What are the problems faced during Ketu Mahadasha by Spouses and Children?

What are the problems faced during Ketu Mahadasha by Spouses and Children?

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Ketu mahadasha is an extremely serious dasha which causes due to wrongly placed or positioned ketu planet in the horoscope or birth-chart of a human being. It is a general perception among the people about the ferocious planet Ketu. However, reality is quite distinct as it is being shown or populated. The ketu mahadasha will carry positive results in your life if it is positioned in the benevolent houses of an ascendant. The ketu dasha lasts around 7 year in your horoscope and if sun/Jupiter is rightly aligned in the horoscope of a person then it will bring good results in one?s life,whereas, if Venus/Mercury/Moon aligned negatively in one?s horoscope ketu mahadasha proves dreadful for him/her. The ascendants of Aries, Capricorn, cancer and Aquarius ascendants will obtain the most benefits out of this dasha.

Hence, one thing is clear from the above facts that ketu dasha does not always prove dangerous for its ascendants. Fortunately, if ketu is aligned in the positive houses this vital dasha will bless a person with sudden rise in career, wealth and studies. The presence of ketu in trikona evokes positive equations in the horoscope of an individual and help them gain name, fame and popularity.

According to vedic astrology ketu mahadasha bestow good results under specific conditions. For instance, if ketu is placed in the trikona of birth-chart of an ascendant will assist a person earn name, fame and enormous wealth in their lives. Nonetheless, the ketu mahadasha does not prove auspicious in other kendra. For example, if ketu is positioned in the 7th house will evoke disputes between husband and wife and dissolve bitterness in marital relations sometime lead a person to the verge of divorce. Similarly the presence of ketu in the 5th house will show separation from child.

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Ketu mahadasha ultimately leads a person toward the path of moksha or spirituality irrespective of its positive or negative placement. Being aligned in the positive or favorable houses it will bring enormous wealth, career advancement and fulfill all the desires of a human being and satisfy a person up to such an extent that he/she leaves the materialistic world and manifest the spirituality. Similarly being positioned in the negative houses will destroy the life of a person up to such an extent that finally he/she give up and walk onto the path of spirituality or moksha.

Positive Effects of ketu Mahadasha: The ketu dasha bring enormous wealth in one?s life and bring prosperity in his/her life.

Ketu dasha uplift the career, longevity of a person.

Ketu dasha leads a person on to the path of spirituality.

Negative Effects of Ketu Mahadasha:

The negative ketu dasha gives struggle in the life.

Ketu mahadasha brings health problems in the life of its ascendants.

A negative ketu mahadasha will create hurdle in the way of ascendant to accomplish his/her education. Similarly, ketu mahadasha enhances the chance of accidents, loss of wealth, loss in agriculture.

Ketu mahadasha will infuse problems in the family problems, marital conflicts, and sudden demise of someone close in your family.

How to get rid off Ketu Mahadasha: To get rid-off or appease the affects of ketu mahadasha one should wear ketu blessed cat?s eye gemstone. Wearing natural cat?s eye stone will help you overcome the negative effects created by the ketu mahadasha. Thus, if you are suffering from ketu mahadasha then wear this stone. However, before wearing cat?s eye gemstone must consult an astrologer.


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