Ways To Make Money From Wattpad writing short Stories

Ways To Make Money From Wattpad writing short Stories

Wattpad is a Medium alternative for publishing your short stories or novels and make money through it.

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Want to make money from writing short stories on Wattpad? This is the complete guide where I will explain some tips and tricks as well as how you can make money and generate more traffic to your short stories. Wattpad is one of the most viewed sites on the Internet with over 150+ Million Pageviews per month. They offer opportunities to fiction and non-fiction writers to make money off their short stories.

The Internet is evolving. Now, big companies like Facebook, YouTube, and Google pay people for generating content on their sites. Recently a site named Quora gives an opportunity to people to make money just by asking Quality questions. The big corporations at least realize that they can make money off other content then they should be paying to those content creators. Wattpad is one of the companies that is driven by the same mission.

If you look into the pattern, companies, where users create more content, are more successful than companies where content is being created by a bunch of hired creators. This makes the difference.

1. Wattpad Futures

Wattpad?s futures are a program that displays video ads onto stories that the algorithm thinks is valuable and the reader will happily spend their 30-seconds watching the video ads. Right, there are very few writers in this program. This program is the best for people who want to get paid based on how many people view their stories. This is the best program more like when you get accepted into the YouTube creator program where you get paid if more people watch your videos monetized by YouTube.

Through the Wattpad Futures program the respective writers on Wattpad can make money from ads by inserting it into the post and out-stream video ads when a user Click or watch the ad, he gets paid accordingly.

Wattpad Futures is a program for the short fiction and non-fiction creators to make money. Honestly, if you ask me what are some of the best ways to get more views on your Wattpad stories? My answer would be ?Write Erotica? if you look into the pattern if the most viewed stories with over 200 Million views, most of them are Erotica based.

One way to get more money out of it is to target organic views. Here how It works.

You write a story or an article doing keyword research. You write a really quality article and then after some weeks or months, Google ranked it. If there are more people searching for that keyword and Google ranked it on the ?1 spot then you will be paid all the time.

2. Buy me a Coffee:

This is a far better way of making money from Wattpad than showing 30-second video ads to your reader and annoying them with things they are not interested in. Your loyal fans will give you more tips in the form of Buy me a Coffee than any other way.

Most writers who write great articles are the ones who get paid more from Buy me a coffee than the Wattpad Futures program.

The best way to do anything is to do it free and let the people be impressed with your writing.

3. Product Affiliate:

Now, this seems to be a Crazy idea to add your affiliate links but if you mention a product in the story than you can link it with a product on Amazon or Clickbank and make money from your reader when they buy that product. Choose a product that has more positive reviews and a great sale number. People are easily impressed by reviews and sale numbers than anything else.

4. Wattpad Coins

This is the new feature. There are a lot of paid stories on Wattpad homepage that are marked with a golden star. So, when a famous writer writes a story, he/she make it only available to people who want to pay to read the book. The people who want to read have to buy coins from Wattpad and then have to pay it to the writer. The writer makes some bucks from her short Fiction or Non-fiction book. It is a great way to support the writer and read really interesting content.

If you really want to get more people to read your stories or short Novels then you need to do the following things:

  1. Build an Email list of people interested to read your stories.
  2. Redirect them to one of your social channels where you can easily upload your stories and your audience is quite active there.
  3. Ask them to subscribe to your Wattpad profile.

Being a famous writer on the Internet is changed from previous years and now you can actually make money by carefully integrating your marketing strategies to reach your target audience and pitch your stories to them.

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