What if the Vegan Propaganda was created by meat lobbies?

This is what I was about to Google, after I wasted an hour replying to a vegan who tried to prove how mean I was as a human being for not being a vegan as well.

This is how the conversation made me feel: angry, irritated, annoyed? and hungry for a 300g steak.

Here is the thing: I used to follow a vegan diet for 6 months when I was younger. I know all of the arguments as I had to confront my entire family to explain my choice (which they accepted back then).

I have seen the horror videos of animal slaughtering, I know the food facts and I have read dozens of studies proving the vegan diet is better than a meat based diet.

I forgot why I stopped this diet after a few months, but now I just finished the conversation with this vegan activist, it makes me feel like it was probably to never ever being associate to those kind of people.

If I was a meat lobby, with all the ressources we have about the human psychology today, I would create the vegan propaganda from scratch.

I know it sounds dumb, but let me explain.

The vegan propaganda is a demonstration of what are the worst things to do in order to change people habits.

First, they confront people in an agressive way to make them feel guilty for eating meat. They basically say: ?Look I am right because A and B, and you are so wrong, aren?t you ashamed??

Now, honestly, whoever is reading this: have you ever changed any of your habit because someone attacked you to prove you wrong?

99% of you will reply no.

Why? Because the natural mechanism when being attacked is? to defend ourselves.

And what happens when you defend yourself? You reinforce your positions and strengthen your beliefs.

Attacking someone on their beliefs and habits is therefore the best way to make them keep and reinforce their habits.

Then, they keep repeating the same facts over and over again, even when it?s irrelevant. Which usually makes people run away.

I would love to think human beings are rational and care so much about facts, but they don?t. At all. We are emotional beings, and we base most of our actions on how we feel, not on facts.

You don?t eat because you know that your level of nutrients and hormones is to low (rational). You eat because you feel hungry (emotional).

An easy point to understand that we don?t care about facts is to look at who is the current President of the USA. Trump didn?t win the election because his facts/knowledge were better. He won because of the way he made people feel (somehow).

So what?

I am not debating AT ALL whether a vegan diet is better or not for the planet, our health or the humanity. It possibly is.

But here I want to highlight the facts that the way this vegan propaganda is managed really makes me feel like it?s the perfect way to make people NOT become vegan.

Hence the sarcastic title of this post.

I am dead serious when I say that if I was a meat lobby, I would have created the vegan propaganda the way it is today.

Because even if it gets thousands of meat eaters to become vegans, it also reinforce the positions of the other meat eaters so much that they will probably eat meat during their entire life even if they are now conscious they are ?eating dead bodies of dead beings who didn?t deserve to die?.

I am not currently vegan, but I am definitely sensible to this movement and I am open minded about the idea of stop eating meat at all at some point.

But most of the vegans who have the loudest voices seem like a bunch of brain washed robots repeating the same copy and pasted arguments over and over again, and they (kind of) make me seriously consider keep eating meat for the rest of my life, so that I will never become like them.

I mean, seriously, if eating so healthy actually had so many benefits on your brain and the way you think, why aren?t you guys able to use your brain and use a pacifist way to convince people to eat in a more pacifist way?

Attacking people to promote peace, can?t you really see why this is doomed to fail?

Don?t try to change people, inspire them.

I could probably rant for the whole night, but I will keep things useful and give my 2 cents about what would be way more useful for vegans.

As I said, I am sensible to this cause, and adopting a vegan diet is part of my plans for 2018 (but please don?t ever call me a vegan).

I think veganism is a better way to consume food and live together on this planet.

But even though vegans love to repeat again and again to not ?shoot the messenger? when being criticised for the way they are talking, here is a thing we should all consider.

The one thing that will actually make people change is the messenger and the way he delivers the message.

We need leaders, and we need to be inspired to change.

Of course, I know that there are some people promoting veganism who are truly empathetic, understanding and spread the message in a pacifist way. And it?s great.

We need more people like them.

And less people like (what seems to be) the 99% of the vegans, that we constantly hear preaching and attacking other human beings because they eat meat.

Side note

When you start typing on Google ?why are vegans so?? it shows the main researches that other people are doing. You can use it as a tool to know what people think of another group of people.

In this situation (cf the cover pic of this post), you can see that the top 3 is: annoying, skinny, agressive.

This is how the world see vegans.

And as long as the World see vegans as annoying skinny agressive people, millions of animals will keep dying every day for their meat.

Because no one wants to become annoying, skinny and agressive.

Isn?t it ironic that those people claiming to save the planet are actually promoting it?s destruction by behaving in such an obnoxious way?

P.S: I have vegan friends who are adorable, understanding, empathetic, and made me love vegan food so much. This article is not addressed to any of you ?

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