What is Facial Essence and Why do you need it?

What is Facial Essence and Why do you need it?

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Today we are deep diving into one step of the elaborative 10-step Korean skincare routine, which has everyone confused. Yep, you guessed it right! We are talking about facial essence.

To be honest, I have been confused about essence for the longest time. The question ?What is essence?? always left me perplexed. Even after I embraced the Korean Skincare cult and gave my skin to the Korean Beauty Goddess, facial essence always kept me on my toes.

What is a facial essence?

facial essence

Facial essence is a lightweight, hydrating liquid that is used to prepare the skin to absorb moisturizer and subsequent products better.

That being said, you may think that there is no difference between an essence and a toner. Well, you?re wrong here my friend.

Toners are usually used to clean up the last remaining bit of impurities and makeup left on the skin surface and pores. On the other hand, essences deliver active ingredients to the deepest layer of the pore which makes the skin ready to accept other products.

Essences have been confused with serums and ampoules simply because they look the same. But there is quite a difference between them. Essences are creamier than serum and serve altogether a different purpose.

If you?re looking to shorten the skincare routine, you would skip on one or two of these. But Korean Beauties swear that essence changes the game. Ladies, it?s time to stop being lazy about skincare.

Here?s why essences will make a difference.

Essences are ingrained with active ingredients that are meant to penetrate deeper into the skin. They work on a cellular level, fighting and combating skin issues from where they arise. They have a lighter molecular weight than moisturizers which, allows them to seep into the deepest layer of the skin.

Now that we are clear on what exactly are essences, let?s move onto see what they are made up of.

What is a facial essence made up of?

The short answer to this question is- Everything you want it to be made up of.

Korean Essences, like every other Korean Product, are formulated with the choicest ingredient. If you have ever glanced through your Korean Skin Care Product ingredient list, you would immediately find some factor that makes it stand out from the western idea of beauty products. (Hey, I am not shaming anyone here)

facial essence

The basic ingredient which you would find in almost every facial essence is hyaluronic acid and glycerin. These products are essential to hydrate the skin, and one of the main aims of the essence is to keep it plump and moisturized.

You can pick an essence based on the skin trouble that you are challenged with. If you?re looking for the list of the most beneficial K beauty ingredients- have a look at this-K-Beauty Guide: The Most Popular Korean Skincare Ingredients.

How is a facial essence used?

facial essence

You usually pour the product in a cotton pad and wipe it across the face. However. Essences are applied with a little more detail.

But before that, let?s figure out where they stand in our very impressive 10-step Korean skincare routine.

We all know that the Korean skincare routine starts with cleansing.

Double cleansing is the holy grail of the Korean Beauty Regimes. The idea is to make the skin pores free from any intruders so that other products reach the deepest layer. The first step is to use a water-based cleanser, followed by an oil-based one. If you?ve donned heavy make-up, you can use a face wipe before the first cleanser.

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The double-cleansing method may make you feel like your skin is free from impurities, pollutants, and dirt. But you are wrong here. And that?s why we come to the next step- Exfoliation!

Stripping the dead skin off the skin is extremely necessary if you want to experience baby soft skin. However, you can choose to exfoliate once a week or so, depending on your skin type.


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