What does Snapchat’s logo represent?

What does Snapchat’s logo represent?

Snapchat co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel said in an interview that his logo idea came to him with inspiration in his room.

I draw it that day with a ghost silhouette and it has been shaping it since the application was called Picaboo.

He says he chose a ghost to inspire that non-palpable and volatile character of the photos taken in the app since it will be deleted after the set time.

Let?s say in pure phantom style, you can only see Snapchat images in short images that then disappear.

The Snapchat ghost logo is called Ghostface Chillah and is based on Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Also if you have doubts you can know what the colors that appear on Snapchat mean look:

What are Snapchat colors?

It may also have a sense that although you can no longer see a photo, it does not mean that they do not exist.

This idea is related to the ghost that if it is not seen it does not exist.

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As the application was previously called Picaboo we can see the word pic + boo, a concept more related to a ghost.

After evolving to Snapchat and following complaints by another co-founder for creation rights, they took the ghost?s face away but kept the logo.

The logo of this social network is related to the meaning of ghosts since the photos within this platform only last a few hours before they disappear without any user can find them.

Also, many of these photographs are on the platform without the need to publish them, since even if they are not seen, it does not mean that they do not exist, just like ghosts.

This ghost is called Ghostface Chillah, it is inspired by a rap group.

The creator of the app was inspired by the non-palpable and also volatile features with which ghosts are usually described, many tools and functions of this application are inspired by the characteristics of ghosts to give full meaning to the application.

Likewise, no publication that is made can be saved on the other user?s computer, so they disappear completely without leaving any trace within the application, just like ghosts do.

The design of this logo was an inspiration that the creator of this app had, also, over time it has improved to the figure of the ghost that is currently, on the other hand, they have continued to create tools that are related to this ghost.

The Snapchat logo as we all know with the naked eye refers to the ghosts, this application only to share photos videos and messaging I enter the most popular WhatsApp and Instagram together.

  • Why is the logo a ghost?

As we know the photos of the application do not last forever, they have a certain amount of time stipulated and the duration of each also has a specific time for the user so they make it look like a ghost.

Ghosts appear and disappear, so it is very similar to the photos in this application.

The photos uploaded to this social network are known as stories that can be configured and designed by the user to your liking.

  • Snapchat a bit of its history

Snapchat was not always called, this at the beginning was called picaboo, which also refers to its logo, if we separated the word into sections it would be ?

Pic a Boo?,

which translated into Spanish would express, ?Photo to a Ghost?, this is the meaning of the start of the application and how it was developed.

According to the creator of the application and designer of the famous ghost logo, this is a creditor of a name which is Ghostface chillah which was inspired by Ghostfacekillah of the wung so clan.

  • About using Snapchat

The use is very simple the application has three sections, on the left It is the messaging and on the right are the states or stories of the other people to whom you have added, in the middle of the application is where the camera section is there You decide the duration of each image.

The ghostly application is very entertaining in this opportunity we leave you its characteristics and meanings I hope that all information serves you.


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