What are affirmations and how to affirm yourself?

What are affirmations and how to affirm yourself?

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare

Affirmations are really simple, short and powerful expressions. When you say, think, even hear them, they become thoughts that create reality.

Research shows that there are between 45,000 and 51,000 different thoughts that cross our minds in one day. That?s 150 to 300 thoughts per minute. And unfortunately for most people, 80 percent of these thoughts are negative. It is possible to reverse this negative aura by affirmation.

What is affirmation?

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Affirmations are sentences aimed to affect the conscious and the subconscious mind so that in turn, they affect our behavior, thinking patterns, habits, and environment.

The words composing the affirmation, automatically and involuntarily, bring up related mental images into the mind, which inspire, energize and motivate. The affirmations and the resultant mental images get engraved on the subconscious mind, which in turn, changes the behavior, habits, actions, and reactions according to the repeated words.

Benefits of affirmations

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  • They motivate.
  • They keep the mind focused on the goal.
  • They influence the subconscious mind and activate their powers.
  • They change the way you think and behave, and this can bring you into contact with new people, who can help you with your goals.
  • Positive statements make you feel positive, energetic and active, and therefore, put you in a better position to transform your inner and external worlds.

How to use affirmations?

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Consistency is key, you need to repeat them day in, day out, so having a real structure, a daily routine will help. Here is a standard routine for you to try, you can adapt it as needed, but it is a great place to start.

  • Say your affirmations 2x a day.
  • Start in the morning, as soon as you can after waking up. This ensures you have a positive start to the day ? that the first things you start thinking about are your goals and ambitions, and of course, that you are thinking positive thoughts!
  • Say your second set as close as you can before going to bed. This ensures that you have positive thoughts in your mind as you go to sleep, you are thinking about your goals and these will seep into your subconscious mind and solidify as you sleep.
  • Say them multiple times. It is up to you, but we recommend either 5-minute sessions or alternatively, saying your whole set of affirmations 10x each, in a slow, confident voice.


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  • Start with a focus. Don?t pick too many subjects at once.
  • Be consistent. Repeat them daily.
  • Make a commitment to do them for 30 days, no matter what. Think long term, and don?t give up.

What is next?

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Monitor your mood first. Before you start your daily session, just take 30 seconds to ?look inside? yourself, see how you feel, see how your emotions are, do you already feel positive, negative, a little tired.. just take note.

Then, say your affirmations, slowly, take your time, and then do a ?mood check? again. See how you feel, see how positive you now feel, see how you feel differently about yourself. This can be a great way to gain confidence in your affirmations early on.

Before you even see the life-changing results you really want, this simple experiment should show you how they can instantly lift your mood and change how you are feeling in an instant and inspire you to keep going so that you really do get to see the bigger and lasting changes you really want!

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