Wechat Web Login Without Phone — Wechat Web for PC Windows and Mac OS

Wechat Web Login Without Phone — Wechat Web for PC Windows and Mac OS

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Wechat messaging App permits you to do many great things, like making calls, texting your friends and all there for free. To use most of the Wechat Web Login into Wechat in desktop. For that you should have an active internet connection on your PC.

You can do more by Wechat Web Login:

In this small Guide I?am going to explain How to Wechat Web Login without a Phone (PC) into WeChat, you will learn about the many benefits of using WeChat Messaging App. As well as you can discard your mobile device and even use Wechat application while you are using computer.

WeChat Web Login also available for the Following OS:

  • WeChat is available for all Users on ? Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Symbian Operating systems.
  • This is is supported on multiple Browsers. For example, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Follow the simple steps shown below to access WeChat Web Login:

1. Visit here https://web.wechat.com/

2. By using your WeChat QR code scanner, scan the QR code as shown below.

  • Apple iOS users: Tap on ?+? at upper right corner of your mobile screen>> Scan QR Code.
  • Android users: Tap on the 3 dots at upper right corner of your mobile screen >> Scan QR Code.

3. Now confirm your web log-in on your phone.

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That?s not all ? Did you know that WeChat also has a native Mac App?

For all the Mac users with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and later, just download WeChat Web for Mac in the App Store & scan the QR code to log in Wechat for Web.

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Along with having the ability to chat with WeChat friends & groups on your desktop, Mac App makes it easy to transfer data from your mobile to your desktop (or) vice versa with the ?File Transfer? option. Simply drag & drop your photos, videos, any media and other files into the ?File Transfer? folder. Or you can upload files from desktop directly within the chat to send.

As long as you are logged into WeChat in Mac, Message alerts will pop-up on your computer?s menu bar without reaching notifications on to your phone. WeChat for Mac also allows users to view chat histories forwarded by friends, supports Sight videos and search contacts quickly as well as groups too.


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