Warframe Farming Guide for Resources

Warframe Farming Guide for Resources

This Warframe Farming Guide has the best spot to farm, credits and platinum, the ideal Warframes, and more to help.

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When asked what kind of game Warframe is, a lot of experienced players proudly call it WarFarm or GrindFrame, referring to the countless hour?s players are required to spend farming for items. Farming is a crucial aspect of the Warframe experience and it is what makes the game so rewarding. The satisfaction of grinding a part or resource and ticking the requirement list to build an item you want is what keeps players hooked in the long run and playing for several hours in one sitting.

Farming for a Warframe or weapon is a straightforward grind where you have to complete a particular quest or a specific mission or fight a boss repeatedly until you get all of its components. However, farming for resources is the process that you can optimize by using several methods such as team composition and resource boosters. Our Warframe Farming Guide will help you farm resources better and make the most of the time you put into the game.

How do I find the best farming spot for a particular resource?

Every planet in Warframe offers a particular set of resources. If you go to the Navigation hub in your Orbiter and select a planet, you will find a circular button at the bottom right of the screen. Hover over it to view the list of resources that the planet offers.

All resources are not the same. Argon Crystals decay over time while other resources such as Tellurium and Oxium are linked to Archwing Missions and Oxium Ospreys respectively. Make sure you farm the resource at the right time and from the right place.

Typing ?where [resource name]? in the Global Chat will also trigger an auto-reply from the chatbot guiding you to where that resource is found.

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Do I farm solo or in a team?

Warframe forces you to farm from your first day. The first resource hurdle that most new players come across is the Plastids farm for building one of the most accessible Warframes, Rhino. Unfortunately, the planets that do offer Plastids are locked for the player at this time. To solve this, Warframe allows you to enter any location on the star-chart if one of your squad members have access to it.

You can find teammates in the Recruiting Chat in-game. The commonly used format for recruiting is: ?H> [Neurodes] farm 2/4?. The above format denotes ?Have two (out of four) people in my team planning on farming Neurodes?. Similarly, ?LF [Neurodes] farm? denotes ?Looking for a squad to farm Neurodes with?.

The most optimal way to farm a resource is in a coordinated team. However, if you are unable to form a team and are farming by yourself, make sure you set the mission to Private. This will help you avoid differences with the random teammates who would otherwise join you and may not want to stay for the duration of your farming session.

Once you have a desired number of teammates, you can discuss what roles each of you will play in the mission.

What is the ideal Warframes for a farming mission?

Several Warframes and Mods offer special benefits for farming resources.

The mod Pilfering Swarm when equipped on Hydroid doubles the amount of loot dropped by enemies ensnared by Hydroid?s tentacles, which are activated using his passive attack or Tentacle Swarm ability.

  • Nekros? Desecrate ability activates a chance for dead enemies around him to drop additional loot.
  • Ivara?s Prowl allows her to make nearby enemies drop a random item from their loot table.
  • The mod Pilfering Strangledome, when equipped on Khora, activates a chance for enemies affected by her Strangledome ability to drop additional loot.
  • The mod Ore Gaze, when equipped on an Atlas, will make enemies affected by his ability Petrify drop additional loot.

The most commonly used farming setup is a team of Hydroid, Nekros, Nova, and the fourth spot being either Khora or Trinity. While Nova and Trinity do not offer direct farming benefits, a speed-based Nova will speed up the enemies while a Trinity can provide energy or health to her team for longer farming sessions.

For a solo Survival farm, Hydroid offers the most advantages. Aside from the farming benefits offered by his fourth ability alongside Pilfering Swarm, his other abilities allow you to effectively control crowds.

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How do you farm Credits and Platinum?

Credits, Platinum, and Ducats are the in-game currencies in Warframe. While Ducats can only be obtained by trading in Prime parts to Baro Ki?Teer, Credits and Platinum can be farmed reliably.

Compared to Platinum, Credits are easier to obtain. While every mission offers varying amounts of Credits, the best way to farm them is The Index. The Index is an arena-style mode located at its own node on Neptune. It requires you to invest a certain amount of credits in it and returns over twice of that, depending on the difficulty or risk mode selected.

Platinum farming gets a little more complex, and rightfully so considering Platinum purchases are what the game makes the most money out of. Warframe has an excellent free-to-play model and will allow you to access every single item in-game (aside from the Tennocon cosmetics) without paying a dime if you are willing to grind for it.

The Warframe community is extremely active with trading in-game items. Aside from the in-game Trade Chat, there is an independent online trading hub called ?Warframe Market?. Players from all over the world regularly trade items on this website, and it is more convenient compared to the Trade Chat due to its search features and specificity. Remember that you are only allowed to trade a certain number of items per day, determined by your Mastery Rank.

To farm Platinum, grind Void Fissure missions. These allow you to open a Void Relic in each mission and depending on how refined the Relic is, it rewards you with a certain Prime Warframe part or Prime Weapon component. These items can then be sold to other players for Platinum.

If you are a regular player, buying a Resource Booster is highly recommended since you get double loot for every drop while it is active. Note that the Booster applies to Void Traces but not Credits. Credits have their own Booster but it is not recommended, considering how easily The Index offers them.

The Best Way to Farm

The best way to farm resources is with a coordinated group, with the right team setup, and a Resource Booster on. The 30-day Resource Booster offers the best benefits for its price, and it will also allow you to recover its Platinum cost within a week if you play Void Fissures regularly. Optimizing your farming techniques will ensure that the process isn?t tiring and lonely, and the tricks from this Warframe Farming Guide are sure to help.

Remember that loot drops in any mission are still random to some extent and will require you to be patient in cases where you have to farm a single rare item. For farming items in bulk, a coordinated group in the more relaxed missions such as Survivals is the way to go. While in the mission, make sure that you break or open all loot containers in sight and mark the rarer items for your teammates to pick up as well. Remember, we all lift together.

Happy farming!

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