What are Mushrooms?

What are Mushrooms?

Before I start this story off, detailing my immensely transformative experience while under the influence of the magical drug called ?mushrooms,? I?d like to issue a formal apology to my grandmother, who may somehow stumble upon this article in the next few days. I love you, grandma. I promise, I?m still as morally decent as you think I am.

With that said, my experience taking mushrooms was one of the best I?ve ever had with any sort of drug. As with much of the younger millennial generation, I?ve smoked marijuana for a while, but unlike much of the younger millennials, that was all I?ve tried until about a week ago. I stayed solely smoking weed up until then because I always preferred to have a more ?natural? drug influence, rather than say, LSD or Meth. So, when a few of my friends started talking about their experiences with shrooms, I was open to it.

Now before, I had heard so many different horror stories about mushrooms. There were stories I read from random people detailing bad trips they had while on them and all of them were enough to deter me. I remember one story where a guy mentioned he felt as if shadows were following him and that honestly scared me away from wanting to try them for a while. At least, for a short while anyway. Later, my friends who had tried it before me would tell me the positive things about their ?trips,? and that eased my mind a little. Then, a friend of mine, let?s call her ?Vee?, decided she wanted to take them, and I joined. See, I?m the kind of person who can be afraid of doing something, but if it interests me enough, another person partaking in the activity with me will be enough for me to want to try it. So far, I haven?t done anything that would kill me, and I definitely don?t plan on it. But even so, I decided to do the mushrooms.

The mushrooms, ?shrooms,? or ?psilocybin mushrooms? referred to in this article are a species of fungi that contain a psychedelic compound that, when ingested, make the user experience a wide array of hallucinogenic experiences. While under the influence of this fungi, the user can experience:

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  • Distorted reality
  • Seeing auras, or colorful light fields around objects or people
  • Excited mood
  • Unusual thoughts and speech patterns
  • Nausea
  • Dilated pupils
  • Intensified heart rate
  • Elevated emotions
  • Hallucinations
  • Shortness of breath

Now, I am obviously not a doctor. Most of the research I?ve ever done about mushrooms has come from browsing random online articles and from watching YouTube videos. So please don?t base your experience off of mine. I do recommend you do extensive research for yourself so that you can make sure this drug is a good fit for you. Also, the affect this psychedelic has on you ? should you decide to take it ? can be entirely different than my experience, or even from the side effects I listed above. So, if by chance this article convinces you to try shrooms, please realize every interaction and side effect will be different for everyone.

My Experience

For the past few months, I?ve been going through a sort of spiritual awakening. Though it wasn?t the first time I?ve gone through one in the past two years, this spiritual awakening has definitely been the most life-changing. On the particular weekend I decided to take the shrooms, I received an hour-long reading of my Vedic astrology birth chart, with an Akashic Record reading lined up for the day after. These were both used to propel me onto a better course when it came to figuring out the kind of life I wanted to live and how to proceed with my spiritual healing and development. On top of that, I had heard stories from people about their shroom trips being a catalyst for their own spiritual awakening, so going into my own psychedelic experience, I was pretty excited.

The night of, I purchased the mushrooms from a trusted dealer friend, and headed back to my friend, ?K?s? house so that I would have a comfortable and familiar place to experience the trip. The entire day before, I prepped by not eating anything (I was told not to because apparently, taking shrooms on a full stomach could result in throwing up). Vee and I started playing a card game with K and another friend, who were serving as our sitters in case we had a bad trip. Once we were ready, Vee and I split the shrooms and waited for the effects to take place. We waited?and waited?and?waited.

During our time waiting, I was informed a signal that the shrooms were taking effect would be a feeling of nausea and the urge to talk a lot. Those who know me know I?m not a very talkative person unless it?s about something I care about, like theater or the fact that children shouldn?t be forced to be separated from their families and placed in cages, but I digress. When the digested mushrooms hit my bloodstream about 30 minutes or so after taking them, my entire world shifted and I suddenly found that I could not stop talking.

Vee, K, and I went into the bathroom and suddenly things went wild. I felt a bit of nausea, but it wasn?t uncomfortable and I didn?t have the feeling of throwing up. I was given a mandarin orange (I was later told acids intensify the high), and after I struggled to peel it so I could eat it, I felt the flavors come to life in my mouth. Never in my existence had I tasted a fruit so juicy, sweet, and tart. I was in love. Then, all of a sudden, I was obnoxiously rambling about some spiritual experience I had had with people prior to me taking the shrooms, while the mandarin juice rapidly dripped down my chin. I?m pretty positive in that moment I looked and behaved like a child no older than about eight, but that?s what drugs will do to you. Then, K told me to look at the walls. And I did. Before me ? and to my astonishment ? the walls were actually breathing.

I stared at the bathroom wall for what felt like an hour. I watched as it slowly moved up and down, ever-so-slightly as if there were functioning lungs beneath the surface. I timed my breath with that of the walls, but it was difficult to keep up because I was too excited to concentrate. Then, I saw the floor. The floors of K?s apartment were wood, and as I studied the patterned swirls in the floor, I came to the realization that the swirls were moving, slowly turning around on each other. I was fascinated. I sat on the edge of the tub, transfixed at all the movement around me that in my every day life, I had ignored. Were all of these ?inanimate objects? actually alive all the time? I became convinced the entire apartment building was a giant living, breathing being.

When I finally looked up from the floor and away from the walls, I saw my friend, K. She was beautiful. Soft beams of light surrounded her as if she were an angel. She went from being a regular human to being a mystical fairy creature outlined in bright, shimmery blue and a crown of light atop her head. Vee was equally as beautiful, surrounded in the purest shade of orange. I was transfixed in both of their beauty, I had never seen any two people so ethereal in my entire life.

At this point, Vee had yet to feel any effects, while I felt everything. My emotions and intuition were incredibly heightened. Following the directions of the wonderfully talented Solange Knowles when she titled an interlude song, ?Nothing Without Intention,? for her latest album, I decided I wouldn?t even take shrooms without setting an intention for it. So before I took them, I set the intention that they would be used for me to get in touch with my intuition so that I could be able to read people?s energy more fluently?and boy, did that work. We all exited the bathroom and suddenly, I could feel everything?I felt the emotions of everyone in the room ? way more so than I usually do ? and was able to tell what people were thinking. Our trusted dealer friend soon came over with a friend of his and soon the entire apartment was a swirl of interacting colorful energies.

By this time, my excited talking had toned down a bit and I was able to concentrate a bit more. Recently, I?ve gotten deep into studying astrology and reading birth charts. The dealer?s friend that came over, ?L,? had never had a reading done before and K, Vee, and I offered to read it for him. Suddenly, I found myself making connections from his chart to read different things about his personality. It was fun. I was able to receive intuitive messages and was able to get L to open up about personal parts of his life that he normally felt like people didn?t care to listen to. The shrooms facilitated much of that conversation because even without reading his chart, a lot of my questions and insights were spot on. He left pleased with the insights.

My favorite part of the night, however, came when I asked K to play a song of my sister?s. My sister is an aspiring singer and she has the most beautiful voice I?ve ever heard?and I?m not even exaggerating. I used to be so annoyed when she would sing around our house all the time growing up, but now, thanks to her, I realize that practice really does make perfect. Anyway, I asked K to play a song my sister recorded on my phone. K connected the phone to a speaker and the second I heard the first note my sister sang, I was in a trance. I suddenly had lost all ability to be able to sit up straight, so I lied down on the floor. My sister?s voice was full of emotion and I felt every single word resonate deep within my soul. Next to me was a piece of unused firewood. I touched it and with the song filling the atmosphere, I connected with the tree in a way I never connected with anything else before. I placed my hand on the piece of wood and began to cry.

I felt all of the pain the tree went through after it was chopped down. I felt its pain and the pain it absorbed from the other trees that were cut down with it. I was able to see the piece of firewood?s entire life journey, all with a touch. Soon, it was too overwhelming and I removed my hand. With my sister?s song still playing, I was transported to another place. I was underwater and I could see the sun?s light shining through the surface of the ocean. My sister?s voice was like a memory, she was a siren calling out for me to join her. We were mermaids. I began to cry even more. I kept asking K to replay the song over and over because I hadn?t had enough. The song cleansed my soul.

It was growing late. I took a trip to the bathroom by myself and sat in the dark. I was confronted with a darkness so dark, I could breathe it in. I was alone in an abyss that was very much like the darkness Eleven faced in season one of the show, Stranger Things.

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At that point, I wanted to face the darker parts of myself so that I could learn to heal more aspects of myself once out of my trip. However, I started to realize I wasn?t quite at that point yet and that mission would best be saved for the next trip. So I left the bathroom, and prepared to watch a show with Vee. At this point, Vee had not had any kind of reaction to the shrooms, and we believe it was because her dosage wan?t enough. When our dealer friend came over, she was able to take more, but unfortunately, she finally began to have her trip while most of everyone else fell asleep, so she had to face most of it alone.

The next day, I felt amazing. Most of the heightened colors and feelings were gone, but I was left with a feeling of happiness. Not one bit of me regretted the trip, and I was determined to make sure I could do it again. The experience I had completely changed my outlook on psychedelics and from that moment forward I was sold on the idea of them being a catalyst for major spiritual transformation.

The Takeaway

I had a fantastic time doing mushrooms. I am completely aware that not everyone is fortunate enough to have such a pleasant and eye-opening experience, but even so, I encourage more people to experiment with them. Though from my story, it may not seem as if anything eventful happened, I am completely changed as a person. I am more appreciative of life. I am more sensitive to nature. I am more sensitive to people?s energy and feelings. My experience with shrooms was enough for me to open up the side of myself that is meant to be a healer. So long, I struggled with trusting myself, who I am, and those around me. Taking shrooms really was a blessing. It showed me the amount of beauty and life that exists in the seemingly mundane. I know it isn?t technically legal, but I strongly believe legality does not always determine morality. Life is precious and we only have one, so what do you really have to lose? As always, I love you. Thank you for reading.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational and entertainment purposes only. Please use your own judgment in deciding what to do with it. Be aware that magic mushrooms are illegal to possess in many countries.

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