What Is Bluetooth Technology And BLE?Bluetooth 5.0 Vs Bluetooth 4.1 and 4.2

What Is Bluetooth Technology And BLE?Bluetooth 5.0 Vs Bluetooth 4.1 and 4.2

Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Bluetooth Technology

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What is Bluetooth Technology?

Viewers, you know that Bluetooth is a wireless data exchanging technology within a short distance. And already we are habituated with this technology for many days. Even we can not imagine a tech device without Bluetooth. Technology is always updated and day by day will be more. I came here to tell you the difference between bluetooth version with 5.0 vs 4.2.

16 June 2016 Bluetooth technology presented their latest version 5 and they informed officially release 7Th December 2016. And we all know that two tech giant Samsung (Galaxy S8) and Apple ( iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X r phone using Bluetooth 5.0 version. In 2019 release many Bluetooth 5.0 True Earbuds and Headphones.

Bluetooth 5 Advantage:

The new version Bluetooth brings more improvements But it has a problem, if you use your old device then it does not give you the 5.0 instant benefit after upgrading the version. Bluetooth is backward compatible. But you can serve your needs with other update version user.

They include four times range than 4.2, two times speed, and eight times broadcast message capacity. And the best advantage of 5 is Bluetooth Low Energy specification. For the reasons, we know that wireless headphones couldn?t communicate over Bluetooth Low Energy but now 5.0 version can communicate with all audio devices over Bluetooth Low Energy. Below I describe for easy understanding. (Difference Between Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy? How To Work)

Bluetooth 5 improves coexistence with Wi-Fi devices:

Bluetooth 5 was marketed as improving wireless coexistence and interoperability, a statement that can easily be misunderstood as enhanced coexistence with a Wi-Fi device. The real improvement in coexistence is with other nearby BLE devices. The random frequency-hopping scheme of Bluetooth 5 decreases the chance of a neighboring BLE device transmitting on the same radio-frequency (RF) channel at the same time, thus increasing the overall robustness of each connection. Bluetooth 5 allows a user to control multi-devices from Bluetooth-equipped smartphones, headphones, and other devices.

Bluetooth Speed:

The update version Bluetooth 5 is faster than 4. Bluetooth 4 supported 2mbps whereas 5 gives you up to 5mdps.

The Range of Bluetooth 5.0:

Bluetooth 4 supports 50 meters in the outdoor range and 10 meters of indoor space, while Bluetooth 5 supports 5 meters of the outdoor environment, 200 meters (Around 800 feet) in the indoor environment and 40 meters in the internal environment.

Increase Power Capacity:

Bluetooth 5 has been designed to make use of less power on your device than Bluetooth 4. This means that you can keep your Bluetooth in for a long time and it?s much more than Bluetooth 4, which consumes more power than its new counterpart.

Message Capability:

Bluetooth 4 can give you highly 31 bytes whereas Bluetooth 5 can give you 255 bytes.

If you want to see the Bluetooth Version Comparison Table then visit the link.


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