What is Cross-Platform Software?

What is Cross-Platform Software?

Cross-platform software is a type of software application that which works on multiple operating systems or devices, which are often referred to as platforms. A platform means an operating system such as Windows, Mac OS, Android or iOS. When a software application works on more than one platform, the user can utilize the software on a wider choice of devices and computers.

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The benefit of cross-platform software

The benefit of a cross-platform software app or program is that you can use the same program whether you?re on a Windows PC or whether you?re logging in from your laptop or smartphone. The Microsoft Office suite of applications, which includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, are available on Windows, Mac OS, iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android. While there are differences based on how the platforms work, you?ll have a similar experience within the application between all of your devices.

Having a similar experience across any platform means there?s a much smaller learning curve, if one even exists at all, so you?ll be more productive and be able to use a software product you?re familiar with regardless of the operating system or device you choose. In addition, your files can be moved much more easily between your devices so you can use the software with whatever device you have with you at the time. And there?s a way to keep all of your work in sync across all of your devices, by using the cloud.

Examples of Cross-platforms

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First, let?s talk about Unity3D. I think the game engine should be preferred by people who want to write mobile games.You can develop games on 17 platforms using multiple languages, including Linux. Of course, ios, android and windows phone is also the most ideal game engine to develop games.

You can develop your application using C #, JS, C ++.

Link to: https://unity3d.com


Xamarin Some time ago, it was purchased by Microsoft and is a perfect fit for developers using C #.

Because it is a C # language, it has a lot of documentation, and because of Microsoft support, Xamarin is the choice for C # developers.

In addition, you can do everything you can do in Objective-C, Swift and Javada with the Xamarian library.

Link to: https://xamarin.com

React Native

React Native is an open-source JavaScript library developed by the new generation of React ? Facebook, which was open to Github in 2013. Native application creation means writing applications only for a specific operating system. React Native helps developers reuse their code over the web and on the mobile. Developers will not have to create the same app from scratch for iOS and Android. They will be able to reuse the code in each operating system. The great thing about React Native is that there is little difference between a finished application in Objective-C or Java and an application built using React Native. Android and iOS code development environments are very different. So it takes time to remove the application to two different platforms. However, with React Native, only one developer can write on different mobile operating systems.

Link: http://www.reactnative.com/

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfFHyibORLI

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In addition, you can create practical applications where you can with cross platforms such as PhoneGap,Sencha and Appcelerator Titanium.

references: https://www.bobology.com/public/What-is-CrossPlatform-Software.cfm

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