the main assets of the organization.

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